15 Best Dramas Of Noman Ijaz To Watch

Noman Ijaz is one of the most famous and veteran actors of the Pakistani film industry. It can be said that Noman Ijaz is a crucial asset to our entertainment industry. The experienced Noman Ijaz throughout his acting career has performed in a number of drama serials, all of which were widely acclaimed. He has played a variety of characters from different genres and has also shared screens with some of the finest actors of Lollywood. In addition to drama serials, Noman Ijaz has also hosted the infamous “Mazaq Raat” talk show. The veteran actor has won many awards for his outstanding performances.

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We have put together a list of fifteen drama serials starring Noman Ijaz that are a must-watch. With the quarantine in-effect, this might be the right time to start.


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  • Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila

Dar Si Jati Hai Sila Images

  • O Rangreza

O rangreza

  • Sang e Mar Mar

Sang e mar mar

  • Ahsas

ahsaas title song drama

  • Rehaai


  • Jackson Heights

Jackson heights lead

  • Badi Aapa

bari aapa

  • Bhai

Bhai Noman

  • Pinjra

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  • Ullu Baraye Farookht Nahi


  • Mein Sitara

Mein sitara

  • Khan


  • Laut Ke Chalay Aana

Laut Ke

  • Dasht


  • Noorpur Ki Raani

Noorpur Ki Rani

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