Aamir Khan Prays for Corona Virus Victims in China

So true has it been said that an actor does not have boundaries and Aamir Khan truly believes on it. He has been one of the very few actors who have stepped up and shared his concerns and love for the victims of the deadly Corona Virus which has taken almost three thousand lives in China itself while causing severe illness to around forty thousand individuals around the world, and guess what, the numbers are increasing.

aamir khan china coronavirus

Aamir Khan, who has been busy shooting for his upcoming Film Laal Singh Chaddha, shared a video message for the people of China and showed his concern for the victims, in the video he said:

“have been in touch with a few of my friends and I have been following this tragedy with a lot of pain in my heart. My heartfelt condolences to those who have lost somebody close. I know that these are very difficult times. I am sure the administration is doing all that they can to bring back things to control and back to normal and the best that we can do at this time is to take care, take precautions, and follow the instructions of the administration and help them to help us. I hope and pray that things get back to normal very soon in China. My thoughts and my prayers are with you in this time of crisis. Sending you all my love, take care, be safe, be healthy.”


Indeed, it’s a move which has been welcomed by the fans in China

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