Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 2 – The Wedding!

I was pretty excited about this week’s episode as I knew that Aaliyan and Qudsiya will get married. I also had an idea what the circumstances would be that would lead to their marriage. But I did expect a bigger drama than what I saw in this episode. The scene was quite filmy and Aaliyan agreeing to get married to Qudsiya so easily was kind of shocking; I had a feeling he would be extremely pressurized but that did not happen.

photo(56)Haleema making demands for the car and then creating a huge drama afterwards was nicely executed. Sheheryar was good in the scene where he casually walks in the wedding hall, and then gets shocked at the scene before him. What I have gathered about Aaliyan’s character so far is that he is pretty business minded and a tad bit immature too, and of course kind-hearted. He did not even realize the seriousness of the situation when he said ‘Main Tayyar Hoon Yeh Contract Kerne Ke Liyeah, Matlab Nikah Kerne Ke Liye’ I had my eye brows raised when he casually said this dialogue. He literally read the Nikah Nama like a business contract, and this seriously made me laugh out loud!

photo(59)He wanted to compensate them because indirectly he was the reason for the broken marriage. First, he did not grant the loan to Zaheer for the car, and then his name was linked with Qudsiya’s when he gave his car keys to Haleema. Aaliyan gave a nod for the nikkah pretty quickly much to our surprise, and the person who was pressurized was Qudsiya.

photo(57)‘Khuda Ke Liyeah Mera Tamasha Mat Banaye’

Qudsiya pleaded to Aaliyan not to make a mess out of the situation, but finally gave in when she was emotionally blackmailed to agree because of her father’s condition.

One scene I found really adorable was when Aaliyan took her to his house and their first conversation after that. She refused to enter the house and Aaliyan had to convince her for a good two to three minutes to come inside with him.

photo(60)Aaliyan’s family member’s reaction to the news of his Nikah was expected of course. He took his time to explain ‘the chota sa issue’ to his Dudi (Aaliyan’s dadi) which he had encountered at the wedding. I could not believe my ears when he casually dismissed the issue by saying ‘kiya hum kisi aur topic per baat kersakhte hai’


After a good lecture from his Dudi, it was his father’s turn to lash out at him for his immature behavior. Aaliyan spoke about the marriage contract and then divorce like it was not a big deal at all. It was clear that Aaliyan does not have any intention to stay married to Qudsiya for long. Also, his involvement with Natasha was also mentioned in this episode. She is his love interest and the girl he intends to get married too in the future.

photo(62)I also liked the scene where Qudsiya gets angry at Aaliyan and he listens to her patiently. ‘Kia Zarurat Thi Meri Madad Karne Ki, Yaha Bezati Waha Bezati’ Sheheryar Munawar and Sajjal Ali have excellent chemistry, and their chemistry was evident from the promos too which attracted me to the show in the first place. I am looking forward to more of their scenes in the future.

Now the question is that what will prevent him from divorcing Qudsiya? He has made it clear that as soon as her father’s condition gets better, he would immediately leave her back at her house and divorce her.

The preview of the next episode shows that Qudsiya is in for a rough time ahead. Aaliyan’s family members are going to give her a hard time, and she would not be accepted in the house anytime soon.

I personally do not care how they got married; what I am looking forward too is how their relationship will develop in the future.

Do share your views about the episode as I would love to hear them!

Till Next Week!

Mariam Shafiq


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  • Marium Shafiq……Dont you think that the direction in this episode was way too childish and the acting was OTT,,Shehryar Munawar was just coming across as a jarring actor though i had a lot of expectations from him post Kahi Unkahi………Moreover the attendees at the weddind were also acting in the lamest possible manner….Way too immature and they were proving to be BAD Extras…..

    • Thanks for commenting Shahnawaz!

      Direction was okayish, but i agree that the acting was over the top. All the extra’s were pathetic and so was Qudsiya’s mom. Sheheryar’s performance was average and even i have alot of expectations from him in this show. Let’s see if he improves in the upcoming episodes. Sajjal acted very well in this episode. Her expressions and dialogue delivery were just perfect!

      The wedding scene was itself very filmy and illogical, but oh well! Its a show! A few loopholes would be there. :)

      • I think sheriyar’s performance was not up to the mark.He could do better.Moreover I think no one is so stupid to consider marriage a contract. Aliyan is not immature as he said MAIN IS TARHA K ADVENTURES KARTA RAHTA HU. Sajjal ali was marvelous in her character. Aliyan dudi relationship was very cute. I hope next episodes are going to be more realistic and less childish . Keep reviewing . I like to read ur reviews .

        • Thanks for commenting Fairy!

          Oh yes, he has so much potential. He was trying too hard to be care free and this showed on screen. He needs to relax a bit!
          Dudi and Aaliyan’s relationship was seriously very cute. I guess she is the one he is close to in the whole family. Usually wealthy parents don’t pay much attention to their children so Dudi might have raised him.

          I will for sure. Keep commenting! :)

      • oh yes………how can i miss out the OTT acting by Qudsiya’s mom and the aunty at the wedding……….very superficial………….

    • I agree the marriage situation was a bit unrealsitic but they have shown thay sheheryar has spent most of his life abroad, So he doesnt really get Pakistanis. But I love to see sheheryar cuz he’s just so adorable. :)

      • Hello Daniya! Thanks for commenting!

        Yes, he has spend most of his life abroad and thanks to that, he thinks marriage is only a contract :/ Shehryar would be even more adorable if he improves his acting skills a bit more…

        • Oh i agree! But you never know, he might act well! I am waiting for his entry. I wonder who he will be.. Most probably Aaliyan’s brother or cousin.

  • I am a big fan of pak dramas,and love reading the reviews. Infact, I had watched the 1st ep only after reading the review. But I am very sorry to say that the 2nd part disappointed me. The interaction between Aliyaan and dudi was so OTT. Aliyaan was good in the 1st ep but I seriously felt they should have cast a better actor after watching the 2nd ep. Sajal Ali is a good actress so no complaints about her. The whole family of Aliyaan looked so artificial. Hope this show keeps our interest intact in future episodes.

    • Hello Sameena, thanks for comemnting!

      Yes, the second episode could have been way better. Even i had high expectations from it. Sheheryar needs to brush up on his acting skills and i have already said in the above post that he was trying to hard to ACT carefree and the result came out as disastrous. Aaliyan’s family is pretty weird, but i still kind of liked Dudi.

      I would just say don’t give up on the show yet.. It is just the 2nd episode. Let’s wait for a few more episodes to see if the story clicks…

      I am really glad the review made you want to watch the show.
      Keep commenting! :)

  • For me the episode was just too much filmy & unrealistic. I mean the reasons that were given to Alliyan which made him sign the “contract” were too childish and meaningless.. I agree with his dudi that even though he makes deals with a lot of epople, he lost his consicuos in this one..

    I didn’t like Dudi. First, her getup don’t know why but reminded me of Indian dadis. Second the way she was talking. I mean okay, she belongs to the 21st century but I’ve never heard of a Dadi using words like “certificate” “strange” for such a beautiful relation.

    Some things I found odd:
    1) Aaliyaan calls his grandmother Dudi/Granny/Dadi all in one scene.. i mean who does that?
    2) Aaliyan said that he did the Nikah to save his company’s reputation. Now how in the world is he going to save it when he is going to divorce her? I mean “jin ko bulna hai wo to us waqt bhi batain banai gain”.
    3) why Qudsia’s mother was blaming her??

    The only scene I liked was the same scene which you mentioned. It looked more real!! But still like you said, would watch (or read your review :P) just to know how is thier relation going to evolve

    • Aaliyan decision to do the ‘contract’ was pretty illogical… His Dudi seems like those stern Dadis but i guess, she has a soft corner for Aaliyan.

      Oh yes, how will he explain the reason for the divorce really beats me! Thats a big loophole! :p

      Qudsiya’s mother is plain weird. She overacts soo much! She is in another play i am reviewing and her acting gets unbearable at times! Girls get all the blame for no reason which is just pathetic!

      Hahaha! Keep commenting! :)

  • I personally think Shaheyaar has improved in his acting sooooo much! But it takes time and he genuinely looks like he tries. I think he and Sajal make a good on-screen couple! She is so beautiful and he is handsome! I feel the drama is already different from the repitive story lines these days. So far, this, Woh, and Aunn-Zara are my faves!

    • Thanks for commenting Lilia!

      Yes, Sheheryar is trying really hard and i guess with time he will improve…
      Sajjal and Sheheryar make an excellent couple because of their chemistry and ofcourse as you said both are good looking too

      Yes the story line is different and its refreshing to watch new stories at times!

  • Honestly saying I totally felt for Aliyan……….the guy only did a neki aur wohi us ke gale per gae…………………..everyone blamed him for being in a relationship with Qudsia and for being the reason of the breaking of marriage when it is obvious that he was not………….and what surprised me the most that after hearing everyone’s rubbish he didn’t lose control…………………and I was also laughing at him ke “bechara shadi attend krne aya tha shadi ker ke gaya……………..” Please reply on my comment and tell me if Iam wrong or right……………….