Adorable Pictures of Mehwish Hayat with her Pet Doggies

Starting her career with modeling, Mehwish Hayat has worked very hard to turn herself as one of the most competent actresses of Pakistan. Mehwish is all loved for the challenging characters she has played on screen in multiple dramas. Mehwish is now seen more in the Pakistani Films and the audience simply loves watching her in every role she picks for herself.


Apart from acting, Mehwish Hayat is also seen as pretty active in social activities and never fails her fans. She is truly followed by her followers who appreciate her for everything positive she does. Raising her voice for all the social affairs, Mehwish Hayat has always shown her love and affection towards animals and for the sake of her love, she now owns two cute pet doggies. Here are some of the cutest pictures of Mehwish Hayat with her pets. Have a look!

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