Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 06 Review – Pretty Good!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was interesting but slow at the same time. It did have some developments to its credit & for the first time I enjoyed watching Nazneen’s track too because it offered something new other than her tantrums. I feel the direction is the strongest point of this drama & the way everything has been laid out really makes Alif Allah Aur Insaan an enjoyable experience to tune to.

Rani, a free bird has been locked down in a golden cage & unexpectedly she learnt the bitter truth a bit too early. Just when Rani assumed that she was learning to fly on her own, she got a reality check that she wasn’t as free as she thought she was because this cage belonged to Nigaar Begum. I think this realization was sudden but somehow still quite convincing because Rani might be innocent but she is not dumb or naive to not understand the intricacies of life because the background that she comes from has taught her a lot already. For the first time Rani regretted choosing this path as now she knows she has no turning back but I am sure the fighter that she is, she will pave her way out of this cage. I enjoyed the conversation that Nigaar had with Rani, like I already see Nigaar getting a bit uncomfortable with Rani & her persona, may be she is already feeling insecure as based on her experience, she can see the heights Rani can go to & this is something that Nigaar won’t tolerate, that too in her realm which she rules, because other than that, she has nothing to hold onto. Nigaar can sense a change in Rani’s attitude & that is why she has already started drawing a few lines.

So, now that Nazneen’s out in the city, living her dream, she feels she has nothing to do with Shahzeb & that is why she didn’t reciprocate the feelings that he was constantly reminding her of from his side. Nazneen got what she wanted & now she has nothing to do with Shahzeb, even though she didn’t make it too obvious in the past but now she gave a loud & clear message to him which obviously hurt him. Shahzeb’s mother Zaitoon could see that the reason behind Shahzeb’s bad mood was Nazneen & her attitude, like she could sense that Nazneen might not be in love with Shahzeb but I liked the fact that in stead of saying any such thing in front of her son, she tried to make him understand Nazneen’s perspective where she asked him to give her some space to allow her to concentrate on her education. On the other hand Zaitoon felt the need to speak to Nazneen & remind her of a certain responsibility that she as a fiancée had towards Shahzeb, which again wasn’t well-received by Nazneen as she is too self-absorbed & immature to understand.

Just when I thought that may be Nazneen’s friends will exploit her I found it interesting how they tried to shape up her character & tried to show her the bigger picture. I think these friends will help Nazneen a great deal & will teach her to not judge everyone based on their status & social standing. Nazneen’s outing with her friends & their comments about Basit were the least impressive scenes of this episode, however I liked Shehzad sheikh‘s limited performance. I think it is actually quite sweet that Basit is taking his job quite seriously & is quite responsible when it comes to Nazneen. I can already see Nazneen getting interested in Basit, but I am actually more interested in seeing what Basit will have to say when he will find that out.

So, Rani showcased another talent that she had, which wasn’t well-received by Chaman Begum. I think Chaman has read Nigaar in detail, that is why she ignited the spark & warned Nigaar that may be Rani was trying to take her place. Chaman knows about Nigaar’s insecurities a bit too well, that is why she made sure to convey the matter in such a tone that would get a reaction out of her. I am sure Rani is going to get herself into a lot of trouble but I want to see her fighting back & not succumbing to any of the pressures.

Overall, this episode covered some little details which were conveyed nicely. At this stage I can say I am looking forward to Nazneen & Basit’s track. I wish Kubra Khan had relied a little less on the makeup, yes I know she is carrying a look of a girl from an affluent family but her neat curls & silk dresses would’ve done the job perfectly, as seeing her waking up from sleep with her makeup on-fleek did seem a bit unrealistic. We all have seen her looking absolutely pretty with no makeup look in Sang e Marmar, so she could’ve brought that in again, in some of these scenes, also she had a great example in the form of Ushna Shah in front of her, who has given a perfect treatment to Rani’s character in terms of makeup & overall get up, so yes, Kubra could’ve done that too. Shehzad sheikh is another actor who has really been impressive acting wise in the limited coverage that he gets. Rani’s outburst was conveyed beautifully by Ushna. Also, Nargis Rasheed has portrayed the worries of a loving mother to perfection. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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