Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 20 Review – Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan didn’t have much to offer except the bitter & sweet experiences that each of the characters are having at the moment. There were a few emotional bits that I enjoyed watching because it kept me connected to the story but in general I feel the story should move forward a bit more & for that I am looking forward to the next episode because the preview did promise some change.

Reena is flying high & she is not only dreaming but is getting to live her dream. It is actually quite interesting to note how the writer has shown Reena’s transition, from that God fearing beggar who was way too conscious about right & wrong to a courtesan who is not only proud of what she does but thinks she is unstoppable. Chaman Begum is the only person around Reena who is trying to keep her grounded but then who pays heed to a mere servant, in-spite of her being right? Reena now has everything that she ever wantedl fame, wealth & the attention of someone to such an extent that he is ready to do everything for her, so it makes her feel empowered & a bit too over confident that nothing could go wrong in her life. I think Nawazish Ali is going to be Reena’s undoing, even though he is giving her all the attention that she wants, but he will most certainly draw a line when he will get to know Reena’s true intentions. Where nothing else would go wrong for Reena, this might be something that will bring her back to the ground & make her realize that no one gets everything that they desire. Reena surely has started to think that she’d be able to get married to Nawazish, but time will tell!

Out of all the people stuck in this messy situation together, I feel the most for Basit & his family. Who would’ve thought that just because of a selfish person like Nazneen, a loving father will end up detesting & doubting his own son. Who would’ve thought that a focused & driven son like Basit would become a culprit in front of his own family. Who would’ve thought that only because of Nazneen’s immaturity, a father & son’s ideal relationship will get strained? Basit was his parents’ pride & joy, he was their support, they relied on him & now, only because of Nazneen, Qadir is avoiding Basit & Basit is facing the brunt for no good reason. Basit was at such a good place before Nazneen came into his life & now looking at how he is not himself anymore, it really makes me feel for him. I wish before firing Qadir Ali, Malik Hashmat had reanalyzed the entire situation to actually understand that it was Nazneen who was at fault & not Basit. That’s the difference between both Qadir & Hashmat as fathers, where one didn’t turn a blind eye to his son’s fault but the other conveniently put the entire blame on someone else & forgot about the hell his own daughter put him through. It was so sad seeing Qadir Ali speaking about Malikh Hashmat with so much of disappointment, like all that he ever knew was being loyal to him but seeing how Hashmat forgot about all that Qadir had done for him definitely hurt Qadir to no end. I am sure or let’s say I hope that Nazneen will pay the price for ruining a completely happy family & taking away the peace out of their lives.

Shahzeb has given up already, for the first time he not only felt jealous but complained to Nazneen too because he is still unable to understand that there’s nothing he could do that would change Nazneen’s behavior towards him. Even though I don’t appreciate Nazneen’s character because of what she put Basit’s family through, but I think she is at least right in her stance where she has clearly told Shahzeb what’s in her heart, like she is not being a hypocrite about it where she is posing to be his wife while having someone else in her heart & mind. Yes, Shazheb is a very decent man but then he did overlook the fact that Nazneen was not in this relationship & very selfishly he continued with the marriage, so now Nazneen is suffering herself but making him suffer too, which I think on her behalf seems fair!

I wish there was more to Shammo’s track, like I liked seeing him back, but I want to see more than just a few emotional flashbacks. Yes, one thing that does give me some hope is how his Ustad told him to take care of people around him & empower them so that they can do something for themselves, just the way he did with Shammo, may be this will encourage Shammo & change the course of his life. Till date, Shammo has made himself sufficient enough to support his people but now, he might think of doing something for others too! I must say after Qadir’s scenes, Shammo’s conversations with his family were my favorite too.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent & I had a good time watching it but I am left with wanting to see more at the moment. The pace of the drama has been its strength till this stage & I did expect things to slow down a bit so it’s understandable but still, it is good that they are showing that each & every character has something going on in their lives, but can we have a bit more please? Oh yes, two new characters were introduced too, the art students, Zymin & the guy (whose name I couldn’t pick) so I am looking forward to what they’re going to bring to the table. I must say, this drama has remained engaging & intense so far, I just can’t wait to see the rest of the story & I wish it ends on a similarly stronger note too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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