Alif Episode 9 Story Review – Asking Questions

Opening Thoughts – Intelligently Told Story:

Another week, another brilliant episode of Alif. This episode of Alif might have been on the slower side & it focused on couple of scenarios but the note at which this episode ended made it complete & perfect. I like how the drama makers are not giving out everything & they are pretty much playing with the emotions of the viewers, where they want the viewers to grasp everything as it comes, they want them to think, introspect & ponder. I think this has to be one of those projects which have been tackled just so intelligently where the drama makers have a complete grip on the story & they know what is meant to be given away at which moment & this makes Alif a wholesome experience, a journey of its kind. Simply amazing!

Momina’s Opportunities:

Momina got in touch with Faisal only to find out that he demanded more from her than she had to offer. Momina clearly understood that she must’ve thought of Faisal as a reward but he actually came back to test her further than she was already being tested. Faisal made it pretty clear to Momina that he had more expectations & he wanted her to fulfill them, which means this was basically him establishing the foundation of their relationship where he wanted to dictate her all his life. Momina’s bubble was burst, not that she was living in denial, but after everything that life threw at her, Momina found it easy to come to a conclusion that she could not deal with Faisal & his demands. Their conversation actually let Momina know that Faisal claimed to have accepted her but he was never ever going to understand her or her struggles, which means he will never love her unconditionally like she deserves to be loved. Momina has done everything for her family, her younger brother & she never once compromised on her values but Faisal only perceived things how he wanted to, without ever giving Momina a chance to explain herself. Faisal has been very demanding, he is quite controlling, which means he will not even find it easy to trust Momina, therefore she made the final decision & walked away!

Life presented Momina another chance, the coordinator has seen the potential in Momina & those expressions showed how Momina actually was forced to think about the notion of ‘living life for herself’. Momina has never done that & even now she is doing this project to pay off the debt, so for Momina to hear someone say those words was hard to grasp. The only thing she wanted in her life was probably Jahangir’s recovery & then Faisal’s presence but life took Jahangir away from her & she herself had to give up on the dream of being with Faisal, so what else is left for her to live her life for? Momina did mourn the loss of her love now, first she had to mourn the loss of her brother & now her love, but she surely has no idea what life has in store for her. It is actually interesting how life is presenting her with more opportunities, that too in such a field which she didn’t choose for herself & did not even want to pursue. Momina knows this is not the success she wants for herself but she would still explore the opportunities because she has to take care of her parents, once again a selfless decision of Momina that will pay off is actually going to count as her success. I am interested to see Momina’s journey now!

Alif Episode 9 Story Review - Asking Questions

Qalb e Momin’s Questions:

Qalb e Momin made a big announcement & to his surprise, no one was thrilled or happy for him. Momin is just doing all of this to prove a point to his grandfather but right from the very beginning, right in the initial stages Momin found out that this was a challenging path that he has started to walk on. Qalb e Momin has not actually realized the superficiality of the industry that he is associated with or the people who surround him but now, he is also in the initial stages of self-discovery. Qalb e Momin’s professional failure will lead him to personal success & the foundation of this journey was laid in this episode. No one around Qalb e Momin is excited or even buying his concept & in fact Qalb e Momin himself doesn’t know what he wants to show in his movie – which goes to show that he actually is a blank canvas right now!

Once again, the highlight of the episode for me was Abdul Alla & Qalb e Momin’s brief interaction which was shown as a flashback. Abdul Alla sent Qalb e Momin the letters that he used to write, only with a motive that may be he will start asking questions again & this was the point that I absolutely loved & couldn’t stop thinking about the whole time when they were showing Qalb e Momin’s ordeal & his blank state of mind. Umera Ahmed has done it again, in a very subtle manner, she has actually shown how important it is to ask ‘questions’. This is actually another beautiful way of preaching the right message, don’t just preach like a lecture but rather, push people to do soul searching by asking questions & this is exactly what Qalb e Momin’s entire journey is all about – questions. Abdul Alla wants Qalb e Momin to ask questions & this is exactly what he keeps on telling him time & again. Simply beautiful!

Abdul Alla mentioned that he got the answers to his questions through Qalb e Momin’s letters. In all of his letters, Qalb e Momin only wrote about Husn e Jahan’s state of mind, he mentioned how miserable she was, how lonely & depressed she was. Abdul Alla has read all those letters so he knew all about Husn e Jahan & through Qalb e Momin’s letters he got to understand how pure she was & how selflessly she loved Taha. Qalb e Momin actually could not really understand the ‘answers’ that Abdul Alla spoke about but yes, he has to find that out. It is simply beautiful how Abdul Alla admitted that Qalb e Momin’s letters helped him but he did not tell him everything, it is like he doesn’t just give away everything easily to Qalb e Momin!

Closing Thoughts – Simply Perfect:

Overall, this episode of Alif was once again brilliant. It was simple & made such an important point of asking questions. Qalb e Momin’s entire journey is going to be all about questions & finding answers – what a perfect way of showing a journey of exploring spirituality. Hamza Ali Abbasi & Sajal Aly – their acting, their performances & the characters of Momin & Momina are the backbone of this drama. Their performances are exceptionally good. Every minute expression shows the grip they have had on the script. They have not just performed these characters, they have lived them & it is evident because they have succeeded in showcasing Momin & Monina’s mental state every step of the way. It sure is a treat to watch them. I must say Hina Ashfaq is very impressive as Tina. Yashma Gill’s acting is really good too & her look with the lighter hair & bronzed tanned makeup suits her & gives her more character & personality. Every single actor has worked a lot on their styling & looks which shows the level of attention they paid & the hard work they did. Acting, direction, camera work, every single aspect of Alif is simply perfect. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif.

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  • Simply Beautiful!
    Literally have no words to describe the emotions, expressions and thoughts portrayed by each and every character in this outstanding production!
    Is it just me or did I like this episode a little bit more than every other episode that NEHA was in??
    I donโ€™t think I an enjoying Sadaf Kanwalโ€™s acting.
    Anyways, like always, phenomenal performances and direction.
    Loved each and every bit of tonightโ€™s episode.
    I am so excited to watch what is in store with ALIF.

    • Yes, this drama sure is simply beautiful & every single episode is super special. Sadaf Kanwal did justice to the character of Neha, like she gave it a proper treatment but her dialogue delivery was definitely off in some scenes.

  • One of my favorite drama even I can’t watch a single episode of this I just wait to end this project then I watched all the episodes continously. We need such type of projects more I see their some clips that’s really awesome

    • Yes, you will definitely have a great time watching it back to back without having to wait for the next episode but then there’s so much to grasp, so I will definitely recommend you to watch 1 episode per day to enjoy it fully.

  • Can there be an episode of Alif that doesn’t overpower the audience?? Flawless!! I know Umera Ahmed deserves due credit for weaving such a complex and beautiful story, but Haseeb Hassan’s direction has taken it to a whole new level. When Momina is walking back to her home and a cricket ball hits her, maybe it was an unimportant scene but to me it felt tht Momina, who was already in a state of turmoil, was going to land in another difficult situation if she didn’t handled it correctly. Sajal Aly’s expression change when she talks to the coordinator, when she gazes out through the window…. Phenomenal!! This is what u call good casting!! I equally loved the details in Momin’s track. I was reminded of a quote when watching it, ‘ Curiosity is a blessing and Certainty is a curse’. Umera Ahmed has given a very powerful message, which u usually expect to find in Western philosophy, to ask questions abt this universe.. then and only u will be able to discover the true majesty of God. I also wanted to point out a contrast between Momin and Momina, both of them have started new ventures, but it will be interesting to see that how Momina will climb the heights of success while Momin will have his gradual downfall. Really looking forward to the next ep as finally Taha and Husn e Jahan’s story will be interesting introduced!!

    • Yes, this is what I always find interesting too while watching Alif, that although Momin & Momina are on two different levels of the same fields, their journeys are pretty much the same. It is always interesting to see the similarities. Thank you for an insightful comment, really liked it.

  • I appreciate Geo TV to produce such an exemplary serial. Unlike all other dramas which revolve around household problems, this drama is a bridge for sinners like us. I get interested in this serial when I saw its teasers. The acting of Qalb e Momin Jr. And Kubra Khan as Husn e Jahan is awesome. I’m excited to see Ahsan Khan as Turkish fellow.
    Best of luck har pal Geo

    • Mmmm, geo didn’t produced thus serial. It was initially co produced by md productions then due to some reasons it moved to ary digital then again to geo. Most of the time hum tv bring topics on screen,like shehre zaat, alif allah aur insaan, etc. The peculiarity in stories are mostly done by hum TV. Their content is mostly different than that of other channels.

      • Geo Tv hasnt produced it nor MD as well. It was produced by Haseeb Hasan, Sana Shahnawaz, Samina Humayu who soild it to Group Mesp. Geotv has commisioned it as they have deal with GroupMesp (Laal, Alif, Supreme Gharana, upcoming Dhoop Ki Deewar).
        If Geo tv produced it, it hadnt fallen to 1.2 trps, as their 2nd most rated serial is the unlikable Shahrukh Ki Saliyan (3.7 trps)

          • That explains why Geo is not treating Alif as their ‘own’ project. They should have changed the time slot long ago for better viewership. Anyways, TRPs or YouTube views donot define a good drama serial. If u rely on TRPs then u will only get to see dramas like Yaariyan and Kahin Deep Jalay๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

    • Yes, this drama showcases the struggles of all the Believers who have lost their connection & are trying to find answers. All the actors surely have done an amazing job & no, it has not been produced by Geo!

  • Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. This is the drama i was craving for. I was waiting for. Something that touches you heart that grasp your breath that stirr your soul. In momina, i saw myself trying to refuse the offer that isn’t for my soul. I saw myself as momin that how far i am from Allah ๐Ÿ˜ข. This drama make me emotional everytime.

    Well, its very interesting to see the flow of story. The story of momina and momin & taha and husne jahan is going to be parallel i guess. The preview of next episode just hooked me. I am extremely intrigued to know husne jahan story.

    Flawless acting, flawless direction, flawless drama. It is going to be my most favorite.

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective Ali. It sure forces everything to think about the things that actually matter. It sure is a beautifully told story & an exceptionally good drama. It is my favorite too. :)

  • I am loving this show. The episode ends so early.
    I believe Momina did right thing by leaving Faisal. He does not deserve her. He will never be able to gauge her past from her point of view.
    Momin has list connection with Allah and so was unable to explain what he wanted to show in his film. I believe Dada gave this challenge for two reasons; first to let him see true colours of those around him and second to make him explore this path of spirituality.

    • Yes, Abdul Alla is trying to change Momin’s perspective but he is not being too harsh with him. He knows that Momin is a strongly opinionated individual so the only way he will be able to bring changes in himself is when he will decide that for himself, that is why he keeps on challengingj him in a manner that compels Momin to ask questions. Abdul Alla’s approach is commendable & shows his wisdom.

  • Literally the best drama. It makes me sleepless with an unlimited question. Alif is going to be a turning point of many of us. I seriously want to watch more, it ends very soon. Can’t they give double episode ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Sajal’s acting is very powerful, the scene where she is on dining table…..such an effortless yet very impactful.

    • Yes, Sajal’s performance has been phenomenal. It sure compels everyone to ponder upon the things that matter the most. It is a beautiful story.

  • Superb review
    Again a amazing episode. I am just the way story is progressing and they are showing momin and momina’s journey beautifully. Momina’s journey towards fame and momin’s towards Allah.

  • Hi Zahra, Itw as very good episode and your review justify it fully. I liked your review narrative because of it’s honesty & fluency. My favorite part from your review is, “he actually came back to test her further than she was already being tested”, too good. Regarding the episode, Sajjal has truly translated Momina on screen. Really we are now interested to see her selfless journey. My favorite part was Faisal & Momina discussion and their flashbacks. Another favorite part was Hamza Abbasi’s dealing with three writers, their requests for references and his difficulty of explaining them about spirituality. He just taken this script as a challenge without knowing anything about it, so his journey of discovering spirituality for the script, will be interesting to watch as it will be his self discovery of the Almighty. His facial expression was right on the point for all the scenes today. I also liked Momina’s father’s chat with Jhumar.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you so much for reading the reviews & appreciating my take on Alif. It means a lot. :) Yes, that scene of Momin explaining the writers what he wants was actually quite interesting & then low-key amusing at the same time. He really has no idea what he wants which then made him introspect whether he actually knew about spirituality or not. Sajal has done a phenomenal job Momina, she is such a fine actor that she leaves you in an awe of her talent. Yes, I am surely interested to see Momin’s journey of discovering spirituality. I really enjoyed Jhumar’s scene too.

  • Nice review Zahra as you delve deeper into the emotions. I have been reading all your reviews.
    But Alif for me is a bland and a forced journey till now. With special poor misrepresentation of film industry. Haseeb Hasan himself has made a film and yet they miss out on so many things.
    The whole film announcement was a chaos. As film funders and infilm branding persons were leaving the hall making instant decisions without even informing their heads, thats how corporates work?
    Qalb e momin, acclaimed film director, says tum writer ho tum story batao (not to mention the lazy story writers, but the one with double tawaif story had potential lol). Really? Directors now a days develop and write film scripts themselves (along with team ofcourse). That represents poor understanding of film industry.
    Shelly is supposedly a big film actress yet she meets the director herself without her agent and asks him to put item songs in film. Really, seems like people arent over item numbers here while people are trying to reach moon, or making films on moon at least.
    Basically the pious writer Umera Ahmad is picturing all the people working in film industry as shallow and “unreligious”, and the only pious person is the one who has a tragic story (grown in brothels, dying brothers).
    That is the general public opinion and no wonder this series has seen a complete rejection from people till now. Maybe some true depiction of spirituality should have won it some cult audience.

    • Sarmad, all the reviews and opinions I have read so far, QUALITY viewers are heads over heels in love with Alif. Everything from the powerful script, to the stellar performances and the amazing direction definitely makes Alif a must watch. But I still respect ur opinion. Alif is not everyone’s choice for entertainment. Coming to ur concern abt the film industry, while Umera Ahmed has potrayed the insensitivities of the industry towards morals and intimacy, she has also given evidence that people like Momina, who have certain limits, do exist and prosper in the basis of their TALENT NOT their BODY. And Abdul Alla also clarifies to Momin that ‘ Tumhara ka ghalat nahi hai, tumhari SIMT ghalat hai’. I hope that answers ur query:-).

      • Dear I respect your opinion, but plz dont feed me the Quality pill. I have seen better content.
        And where is Qualify script, direction duh, and acting. Hamza Ali is terrible, and Sajal isnt good news either. Do you seriously call this best acting and where are emotions.
        Only some serious acting is being done by Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan.
        In short, Alif is a one sided forced preach that only satiates a handful of Hamza and Sajal’s fans

        • Sir u may have some issues with the script. That is completely fine and understandable. But as far as the performances are concerned, even those who are not interested in spirituality have the undivided view that Sajal and Hamza have given groundbreaking performances. If u have personal biases or reservations against the two, that is a separate thing but their performances have taken Alif to a whole new level. Cannot agree with u over there.

      • Whats more worrying is that people still believe that women in glamour industry succeed by sexual advantages, and your comment validates this opinion (TALENT over BODY crap).

        • Sarmad, then how can u explain the fact that every Bollywood movie has an item number, which is also becoming the culture of our own cinema?? Why?? Because ( quoting from Alif) ‘Logon ko acting, performance aur expressions nahin dekhne, logon ko sirf Jism dekhana hai’. This is the reality, even if it is bitter or difficult to accept. And a writer like Umera Ahmed is not afraid to write on even such a controversial topic, and potraying this mentality of our society.

          • Well, that explains your poor research and that of the drama makers too. Item song is a long forgotten concept and bollywood is back to crazy Dance numbers that used to be in its films. I dare you to even name 12 item numbers from over 50 films released in 2019 itself.
            LOGO KO JISM DEKHNA HAI, wah. Not everyone is a pervert, maybe the writer’s family is. I see hollywood and if a nude or a consummation scene appears I dont appear to enjoy it but consume it as a part of a bigger narrative. This whole JISM crapitself explains the immature brain of the writer who dares to claim to explain SPIRITUALITY.
            Umera is not portraying the society but her poor thinking that if an actresses does nude shots she qualifies for jahannum and she has zero connection with Allah, because that connections are reserved for the cunning Dupatta clad who still judge a person’s character based on her clothes and nude shots.

          • Sarmad, don’t mind, but just a small question: When was the last time u actually watched a Bollywood film? From O Saki Saki to Dilbar, from the Hook up Song to Gali Gali.. and countless more. And these all are those which have crossed millions on YouTube!! I humbly suggest that u familiarize urself with this ‘modern’ world before commenting on the research done by the writer. And if u have actually watched Alif, u will know that Abdul Alla said that Husn e Jahan had a beautiful soul. I can surely say that nobody has ever given such ‘Fatwas’ in Alif ke tum jahannum mein jao go, they have just criticized those who have deviated from the right path. Both Husn e Jahan and Momin still have a connection with Allah, if u analyze. Momin is repeatedly reminded to turn towards the right path and ask questions. Husn e Jahan found that connection through Taha. I am sorry Sarmad but ur concerns abt Alif are baseless and they just show ur eagerness to criticize than to appreciate.

          • Sirf 4 gaane mile apko jin ma se b 2 pichle saal ke hain.
            Hookup song isn’t an item song dont count these songs.
            Anyway Alif is a forced perspective of righteousness, the fact that whole industry apart from Momina Devi is shown corrupt proves my point.
            Alas writers arent accustomed with “modernity”, and they are steroeotyping modern people with parties and alcohol, how typical, not to mention the constant reminder of the length of clothes.
            Your fan boy arguments cannot save this serial. If only this serial was written without criticism and sexist thoughts, it would have stayed true to its sole purpose, spiritually.

          • Why do u keep ignoring Husn e Jahan’s character?? She also had a pure soul, she was forced into dancing and performance by her parents to accommodate her child and provide for her family. But she still found a connection with Allah. Allah jisy chahta hai hidyayat de deta hai. Chahay wo aik dancer ho ya bathka hua Momin.
            Secondly, burai se achai Tak ki journey dekhanay ke liye burai dikhani parti hai. Otherwise, the transformation would see hollow and less impactful. And why do u keep on ignoring the vulnerable side of Momin’s personality? Yes, us mein burai hai, but he wants to turn towards the right path, he wants ‘Inner peace’ but the demons of his past are not allowing him to do so. It is a request again, plz watch the episodes of Alif without ur personal reservations. U will definitely find the spirituality u are searching for:-)

          • Nice Ibrahim
            You are definitely a nice soul and I have my reservations about Alif, I probably went too far.
            I wasn’t discussing HusneJahan as I am yet to see her and Taha’s story.
            I will wait for future episodes and see if the show has the answers it claims to have.
            Peace and sorry if anything personal.

          • I am glad that u realized it yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š. Enjoyed having an argument with you. No hard feelings:-)

  • Very nice review Zahra – really appreciate it – always read it right after the episode – it seems like I am discussing it with you ! I have been reading your reviews for a long time but never commented. The drama is at a different level altogether ! We needed something like this – as these days the stories in most dramas are very superficial and typical.

  • I am liking the drama but Umera Ahmed’s cliched writing is making it unbearable to completely fall in love with it. I would say director and actors did justice to the characters but there are some major flaws in script writing.(Ridiculous part where people r openly degrading Momin’s film regardless of the fact that he is shown the mastro of directors. Umera Ahmad’s script has repetitive themes and lost her charm due to messing too much with the theme of spirituality and karma# farfetched from real reality.

  • Wrong selection of cast will make this drama the biggest flop of the year. Soulless acting of kubra khan and Hamza is disaster for drama.Sajjal Ali and Ahsen are trying their level best to save this drama by their performances.

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