Aun Zara Episode 02 – Spouse-Hunt Done!

Finally after a long long wait, the serial has resumed & I hope we don’t get to see any more breaks in such a nice drama. Before I comment on anything I must have to say that I can not, can not, can not get enough of the Punjabi humor. It’s top-notch, on the spot & what not.

Even though Aun thought that the idea of him getting married will drive his whole family crazy but they have supported him completely. I loved how each one of the female members of the family wanted to find a bride for Aun according to their preferences. The best part which came as a surprise was that how every lady of his family agreed on Zara just by having a look at her picture in Aun’s room. Where they all seemed so difficult at him – now looked like they don’t want to leave any stone un-turned to make Aun happy.

Zara’s part in this whole scenario looked really unusual as compared to what norm prevails these days when it comes to the marriage but is appeasing to see by all means. Zara, who just wants to escape from her monotonous life & disciplined routine found her peace of mind in the idea of getting married. I kind of liked her approach that may be in her innocence or in oblivion she is ready to get married to just any random guy, whose family claims to have liked her at her friends wedding. This for sure is something which has become impossible to just even conceive because every educated girl these days, does have a say in her marriage or in when finding a suitor for her. Zara is kind of laid-back when it comes to knowing more about the guy or his family because to her the idea of getting married & starting a new beginning seems perfect & something that she can easily handle.

I must say that whereas both their families are poles apart in everything comparable – they are equally sweet because they have taken in consideration their feelings & their choices. Zara’s father may be a strict person but in the end he is just as soft in regards to Zara as any father would be.

I absolutely loved all the conversations, those one-liners, those punches & my absolute favorite scenes are those of Daadi’s, her incessant cursing & the scene where they all are ecstatic after getting a phone call from Zara’s father. But the moment that stole the show for me this time was Aun’s dance after getting the proposal accepted & that particular moment when he says ‘Chawwal’ (because this is my favorite word which I use every single time ;)).

Even though Aun thought that after getting married he will have every sort of independence because his family would be least bothered about him – poor thing has forgotten that marriage means more responsibility & an added female in the whole clan which is already filled with soooo many of them. Seems like Aun has already started to have wedding blues. Zara who has never had a chance of living with any such female who could play a pivotal role in life is over-joyed by seeing she’s going to live with so many ladies after marriage. They might think that their marriage will solve many issues that they have – but later, will find out about the new issues that will arise for example ‘The Privacy’. :)

Now we do know what happened between Aun’s mother & his father, but the good thing is that Daadi is more supportive of her Bahu as compared to her own son because she does acknowledge that what he did was completely wrong. One thing that caught my attention & I feel like mentioning it again & again is that how Zara has settled on this marriage issue is really practical & innocent as well. She is for sure relying on her Daada & father’s decision, which is too simple yet sets a nice example as one of a kind.

I can’t wait to see what more is going to happen & how the ladies are going react once they both get married.

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