Aun Zara Episode 03 – Wedding Ordeal Begins!

Hahaha! ‘Shadi pe sab tumhe is liye dekh rahay the kyunki tumne kameez ulti pehni hui thi’. This has to be my favorite one from the whole episode. I am totally hooked to this show & I must say that each & every actor is nailing the character that has been assigned to them. For me, in this whole episode, the one person that shined the most has to be Nighat Pupho, I mean even if she has no dialogues, she is speaking volumes with just her minutely accurate expressions. I guess she has completely enjoyed & lived the character of Nighat & just because of her effort in such an effortless acting, we’re being able to enjoy all her scenes.

Now coming to the progress of the story, Aun & Zara both have started to have funny yet serious realizations in what they have done in a jiffy with their lives. They took a serious decision without thinking & now they’re thinking a bit too much about it (which was required to be done beforehand). That was really amusing at how Aun tried to convince Zara’s father about what sort of a family he belongs to but just because Zara’s father is a man of substance himself, he finds his honesty worth a trust & for the sole reason he is ready to rely on him with his most precious & only daughter.

The ‘Iklota’ part has to be another thing which highlighted perfectly. No doubt the utmost & undivided attention can get you frustrated & Aun has proved it. He just couldn’t think of another person especially a female giving him all the attention so for the same reason he tried hard to call off his wedding. On the other hand, Zara recognized who Aun was & was turned off by the idea of getting married to such a burger boy. No doubt Zara has seen such a prim & proper man through out her life so she for sure will have some issues in adjusting with such a pampered boy. Zara’s father has always wanted her to sparkle in her practical life but he least expected her to step into another phase of a practical life which is ‘marriage’. I kind of find it really interesting that Zara herself has set no such goals in her life & is happily or ignorantly just going with the flow.

Finally, at such a particular moment where they thought they’d be released from the trap of a life-long commitment, to add more to their woes, they get ‘Nikkaofied’. Both of them had some strong reactions & some far-fetched plans but end up politely accepting what fate did to them. Their ‘Rukhsati’, her father’s speech, Aun’s expressions, Zara’s welcome, the ‘Saqda;, all these had me actually laugh out loud as they embodied the essence of our traditional Pakistani weddings yet revealed a humorous sides of it too.

One thing worth mentioning is the presence of Aun’s best buddy. I mean he is just with Aun all the time, when Aun is frustrated, he’s dancing, he’s stirring up some plans, he’s antsy or he’s just down. Manzar is either helping him cheer up or is at times beautifully spoiling the charm of the things Aun is happy about. One thing that really amuses me is his never-ending, ultimate & instant solutions to Aun’s problems that too which he thinks will hit the bullseye. His one liners to shoo Aun away are absolutely hilarious.

I really loved the scene where Aun, just to make her feel comfortable & a part of the family hands over her the ring. He is trying to get into the mood of being a husband, but he will take some time. Zara has surprised Aun with her bluntness, innocence & straightforwardness which has left Aun speechless because he least expected his wife to be that way as he has already dealt with loud women through out his life. So similarly, Zara will fit perfectly in that family but Aun will have to take some steps to get used to another female that has entered his life as a life partner.

Last but not the least, I am actually enjoying the spontaneity of the drama, those twists & turns that have been unfolded perfectly & over all the feel of the drama which gets you in a mood the moment you tune into it. The whole credit goes to the director & the team & off course the actors of Aun Zara because they have done a perfect job in bringing us this package.

So, what were your favorite dialogues or scenes in the Episode 3, do let me know! :)

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Sweet, pleasant, funny, and enjoyable.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, all characters are loveable,and each dialoge is funny.
    I feel I'm on a holiday camp.
    Good team work. Well done Aplus.

  • a masterpiece!! No words to descibe such a beautiful play… Aunn Zara has proved that hard work and determination pays off!!

    So finally the much awaited moment arrived and Aunn Zara got hooked up.. I loved the scene when Aunn hands Zara the ring.. I was all like "Aww… so sweet!!" .. Except for the doodh pilai and sadqa ka baqra, wasn't aware of the other "nazar utarna rasm".. So ya, Aunn Zara is teaching me new things too!!

    I completely agree with you about Phuppo.. She is the life and soul to this play!! I just hope, in the upcoming episodes, her role enhances..

    Now i understand what Aunn meant when he said he needed Privacy.. I mean Dadi was sleeping like next door!! Lol!!

    A warn round of applause to all the team of Aunn Zara.. You aced it!!

    PS.. You posted the review really quick.. Nice!!

    • Thank you for your input. & yeah the sadqa utarna rasm is something olden golden which does take place in our weddings, hence it was dealt with in a perfect manner. :) Haha! Even Nighat pupho's eavesdropping made the privacy point a bit more clear but then isn't it the curiosity that builds up in everyone's minds once a couple shares some we-time.

      I was actually waiting for this show because the routine that I am in makes me free on Thursdays ;) So, to enjoy some of my free time with Aunn Zara definitely calls for a sudden reaction – hence, the speedy review. :) Keep Enjoying!

  • gr8 review!! Aunn Zara is a gr8 treat in the midst of all the depressing dramas! the episode still hasn't been uploaded on dramasonline! It's always uploaded late!

  • The whole episode was gr8…….but I loved the part where Aunn was trying to convince Zara's father to stop the wedding and the opposite happened and even the wedding nite scene was funny!

  • Sweet, fresh and interesting. I love AunnZara. Amongst all these depressing dramas and lectures by Umera this drama is breath of fresh air.

    • Well even though I myself am a huge Umera Ahmed fan & never like to miss the dramas written by her I am enjoying some change this time too. But I feel the two writers do not fit in the one category, so for that reason the comparison is uncalled for. Umera Ahmed has a more deep insight of the life & the lessons that the life teaches us, therefore, her writings expose us to the realities. Whereas, Faiza Iftikhar has dealt with the whole issue of marriage in a very easy way. So, let's enjoy the taste of Aunn Zara without thinking about the other dramas even for a second. :)

      • Dear Zahra I agree we should enjoy this drama without thinking about other dramas. But I don't agree with second point. I'm not comparing Umera with Faiza but it is natural to compare one type of dramas with others. We do it all the time. Just because many of us are her fan but this should not refrain us from mentioning her name. I respect her as a writer but I feel excess of any thing eventually bores you. Please don't mind my criticism. The purpose of this forum is free discussion on dramas. Apna Kaywal rakha in.

        • Thank you for understanding & I understand your point too but what I meant was that both the writers have different genres of writing & their level of writings is different in which both of them excel respectively. I did not mind your criticism, similarly I just mentioned what I felt. :) Hope to hear from you again. :)

  • It is hard to find a flaw in this show. Half the job is done if the casting is right. They have nailed it with the cast. I watched this show last night in a very bad mood and even then it had me rolling on the floor. My only hope his that they will keep up with the bar that they keep on raising episode after episode

    • I hope the entertainment level keep on getting a notch higher everytime because it has a whole lot of expectations rolling with it. Even I had a rough day but this episode changed everything for me. HAHA!

  • I watched the full episode of AZ today – finally and it was a real treat. The story definitely is brand new and the direction is flawless too. You are absolutely right Zahra the credit goes to the entire team; the actors are doing a brilliant job. I didn't like the lead couple in ANC at all but i love them in AZ. i can't praise Nasreen Qureshi enough, love Hina Bayat in this role and everyone else is perfect too. Thank you so much for a wonderful heartfelt review, it was like the cherry on top:)