Beautiful Pictures of Ayeza Khan in Casual Dresses

Ayeza Khan has a great dressing sense. From colors to design, Ayeza is pretty selective about what to wear and where to wear. Probably for her lead roles in our dramas, Ayeza is much seen as a sweet, eastern, innocent girl in which she is found wearing eastern outfits, Ayeza has her other side too.

Ayeza Khan looks absolutely amazing in her casual attire as well in which she is mostly seen when going out with Danish and her daughters. Whether it be for a photoshoot or playing cricket with friends, Ayeza surely knows how to carry a simple jeans and a T-Shirt, maintaining her Ayeza-Effect!

Here are some pictures of Ayeza, have a look!


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  • Be humbled and thankful to Allah for your good looks and talent. Don’t be a show off. You have a “khan” as your sir name. True or false; only you or your family can tell if you really are a khan. For as you know Khan’s are tribal and strict to follow their norms and religious and cultural beliefs and bindings. They would never allow their daughters to move open in jeans and tights. This would incur a heavy fight.
    Follow your passion but have you and your husband think twice before you modeling that you are now parents to daughters who will not only follow you but surpass you in many aspects. How would it be when they pronounce your guidance and tell you, ” mera jism, meri marzi”.
    You are accountable to many for your actions and after performing hajj and Ummrah you should know that what it means to cover yourself.

  • She’s an adult not a child…. respectful wife and mother and many more….. thanks for posting your patronising comments on here…..
    Everyone will die and go to there own graves they don’t need people like you being opinionated.
    She’s a beautiful respectful women…..
    If you don’t want to see her then maybe you should go back to your tribe

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