Beautiful Pictures of Cricketer Imad Wasim with Wife

Pakistan is a country of cricket lovers. We just not only love cricket but our players as well. Among all the new talent our cricket has welcomed, Imad Wasim is indeed, a precious addition. While we know Imad as the captain of Karachi Kings in the PSL, Imad has had been representing Pakistan in almost all International series.

The young cricketer was born in Wales and received his first education in the UK. His father was working as an engineer there and for the sake of work, they had to move back to Pakistan. Imad then wanted to start his career in medicine but destiny had some other plans for him and he qualified in the cricket team, which always had been his passion.

It was just a few time back that Imad’s wedding was all in the air. Imad is happily married to Sannia Ashfaq. The two of them make a beautiful couple. Here are some unseen pictures of the two. Have a look!

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