Kabhi Kabhi

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Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 07

Ohkay, honestly I’m sort of confused to come to a conclusion about this drama because one week they come up with perfect emotions & perfect episode but on the other we’re exposed to long, meaningless & dragged scenes with not

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Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 05

Apparently the hell broke loose in both the households when the couple decided to let go off their secret love & told their families about it. As usual both of their parents at first resisted them from committing such a

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Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 04

Ohkay, so that was one well-directed episode. I totally liked what I saw & the little but interesting progress in the story was nicely executed & not to forget, at the right time. Rehbar, who at first seemed rude &

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Kabhi Kabhi Episode 03 – Stagnant For Now

Not much of a progress in the story this week in stead some of the repetitive conversations that were heard over & over again. It’s just that Eshaal has started to lean on Arez much more than she realizes &

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Kabhi Kabhi Episode 02 – So Far So Good.

Another week of an interesting episode with no such disappointments except for one that in the first episode the name I heard & checked on ARY’s official website was Shahraiz & now it has become Shahveer? Apart from this bit

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Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 01.

The drama has begun on a good note with decent characterization & more importantly no such difficult character till now. I liked how the whole idea progressed & that is just too good for a start. The cast has been

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