Eastern Dresses that Minna Tariq has Recently Worn

Mina Tariq is all known for her celebrity background as she is Rubina Ashraf’s daughter. However,  now that she has made her debut, she is now a star herself. While many celebrities’ kids made the appearance on screen sooner than thought, Mina Tariq took all her time to make her first appearance on screen, that too, in a drama where she played a supporting role. Her role and performance in the drama serial Ruswai were deeply intense and everyone liked the debut. She is a great person and fun to be with.

While Minna is working pretty hard to make a special name in the drama industry just like her mother, Minna has also got a great dressing sense. Here are the best adorable  Eastern Dresses that Minna Tariq has Recently worn so far on her Instagram Page and looks incredibly good. Have a look!

minnatariq 95654392 526387001376275 7473805973859199316 n minnatariq 96684873 156933135867729 1271333402815273853 n minnatariq 97037173 702428300507244 7722204961736136855 n

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minnatariq 97343983 2004752263002156 6085970463069560840 n minnatariq 100904714 550810065463578 3212482970213105579 n
minnatariq 105978107 117638779739194 6136458478266204126 n minnatariq 116554996 321539202585248 6757054434455200467 n minnatariq 117355707 296923554707331 5031325953435597724 n minnatariq 117765670 996119534164523 4744700890531811328 n minnatariq 118191516 1364488540608757 581724046387794091 n minnatariq 118726192 186914596431386 5936709548114795615 n minnatariq 118882072 610968816242554 8775137464257883178 n

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