Female Characters In Pakistani Dramas With Zero Self-Respect

Sajjal in Mol:

Again, we saw a hero with zero interest level in the girl and a girl desperate enough to become the second wife after getting rejected at first. The theme is simple, run after the one who shows you how unimportant and worthless you are for him. But you being ‘dheet’ enough will wait until you get the opportunity to throw yourself at him. Why are these girls shown so numb that they don’t care about the rejection they get? And that also by a man? Please girls show some self respect! Sajjal’s mother was as usual behind this. I wonder why these mothers don’t care about the dignity of their daughters. Okay, we all know that love sometimes make you do such things that shouldn’t be done but what happened to these mature ladies? What will the man think after marriage? This is the girl who was dying for me. *Sigh*


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