Female Characters In Pakistani Dramas With Zero Self-Respect

Tahira in Saya e Dewar Bhi Nahi:

Tahira knew that Haider was madly in love with Shehla, instead of showing an ounce of self respect her family tried to get her married to Haider through Jirgaa system. It’s like forcefully throwing yourself at someone. And after she got married to Haider, we saw her saying that ‘Main to Haider aur Shehla ke bech nahin ayi thi na’. This lady had probably weak memory. She could easily refuse to get married to Haider who was not-at-all interested in her and was just pressurized. She could take a step back but she chose to become a ‘Kabab mein haddi’. *Sigh*

So these are some characters that bring desperation to a whole new level. Kindly share your thoughts.


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