Hareem Farooq is a Perfect Example of Beauty

Hareem Farooq is one of the most talented actresses in the Pakistani film industry and has earned a lot of fame and stardom over the last few years. The actress who started off as a lead character in a drama has grown to become a director herself and now mostly appears on the big screen. She has starred in many movies such as Dobara Phir Se, Parchi, and Heer Maan Ja alongside many well-known actors such as Sanam Saeed Ali Rehman Khan, Adeel Hussain, Usman Mukhtar, and Ali Kazmi. In terms of her work as an actor in the film industry, she has made a huge name for herself. Her last movie Heer Maan Ja was a commercial success.

The actress is often considered as the bold celebrity who is cute at the same time. Having her origins in Islamabad, Hareem has her unique and beautiful features that show traits of the beautiful city she belongs to. Here are some of her beautiful pictures that are truly adorable! Have a look!


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