Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 10 – Heights of Success!

The story is still stagnant and not much happened in the show this week. We saw Shayan turning more indifferent towards Irfa by the day. He does not even attempt to hide his annoyance anymore and he went as far as to openly tell Irfa what a huge mistake he had made by marrying her in the first place. This left Irfa hurt and in tears but Shayan paid no heed to her feelings and acted like nothing happened the next day!

Shayan takes Irfa for granted and does not realize her true value now but the time will come when he will appreciate everything she had done for him. In this critical state, she needs care and love and all she gets from Shayan is indifference. Shayan expects her not to complain about anything and accept him just the way he is; careless and full of life. He just does not want to change and clearly told Irfa that I was like this even before marriage and you accepted me this way, so why complain now? Well Shayan, because she has no one in the world except you and she expects you to take care of her at least!

All Irfa expects from Shayan is his attention and time but Adeel Farooqui and Maleeha try their best to stop Shayan from going back to Irfa in one way or the other. Adeel Farooqui has finally launched Shayan’s career by exhibiting his paintings with Shayans’ own signature. I do not understand why Shayan gets manipulated by Maleeha and Adeel Farooqui every single time! He seems like a puppet in their hand that is at their complete beck and call. I could not help but detest Shayan when he did not call Irfa to his first launch because Maleeha manipulated him by saying that Irfa would not look good beside someone with an extraordinary personality and good looks like his. Irfa felt extremely happy to see Shayan on television and there were tears of joy in her eyes but she also felt disappointed that Shayan did not want to share his happiness with her and did not even bother to inform her about the launch. However, Shayan felt that Irfa is not happy for him as she keeps on complaining about everything and he rudely told her that your attitude will become the reason for my downfall and Irfa replied by saying the most beautiful dialogues:

“Peeche Reh Jaane Wale Aage Jane Walon Ke Raste Ki Ruqawat Nahi Ban Sakhte”

“Abhi Tum Tarakki Kerrahe Ho Per Aana Tumhe Zameen Per Hee Hai”

How true! I felt like applauding Irfa when she spoke these set of dialogues. I also loved the scene when Maleeha asked Shayan that this must be like a dream come true for you and you must be on the 7th sky now that your exhibition has become so successful, and in reply Shayan said that I never dreamt of all this but Irfa always wanted me to reach the heights of success. This managed to irritate Maleeha and she tried to show Shayan that she was also very happy for him.

Adeel Farooqui is making a huge mistake by encouraging Maleeha to get involved with Shayan. He is evoking ideas in her mind which she had never thought of! He clearly intends to get her married to Shayan by giving him the greed of a successful career and future. Let’s see how this story moves on!

Dr. Bilal helped Irfa yet again by taking her to the doctor when Shayan did not show up for the SECOND time! Minahil, however, does not like Bilal helping Irfa or spending time with her and she gives a good tongue lashing to Irfa and clearly tells her to stay away from her husband. Irfa seemed pretty upset at Minahil’s outburst but Bilal excused on her behalf and told Irfa the reason for her behavior and that she is going through a bad time. Irfa understood his predicament and let the issue go. Well, it is not like Irfa to be upset or angry at someone for a long time as she is so kind hearted!

Saba Qamar has once again emerged as the star of the episode! She fits into the role of Irfa perfectly as an actor but still I feel if the script required Irfa to be an average looking girl then they should not have chosen Saba as I find her very pretty. The director Sohail Javed has also done a very fine job in this serial and it shows onscreen.

I hope the story moves forward in the next episode and we see the next phase of the serial! Keep watching!

Mariam Shafiq



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