Latest Pictures Of Actor Shabbir Jan With His Beautiful Family

Shabbir Jan is by no doubt one of the most veteran actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry. It is safe to say that he should be considered an asset to the showbiz industry especially the drama serial sector. Shabbir Jan has starred in a wide number of drama serials. He has appeared in a majority of dramas in the past two decades and is thus a well-known name among the audiences of all ages. Whether the viewer is a teen, adult, or an individual in their old age, there is a high likelihood that they will recognize Shabbir Jan. Some of Shabbir Jan’s most recent drama appearances consist of Jaal, Cheekh, Zebaish, and other comedy sitcoms.

Apart from being a remarkable actor, Shabbir Jan is also a remarkable family man and gives his family the best of him by achieving a perfect work-life balance. The actor is married to Fareeda Shabbir and is a proud father of two children( son and daughter). We have collected some photos of Shabbir Jan with his family for you to see.

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