Lovely Pictures of Shaista Lodhi with her Immediate Family

Starting her career as the morning Host, Shaista Lodhi soon won the hearts of the viewers through her sober and decent persona and a lovely way of conducting the shows. It is about the time when morning shows were not common and women generally used to relate with the shows with no segments like wedding and cooking as a part of the show. Shaista Lodhi gained prominence under the name of Shaista Wahidi initially when she was married to her former husband. However, soon after their divorce, Shaista made the change which was easy to accept as a layman because of the prominence of her brother Sahir Lodhi, who was all known for his surname.

Shaista is a Doctor by profession and runs a clinic too. She was also seen as an actress in few dramas but she then got busy with her professional career and is now less seen acting.

Shaista has three children and is happily married now. Here are her lovely pictures with her immediate family that includes her kids, husband, brother, and father. Have a look!



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