Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 3 & 4 – Review

After watching the latest two episodes, all I can say is that I think the real story is going to start only after the two odd couples get married. Although everything that happened in these episodes reflected perfectly all that happens in houses where children are about to get married but I have to say that for now the show lacks the must watch factor and there hardly anything novel about the story of the setting for now. All the actors are very well suited in their roles. Mikaal Zulfiqar in particular is absolutely brilliant in every role he opts for and it is plain to see that acting comes very naturally to him. Ahsan Khan is equally convincing as the careless, lazy and immature Hashim. Hammad isn’t the mama’s boy that he appears to be and that is actually good to know because the character seems more real and interesting now. It seems like Hammad instantly fell for Ayza and Ayza really seemed interested in him too. Akbari’s demands are met quite soon and the stage is all set for marriage.

aminahIt was further proven in these latest episodes that Ayza had been spoiled to the core by Akbari, she is self-centered, manipulative and irresponsible. Her character may have seemed interesting in the first two episodes but now that we know that there is absolutely nothing about Ayza that is even remotely nice, it is just plain disappointing and the character obviously is not the least bit likeable. Girls like Ayza who have never been told right from wrong and are used to having things their way and getting just about everything they want without ever trying to work hard for it learn their lessons the hard way. What good is a life without rules to guide you? Actually it is much easier to raise children the way Akbari did and much difficult to teach them discipline. What I cannot understand is that how can Askari expect Ayza to be any different when she knows her sister so well? When Ayza demands to visit her to be In Laws’ house, even though Rafia pretends to be very comfortable with the idea in front of Akbari but she discusses with Askari just how inappropriate that is and how disappointed she is in Ayza. Even then Askari does not reconsider the proposal maybe because she is too nice! But still this was highly unbelievable. I guess when you go looking for rishtas outside the family you tend to be more critical but when it comes to your own relatives you tend to be more relaxed and positive.

murRafia kept on raving about her new bahu and gives her credit for everything that goes right in their lives. The women in both houses want a lavish wedding ceremony even if it means using all the savings, the men disagree but there isn’t much they can do about it. This is something I have seen happening quite often actually; most of the women do tend to get carried away when it comes to getting their kids married. And the men don’t have much of a say

Hashim finally gets a job thanks to a sifarish and starts complaining soon afterwards. It is evident that Aima is the mature one in the relationship. I am looking forward to how things turn out once Hammad and Ayza start communicating, I can foresee Ayza dictating everything to Hammad.

I must mention something here that was initially observed by a fellow reviewer and I have to say that I muutotally agree with him. Has someone else noticed that there seems to be so much “khana peena” in our plays lately. Take these two episodes for instance, the second episode ended on the dinner table and the third one started with daadi asking Ayza for tea. Then we saw Ayza’s parents having tea. Later Rafia, Asghari and her son were having tea and fruits. Hashim and Aima had their conversation over a cup of tea. Half of the time is either spent in the kitchen making food and the other half consuming it. And I must say that this whole “khana peena” affair has been taken to a whole new level in Zindagi Gulzar Hai from the ever-present biscuits on Sir Ibrar’s table, to the biryanis that Zaroon’s family devour and the cereals and fruits that Zaroon and family snack on! Don’t the artists get lunch or snack breaks or they have to consume the food they need to during the shoots? Silly question I know but all the food in some of the plays is actually proving to be slightly distracting and unnecessary too. Am I the only one who feels this way? Do share you thoughts about all the ‘khana peena” in our plays and all the munching on fruits, rice, snacks and especially tea we see in our dramas!

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • lol so u noticed it atlast;) u know what its not a special quality of all the plays , its just Umera Ahmed's plays:). I first noticed it in daam(it was the first play by Umera that I watched ) n then the ghost, uran., Meri Zat.. , Queid e Tanhai etc all were almost same in this respect. I dont know, may be Umera write in in the script or what, may be she feels it more natural for a home enviornment. think of any of her play,its same in all:) personally I have no problem with it, rather its a tool to convey people's relation and attitude.I find it more natural and real:)

    • Mrs. Asim actually the fellow reviewer who mentioned it to begin with did say that it was especially true for Umera Ahmed plays lol So he will be pleased to read your comment:) you know in Maat also, Saman was always eating; mom would cut the veggies and Saman would munch on them. You are right eating is part of our daily routine of course but i do feel they have taken it to a whole new level now, as if people must have a conversation over lunch/dinner or tea only!

      • but Fatima I think it is the situation really. dont we really meet other family members mostly on dining table? dont we often stay to talk while we went to give just a cup of tea to mum or brother? otherwise we r busy here n there.u c Umera is a keen observer n she couldnt help noticing this reality. I think she started it in her plays n others adapted it;), I noticed this thing too. o yes maat:) my 2 sis had this habbit of munching raw vegi while mum is cutting it:) its natural;)

        • i agree to mrs asim as we usually have all the family togthr on the lunch/dinner table n in zindagi gulzar hay also the family of zaroon is particularly shown ppl bzy wid their wrlds n all so they all sit togethr fo sum very short tym n discuss issues like da dress controversy also when zaroon agreed to his fathr and i think thats how the situation or the scene looks more casual n real otherwise i guess it wud be more lyk delivering the dialogues by just staring at each others faces!

        • of course people eat all the time, I am not questioning that. it just seems to be getting repetitive now, like coffee and doughnuts in American sitcoms and series.

  • whats wrong portraying things naturally, aren't in all the middle class/and all normal household, some one or another wants to have tea . I think you are noticing more then u should.

  • I think it also portrays our society these days. Everybody talks about food all the time. There are channels dedicated to it and on top of it eating out is part of every day life. I guess these days you can say that please eat to live not live to eat. Which is very true for Pakistani culture people are living to eat.

    • Absolutely agree with you Aysha but you know people who eat so much get overweight too lol The food outlets are always jam packed here, it really is like an obsession, food after all is an addiction too you know just like any other fun activity

  • Yes, please stop eating so much yaar. The average Pakistani is not as rich and spoiled with so much food. It also distracts from the story.

      • i would kind of disagree with this! if they r showing someone rich, either they would have biryani for lunch (the menu never changes) or if they r having breakfast(i m talkig abt the very rich ones again) they will just put a whole bread out as if they r going to eat all of it and then a jug of orange juice(the look of the juice is very much of the squash or as if they have just added some orange color in water):P

      • The only time I drink tea is with breakfast, not after it any time. It is hard to control the urge, looking at these tea drinking characters :P

  • I enjoyed reading your review Fatima & especially what you said about Aiza was exactly what I was thinking. I really don't find anything interesting in her character & I am kind of getting irritated by her Daadi. I mean which mother is unaware of the financial condition of her son or sons that she is coming up with new demands everyday that are out of their reach & may be not out of reach but are unnecessary? I myself don't follow that what did Hammad's mother see in Aiza that she is over-praising her? She is rude which can be seen clearly whereas Aima who is actually nice & has a proper upbringing is being ignored. I found it kind of weird that Asghari said to her bahu that she is not in a favour of getting their boys married to two sisters whereas they have lived in the same town so they must be knowing a lot more about Aima than Aiza, so when it comes to Aiza why are they keeping her in such a low profile? May be they are saving the good for the last because obviously they at first may not agree to the wedding of Aima & Hashim but in the end Aima will prove herself & fulfil everyone's expectations. For now, I am kind of irritated to see Daadi & Aiza, plus what's with the eye-rolling & glances of Aiza whenever her mother suggests her something? I know she is attached to her Daadi a lot but I guess no one would degrade their mother to such an extent that even a simple request of hers seem intolerable? I guess they should fix it because it's coming out as unnatural. They are really over-doing the Aiza tareef scene (more to be seen in episodes ahead) even after they are getting to know more about her standards & their demands?!?!

    As far as food thing is concerned I guess after reading your review it crossed my mind because I never once noticed it. It really does not matter what the screenplay is offering because we mostly depend on the dialogues & the acting. & whereas Zindagi Gulzar Hai is concerned, Zaroon's family is always shown at the dinner table because that's the only time they get to spend with each other & Sir Abrar always has something to offer because that's how our deans are, they always have to entertain a few guests every now & then that's why. Plus, I feel it's really not an issue which needs to be discussed because it's something pretty normal.

      • Absolutely Ina, I find it kind of unreal the way she reacts at even a teensy bit of an advice her mother gives out of good will & Daadi's attitude towards Aima is degrading as well. I know she has more feelings for Aiza than Aima but she shouldn't be looking down on Aima just because her mother did the upbringing, she should treat them both equally because we have seen a lot of scenes where whenever she wants to suggest something below the mark or something petty she says it suits Aima better!

    • come on Zahra if u can accept Anum from KAK then how could u say this for Aiza, her behaviour is more convincing than Anum's atleast(may be coz I have seen such young ladies:). n believe me such mothers r also present out there. yes tareef scenes r too much now but I guess they meant to have a contrasting effect for coming episodes.

      • Oh good to see your reply Mrs. Asim. Well, who says I have accepted Anam's character in Kahi Unkahi? She is the most detestable character I find in the whole drama & I find Aiza way much better than her because she is not scheming or plotting but is just spoiled & has a few standards built on the money her Taya sends. May be she will do the scheming etc when she gets married & goes to live in the joint family but over all her character is better than Anam's of course.

        & yes definitely as the story will unfold, we will see much more of the true natures of the characters but I am kind of enjoying the show. :)

  • I actually like getting distracted by food. I am always interested to know what their eating and I always get hungry watching them. I am now craving biryani after you mentioned it in your review. Mmm!

    Is this drama worth watching? The promos were so dull that I didn't even bother giving the drama a try. The fact that it is aired 4 times a week is a bummer too!

    • There always showing people drinking chai ALL the time–like 10 times a day!
      Does this really happen in Paki?
      I'm very curious cuz I live in the U.S.
      Somebody please tell me! Don't people get tired of all the tea/caffeine/milk?

      • Curio I have seen people drink excessive coffee and eating doughnuts like crazy in American sitcoms and series too. Some people drink a lot of tea here and others don't, you can't really generalize.

    • lol Nadia, I can totally relate to the biryani craving;) You know rice and crisps are so fattening and all these stars are so slim and trim, i just feel like they are fooling us lol. FK usually eats healthy food like apples, cereals etc and that is actually inspiring. I really wanted cereal right away when i watched FK having it in ZGH!
      Nadia the drama is quite average, I was expecting something much more engaging. some of the conversation sare painfully wrong and until now it has nothing new to offer. it airs twice a week, Wednesday and Thursday.

  • This play is very boring . I don't know why GEO TV has dramatized so much repeated story. Akbari Askhari is not deleted from veiwer's memory yet and that play was much better than this one.

    • ibad Rao I agree with you it isn't engaging enough at the moment, lets see what the future episodes have to offer.

      • true..ZGJ and Murat…both have been disappointing so faar..Umera jee what happened? agree or not..Kahi Un Kahi and Fatima Gul on Urdu 1 are far better than these much hyped and long awaited serials. Reason??? there are much happenings and strong chemistry between the characters. My personal choice is Kahi Un Kahi and Fatime Gul in this season. I was not expecting such THANDA response from Umera Jee's plays. any how I am still big fan of her. waiting for more…..

  • Beautiful review as usual ………..as far as tea or khana peena is concerned i think it actually happens in our homes in pakistan where women

  • beautiful review as usual , as far as tea o khana peena is concerned it actually happens in ou homes in pak , mostly women do do job and spend most of time in kitchen and then every person from family sit togather for having dinner where allimportant discussions occur , if not on dinning table then while having tea . when i was in pak i really used to see it and i loved it , and then also all day some guests coming some leaving so khana peena tu obv………….evven on weekends whole day chai ka dour or fruits or snacks.

    • Uzma maybe our house is the odd one out lol. Yes when guests are visiting there surely is a lot of khana peena, you know when i watch these plays i feel like we just don't eat enough! Thank you so much for taking time out and reading the review, i really appreciate it . I hope you will continue following the reviews and commenting:)

  • agree!!!
    even in NA KAHO TUM MERE NAHI me b start ki epis m har do mint me cofee pitay ve dkhne, tension thi ik

  • "khana peena" is nt an issue…….coz maybe the drama team, cannt thnk of any other option for gathering the family , siblings or the couples together……so they chose this food to show how one character z coming across the other…

  • My favourite character in the drama is Momal Sheikh playing the sister. She's awesome. Mehwish is just not so engaging and between her and Ahsan Khan I feel she is too mature to be with him, more like his mother than anything :S Mikaal is good in his role too and i actually like the youngest brother. Amina Sheikh is doing good acting but as you mentioned, I just wish she had a slight good side to her you know, so she can be more real and slightly easier to like because I don't want to see all evil in her.

    • Zaina ( what a pretty name:) absolutely agree with you, Momal Sheikh's acting seems to be improving by leaps and bounds. I did not like her acting in Aiteraaf at all but really like her as Hamnah. I feel for the little brother, no one pays attention to him. The actor playing Zain is Syed Afraz Rasool and yes he is doing a good job too. Thank you so much for reading the review and sharing how you feel about the characters and actors:)

      • Hey nice to get a reply! Thanks for the compliment too :)

        Thanks btw for telling me the actor's name, I'm definitely going to be commenting on your reviews more often! Especially since so many of your views coincide with mine and I'm sure many other people watching. I always read your reviews first before actually watching the episode…I know that's cheating..but oh well…it's more fun this way, gives me a chance to watch for the details you point out. Keep it up Fatima!

        • lol @ cheating, I try and keep the details short so hopefully reading the review before watching the play does not spoil the fun for you:) I will look forward to seeing you more often here, don't be a stranger now:)

  • Great review Fatima . and as usual perfect analysis. I laughed out loud over the KHana Peena refernce but it is very true. I guess if it is going to be based on the novel this is how it will turn out very simplistic ,with little innovation. Challo some people like that but it is a shame becuase the actors and actresses are doing their best. Ahasan was my favourite closly followed by Mikaal. . I think Ayza should just be greatful she got Mikaal oops I mean Hammad that should be reward enough ;)

  • good point pr shaed ye kitchn me dikhana zara ghar ka typical mahol dikhane k lye krte hen kuch is drame ki story bh ese hy .wese drama bht awesome hy.wese hamari actresses mostly simple roles me zeada ache lagte hen fazul dressing se to hazar drjy behtr ye shlwar kameez me lagti hen.mehwish or ahsan khan very nice couple

  • wese baki dramas me is bat pr objection kia ha skta hy pr is me ye sb acha lgra hy mtlb situation e ese hy

  • yeah ur right and i have read in the newspaper that aiza and hammad after getting married they both live in the new house nd afterwards hammad will stop paying money to his parents and all the responsibility will hashim gets from his bro

  • fatima dear i think only a few dramas are on your watch list,i think
    bari aapa is doing fairly well too!!!

    • Absolutely agree with you anonymous and i simply love Samira Fazal the writer. I am reviewing Bari Apa for dramapakistani therefore cannot review it here:) it is one of my favorite plays.

  • Fatima, I agree with you100%, all this Khana, peena and comfort food. Aima is the only sensible girl, but it is hard to understand, why she likes Hashim, who is a loser, demanding a car & planning to live on his wife's salary after marriage. It is his personality he would never change. The MESSAGE in this story is that these ungrateful and thankless daughters are hurting their Parents, being selfish and mean just to show off their wedding ceremony

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