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Silvatein Episode 01 – Great Start



So here’s another story about two sisters Zeb & Natasha. After seeing so many dramas based on the sister rivalry, when the first scene started I was like ohkay here we have another one of that kind. But amazingly that whole thing changed as the episode progressed.

Zeb is an extrovert, 29 y/o unmarried working girl who is the favourite one of all & Natasha is kind of introvert & reserved. Two sisters are definitely different. Coming from a house full of sisters I could so much relate to their relation. Sisters, at one moment are best buddies sharing secrets & at the very next moment are in the competition, with one another. All the leg-pulling, light hearted sarcasm that those two shared seemed so much in place & perfect. That is how this relation in particular can be described. I am actually amazed at how easily & realistically they showed the relation of the sisters. I am glad finally we don’t have another drama based on the unrealistic story where one sister is the victim & the other one is a husband-grabber. This drama definitely came as a fresh air where two sisters have their own characters, a unique sort of a relation & are totally appeasing to see.

The first episode seemed promising & had a tint of humour to it too. They have a very peaceful family with two daughters & the real game begins when the Pupho has arrived & is planning to stay with them for good. Zeb’s regret for being extra sweet was worth a laugh. Pupho seems like a person with a dominating nature. She is obviously someone who’s hard to please & is looking for nitpicking especially where her brother’s wife is involved. Zeb’s father seemed like a calm person who has the stamina to ignore his sister’s dominance or may be he doesn’t even notice. The conversation which the couple exchanged in regards to Pupho was so nicely done, where the wife is complaining & the husband is unable to see how she was being taunted by his sister.

All the table talks looked so simple yet real that I couldn’t stop wondering how nicely they have portrayed the truth. ‘Gosht accha hai but lehssan k jalne ki halki si smell hai’. This line described so many of such relatives that each one of us come across. There are a few relatives & at times the immediate ones who are displeased with almost anything which one does & all the frustration comes out at the dinning table where they really can not ignore even the non-existent mistake. The bhabhi-nand relation is shown perfectly where one woman always has a few issues of her own with the other. Where one really can not comment but is suffering within herself. I am sure as the story will progress, we’ll have a lot more see & discuss.

Natasha is obviously involved with a guy & is cut off from the rest of the world. She has a support of her mother but no one else actually connects with her. Zeb on the other hand knows how to be loved & how to give love. I find Zeb’s character absolutely interesting. So far, I have no issues with anything which has been portrayed. Till now it looks totally realistic & relate-able & I thoroughly enjoyed the whole episode. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the next episode. I hope this writing of Samira Fazal leaves a mark on the viewers too.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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