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Silvatein Episode 08 – Get Ready For More Confusions!



Once again many aspects were covered in the drama & a lot more progress was shown in the relations but on the other hand a whole new lot of confusions have built up again. I did enjoy Zeb’s scenes the most but on I still do wonder why the drama is named ‘Silvatein’? I guess a better title would’ve been ‘Uljhanain’ based on how much confusions are surrounding each & every character.

Before saying anything I must confess that I missed Pupho a lot, she was someone who brought spark to the drama & had a very interesting influence on the whole family but now when she is out of the picture, their family seems incomplete with no much fun. She single handedly bought so much flare to the serial that I wish we do get to see more of her & hear her opinion about Zeb & her life.

Mikaal & Zeb have a very very unique sort of a relation but Zeb was oblivious of Mikaal’s feelings, that’s why she considered him as her best friend & someone to lean on emotionally. His proposal has not changed anything for Zeb because she is a clear-headed person who knows what she wants out of what & who carries what importance in her life. She is ready to get married but does not see Mikaal, her best friend, as her life partner because it does get odd at times. Some relations are better as friendships but to go a step ahead does spoil the charm that they carry.

In today’s episode, it was good to see how Natasha has started to build up her relation with her husband & how candid they have gotten with each other  she is not holding back in sharing anything & that’s exactly the sort of a relationship a husband & wife should share. Natasha is even too vocal about her MIL & SIL in front of her husband & Bilal is understanding her point of view, which makes him a perfect guy. Natasha, however, did mention that she hated seeing Munize spending time with Zeb & she even mentioned that first she had to put up with Zeb but now there’re two ladies of that sort. It clearly shows that Natasha is a shallow person & can not tolerate anyone else who grabs the attention be it positively or negatively but she just can not tolerate not being in the limelight forever & does not want to understand any strong personality, however, she should consider that her husband matters the most, if he is willing to give her an undivided attention than she should not put too much brains into other petty or nominal things. She needs to cope up with things a bit more wisely & should go with the flow.

I must say that at one point in the whole episode I felt Natasha was such a ‘wanna be’. When she heard her parents talk that Zeb’s criteria of getting married did not involve materialism, she got shocked & then tried to convince herself & confessed in front of Bilal too that nothing will spoil their relationship especially money. Whereas, in the beginning of the drama, it was clearly shown that she wanted a well-settled guy with a sound financial background to get married to because she thought this was Zeb’s criteria too, example can be taken from her conversation with Yawar where she mentioned furiously that Zeb has gotten such a good proposal of Bilal based on how he was settled in USA with a good job etc & how she convinced Yawar on getting a job abroad too. It really shows that she wants to adopt things from Zeb but does not want to admit that ever, in front of anyone else or even herself. It’s a universal fact that your Parents & than your elder siblings are your very first, in fact life long institutions where you always get to learn one thing or the other. So, Natasha should gracefully accept this fact that Zeb is great at certain things & her approach towards life is better than hers & even if she adopts something from her or takes an inspiration, she should whole-heartedly give Zeb her due credit for it. Even Zeb talked her out of ending her marriage with Bilal & that very moment she agreed & went back with him, shows she really does follow what Zeb says but is too egoistic to give any acknowledgement to Zeb for playing such a pivotal role in her life.

Another mean move of Natasha was when Munize put forward her opinion about the guys she knew in USA for Zeb as marriage prospects, Natasha tried to convince that Zeb is much happier in Pakistan. She does claim that she doesn’t care about Zeb or anything but it looks like her day starts off with Zeb & ends at thinking about her too & on the other hand, Zeb is least bothered about anything Natasha says or does because she has a lot more going on in her life.

In the last episode, when Mikaal mentioned to Zeb that Rehan is having a trouble in his married life, I was like why did he say such a thing & what could’ve been a continuing link of such a claim but it got clarified in today’s episode. It had to be used to create a havoc & burst Natasha’s paranoia bubble too. LOL! I loved how Zeb smilingly handled Natasha’s insulting rant that too in front of Mikaal but she just used one-liner to bring her to the other tangent which she desired. Zeb, easily said such a thing without even thinking for a second but Natasha blew everything out of proportion. I must say that such type of girls do face a lot of difficulties because it’s not always a good idea to just blabber every single detail in front of the in-laws without even thinking. She did not even re-confirm it from Zeb but just in such a heated moment she took what Zeb said way too seriously & created a whole new issue out of it. Natasha even assumed that Munize must’ve said such a thing to Zeb & it was funny to see Munize’s frowning face. Now, I am sure Munize’s attitude will change towards both, Natasha & Zeb & she will stop comparing the two.

Viewers might think differently about Zeb or may think that she is cunning but if one really wants to understand her character, it’s the best to judge her on how she treats Dilawar & his family. Even after, two life-threatening attempts, she is dedicated & has a conviction of doing good for that family. She deal with them softly, at times violently, but deep down she cares for them the most. & that’s what her character is & if we compare her younger sister to her, she is completely conceited, different & loves to think about herself ONLY.

I’ll wrap up by saying that I really do wish to fast forward & see what solution or conclusion was deduced out of this new confusion & how each & every person reacted. I am really enjoying this drama because it is realistic & no doubt it truly shows how easily just in a spur of a moment such huge things can arise & a little lack to wisdom puts you in such awkward positions. Everyone has done a great job, the direction is superb & the actors are effortlessly portraying the reality through their characters. I am glad this drama has a lot more to offer & I can’t wait to see more of it.

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