Silvatein Episode 09 – Review!

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode as it has progressed a lot. The pace of the show seems spot on & each & every episode is promising something new with a little more interesting revelations which are definitely helping me getting hooked to this drama.

In today’s episodes, I actually found a few conversations beyond perfect & felt they had been written by heart. The first one undoubtedly has to be Munize-Mother conversation than that of Zeb-Mother’s & also Mikaal-Zeb conversation as well. I also liked how bluntly Munize confronted Zeb & the heated discussion of Bilal & Rayaan was done beautifully too.

I loved how Munize was actually for a second taking a back-seat & was running away from the mess she thought was created using her name but the way her mother without even listening to her side of the story, helped her with her wisdom that too subliminally was a high point for me in this whole episode. Finally, there was a time when we all got to see that Munize wants & needs to depend on someone too, no matter how dominant she might be or think of herself as an authority, she still has a few weaknesses when it comes to handling a situation.

It was good on her part to talk face to face with Zeb about the whole issue but she did not even listen to what Zeb had to say. Well, at that point Zeb, herself had nothing much to comment on because she knew she spurred a lie in front of Natasha which came out of a thin air due to Mikaal & her conversation, but a little did she know that how quickly it would materialize & will confront her as a reality.

Mikaal was right that Zeb should actually apologize to Natasha & her whole family but then again I do understand Zeb when she mentioned that she had no grounds to begin her apology with. She would actually sound like a dumb-headed person if she went over to Natasha’s place & blabbered about how Mikaal made a wildest guess about Rayaan’s situation. It was funny to see Zeb stir some fun in such a tensed moment too when she compliments Mikaal on how impressive he was with his assumption. I absolutely love their friendship & how they both compliment each other as friends, Mikaal is a true gentleman, who knows all the shortcomings of Zeb but is still madly in love with her.

Natasha seemed over the moon & was fluttering like a butterfly in the whole house because now she knows there isn’t even a single person in her in-laws who likes Zeb. She was insecure with Zeb’s friendship with Munize but now she knows it has gone down the drain too. That’s why she was all smiles because she knew that the ball is in her court & she has succeeded in taking over the Zeb fever that a few family members of her had. I loved seeing Zeb trying to act like nothing happened & she was not at fault rather she just presented her opinion about Rayan at what a failure he was.

To see Bilal in an awkward position was a sight, he did not know what actually happened but still was trying to undo his brother’s rage. The funniest was, Rayan also passed some analytical critique about Zeb but I am sure they both will grow over it & will definitely fall for each other. I am kind of glad that his non-existent wife Mahjabeen is already subsiding. One thing that struck me was Munize’s comment that Bilal quoted that she thinks we rejected Zeb that’s why she is trying to get her revenge. At that point, I was like URGH! She is one assumption queen. She has spent time with Zeb & that’s the last comment she should pass about her because Zeb is not that childish & she has stated over & over again that she is perfectly fine with the marriage of Natasha & Bilal.

Over all, the whole episode was totally interesting & I felt it should not end & just go on & on & on except the Dilawar case of course, because those few scenes were seem to be dragged with Zeb’s repetitive dialogues about Dilawar & his family’s mental state. A few dialogues no doubt shed a light on the reality beautifully but I hope this thing gets over ASAP. Can’t wait for the next episode as I am enjoying this one a lot more now.

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