Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 19 – Love Is In The Air!!

Wow!! This latest installment left me spell bound and I am at a loss for words. Let me start by confessing that I have been extremely stingy till now when it came to appreciating Fawad Khan’s power packed performance as Zaroon which left me awe stricken week after week. Fawad Khan truly is very gifted and he has completely nailed his character in this serial. He is a powerhouse of talent; surely someone who is the king of expressions and does not falter even for a minute. Scenes that would appear strictly okay on paper are turned into moments we fall in love with solely because of Fawad’s brilliant performances. Armed with the perfect combination of looks and talent, this gentleman will surely go a very long way. A special thank you to him for putting his best in all of his performances.

do you love meLove is in the air and whether Kashaf says it out loud or not the fact is that she is indeed head over heels in love with Zaroon. Kashaf’s insecurities and fears do not allow her to admit freely even to herself that she is in love with the man she despised once. Today’s episode had a lot of aww-going moments and some scenes really made me wonder what was in store for Zaroon and Kashaf next. There is absolutely no denying the fact that Zaroon Junaid will do everything in his power to change Kashaf from the unromantic person she is at least on the surface to someone who shows her feelings more openly. There were severalepisode 19 times in today’s episode when Zaroon told Kashaf what he expected from her. He wanted her to call him when he was on his way home to ask if he was okay and told her just that later on when they talked but Kashaf was still apprehensive when she went to open the door for him later and finally decided not to do it. Zaroon rightly thought that no one had been waiting for him “Mujhe koi asaar nazar nahi aa rahe” but he did not hold his feelings back and messaged Kashaf right away and both of them had the sweetest conversation. Zaroon Junaid is not afraid of telling Kashaf over and over again that he loves her and I am waiting for the time when Kashaf will finally learn to trust him because according to Kashaf “Shohar bun ker murd ziada naqabal-e-itebaar hote hei”…one can’t blame her for thinking this way given her circumstances. Zaroon, like a man madly in love waits for Kashaf to say those three words to him. Kashaf has gone from being “churail Murtaza” in Zaroon’s life to his “wife” and Zaroon has gone from being “leechar” to Kashaf’s “husband” and what a beautiful journey it has been!!

What Kashaf said to her mother about her being a working woman and how she will not be able to look after or care for Zaroon the way a housewife can was very alarming indeed. Will this attitude/thinking of Kashaf create problems between the two in the future? I could not help but wonder. The rose that Zaroon gives Kashaf reminds her of all the flowers he must have given the girls in the past, so Kashaf is still far from forgetting the past but despite of it all Zaroon has managed to make a very special place in her heart.

episodee 19

In the last episode Zaroon was complaining that they don’t talk enough but today we saw Kashaf and Zaroon talking about everything, from their past to present and even Asmara. The most interesting conversation had to be about Zaroon being a chauvinist and the reason why the engagement with Asmara ended. The way Kashaf explained to Zaroon what she expected from a marriage and the manner in which Zaroon told her that he didn’t want to take a backseat in any way, made for a very interesting conversation and what was more interesting was that Kashaf ended it by saying “ is topic ke bare mein hum dubara baat kare gay”. I would be looking forward to that particular conversation for sure!


Sanam Saeed matched Fawad Khan every step of the way today. Her expressions when Zaroon asks her if she loved her were spot on in particular. This had to be one of my favorite episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai till now; every scene was wonderfully executed and the credit for that surely goes to Sultana Siddiqui. Umera Ahmed’s dialogues were superb like always and I am sure we will be quoting a lot of them all week long. The next episode seems to be about Zaroon spending a night at Kashaf’s house…wish guaranteed?? But is it really what he had expected? We will find out only next week but the precap suggests most certainly not. It seems like Zaroon is in for a reality check in the next episode. Really looking forward to it.


Some of my favorite dialogues/scenes from today’s episode ,

“Fikar kurni chahyeh use meri, accident ho sakta hai mera. Koi pata thori hota hai aaj kul”

 “Agar khawahish kur rahi ho tu mei kur sukta hun tumhare saath flirt

Tum ne aik dafa koshish tu kur li hai, Kia kamyab huvey? “

 “Khidmat aur khayal ka totka tu hamesha kaam ata hai, har zamane mein”

 “Mujhe nahi pata tha ke tum is qadar sust admi ho sakte ho”

 Kashaf’s biggest misconceptions,

“Apni zindagi mei anay wali hur achi cheez se dur lagta hai, mujhe lagta hai who aise hi khatam ho jai gi”

 “Zaroon ko mere khyaal ki zarurat nahi hai, waise bhi us ka khayal rukhne wale buhat se log hei”

 Do share your favorite dialogues and scenes from this latest installment.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • zabardast reiew ap ka review drama ko or intresting bana deta ha review ke tarha aj ka drama bhi superb tha seriously maza a gaya muahhhh
    i m in love with that drama

    • alita aur aap sub ke comments make my day too:) Sometimes I wonder how Friday nights would be without ZGH;) Thanks a ton for reading the reviews and for commenting.

      • Friday. Night without Zindagi gulzar hai is just like cake. Without sugar. :-) agree

  • Where that part has gone when Kashaf writes a note in the diary having Zarun is becoming my habits and I'm afraid if he leaves me…. I couldnot find that part

  • Hi Fatima, how are you? I think I am the first one comment on your review! I have been waiting this episode the whole evening and just finished watching it. I so much agree with what you have said about FK. He indeed is tool good and every expression of his beyond words specially when he is looking at KM. the problem is that you describe and pen down your feelings/review about the play so we'll that nobody else can add anything to it. Thanks!

    • Hi Renu, I am good, how have you been? It is so good to talk to all of you on this thread every Saturday morning…what a wonderful start to the day:) You guys add so many wonderful things and this thread won’t be the same without all of you. Totally agree with you about FK, he is absolutely flawless.

      • Hi there! Am watching dil e Muztar . Can you please me the meaning of the name? Thanks

          • Thanks Fatima. I hope you don't mind if trouble you yet again as my Urdu is not that good.

          • Anytime Renu, feel free to ask anything you want to, I will be more than happy to help:)

          • Thanks Fatima ! Ek Baat bolon- when I didnt get your reply I thought coz I am from acrosss the border , you may not like to be disturbed by me. Urdu is such a sweet language that it adds essence to the play. Am trying to pick the language! Thanks again.

          • Don't be silly, Roh is from across the border too and she is one of my best friends now:) It makes us so happy that you people watch our plays and like them and we are all friends here…race, religion and nationality makes absolutely no difference.

          • Renu, glad you are asking to your hearts content. There are the nicest people here, and everyone is just there to make you feel comfortable.

          • Yes Roh you are right. When I read the comments here, they all come out as very affectionate and friendly people. Wish could meet them and share our thoughts and feelings in person.

          • Fatima Walaikum assalam ! Thanks a lot for accepting mr as your friend. Where human feelings and emotions are concerned there is no place for religion etc. when I watch the plays I can so much identify with the situations ex.the water crises at KM's house lol. And also when I go thru the comments here and read about the power cuts etc. It is so much like here!
            Another thing I would like to mention is here about the acting of Samina Peerzada. She is too good. I was comparing her acting in this play with her role in meri zaat Zara…….. Watching her there I was thinking that mothers being possessive about their is sons is so much universal. Yahan bhi aisa hota hai.same dialogues lol!

  • You’ve hit bullseye with you review, Fatima! An outstanding episode, and your review matched that perfectly, and both have left me fumbling for words!
    I was awaiting this episode all day, wearing my shades with hearts and stars all over my eyes! Wasn’t sure I’d be able to grasp anything. I think I did, but lost all my words somewhere. So here is my gush in a rush!
    Not a moment went unnoticed. The little gestures and worries of constantly thinking what the other one is thinking. It is expected from Kashaf, but our man Zaroon, has probably fallen in love for the 1st time, and he is a bit unsure as well.
    Loved the new age romance on SMS. It was so cute! I loved the way they were sending messages to each other in front of everyone, and then stealing glances at the dinner table. Zaroon refused the 2nd helping from Kashaf, and it seemed like a protest for her not replying to his sms question! Too cute.
    Really! So many awwwww moments. Which also reminded me of a joke I read recently on the net. Jo aww nahi karti, who aurat nahin!
    I liked the way references were made to the library scene, and Asmara. Seems like her attitude might just be one of the issues that will become bigger later.
    Kashaf’s justifications to her mother for not being able to do much for her husband sent off reminder bells in my head. Ghazala attitude?
    I also didn’t miss Ghazala’s look when she commented about how impressed Zaroon is with his MIL. Loved the way he said “kuch nahin hoga. Good night“. I just hope she is not going to add to the troubles.
    I was really happy to read about what you wrote about Fawad Khan. I have no words to describe his talent. He is absolutely tremendously gifted and it is only a treat to watch him. Every single time. While Sanam was also fantastic, and undoubtedly both of them made all the scenes so wonderful to watch.
    A whole lot of scenes from the OST were taken care of. Not sure if I missed the dialogue from the last preview about Zaroon becoming an aadat for Kashaf in this episode. Did I miss it? Or did it not take place at all?
    Aw’s apart, this was a total heart stealer. Took the last episode ahead really nicely, and seems like the next one is also falling in place.

    • Wow Roh, I'm a silent follower of your commnts & you surprise me always! :) It's like you say it all what I feel about every episode! :)

      • That is very sweet of you hamnah. I'm a big fan of Fatima's words and thoughts. She is so quick with her outstanding reviews, that it is the best place to come and pour one's heart out. :)

      • hamnah the ZGH experience isn't the same for me without discussing it in detail with my friend Roh…love her observation and writing skills.

    • Kashaf ko zaroon ki aadat ho gai hai wala dialogue ghaib tha. probably and editing mistake. hopefully next week main dekhain!

    • @Roh, your comment is also very well written, enjoyed reading it..:) and i agree to everything you said. :) good work..:)

      • thank you. I loved to read your opinions as well. It really makes the discussions so much more fun, and in turn the drama even more interesting. :)

        • my pleasure and you're absolutely right, these discussions actually add more colors to the love of this drama..:) thank you

    • Roh, probably you should write up reviews as well.
      As you are a keen observer who has a very good sense of writing :)

    • And yes, The aadat scene has not happened yet.
      The aww joke reminded me of the ufone ad, where husband and wife fight with each other over SMS. In k pas b koi free packages hony hain sms k :p

    • wow your review is also very good n u have good abservation i think u should continue like this keep it n fawad khan ki tu kia hi baat ha. awwwww it was really a total heart stealer

    • lol yes Roh the "kuch nahi ho ga" dialogues was delivered brilliantly.. that is FK for you, he makes every dialogue memorable. You are right, the adat dialogue was missing from this episode and I am guessing that it will be there in the next one….it happens a little too often now. Love your comments and as you can see I am not your only fan here;) Keep commenting.

        • It's our job !!! They work very hard for people like us …we are just doing justice to them …ha ha … They all are very intelligent and articulate girls .. rather then MAN SULKING go to WWF , IPL, PREMIER LEAGUE or what ever you guys do ! Don't mind please just a friendly DRONE FIRE :)

    • I have a question, how far is Nazimabad from defense, it took whole day for Zaroon to reach home, or he went to drop her in some place in sind where she is working, I think that was the blunder of the writer and director because the house shown was the one where they move in Karachi. Moreover making fun of Nimaz that he has read only 3rd time after each Eid, is no joke. I was waiting for a good reply from Kashaf but she also just ignored it. Where are we heading, we are just liking the actings etc, etc.

      • There must be a Nazimabad in Hyderabad too ,,, ha ha ha… My Ammi,s house in North Naziamabad and sasural in phase 6 …max 45 minutes we get there in medium traffic and night time 35 … Regarding namaz issue , wait for a while Umera Ahmed has her own way of dealing with this and she is pretty good in portraying the spiritual side of human being which is naturally there it's just that we tend to forget ….

    • Hi Roh am from india. Am addicted to your plays. Besides loving this play am watching dil e Muztar . Can you please tell me the meaning please ? Thanks.

    • excellant…yup ghAZALA is alarming…i was also discussing with my bro…there must be black in Daal… mother attituude is more than sweet with Kashaf,,, lets c..ing

  • yeah Fatima reaaly very nice review once again,right on spot n honestly speaking i always wait for ur review.i totally agreed about fawad khan brilliant actor his expressions,dialogue delivery everything is so right n no doubt sanam saeed is also very good.cant wait for next episode

    • nuzi and I always wait to hear from all of you:) The discussion here makes the ZGH experience more wholesome. Yes Sanam Saeed has been doing a brilliant job too and I want time to fly so that we can watch the next episode soon. I have a feeling that the problems between Zaroon and Kashaf may start surfacing from the next episode, lets see.

  • I think that the conflict that is going to come between them is Asmara. She is going to come crawling back. She's going to try and make her way between them. This is what Mehreen Raheal's character ALWAYS does when she is in a show with Fawad. But like always she won't succeed.

    • in novel there is one conflict which is due to proposal of cousin to kashaf who later married kashaf's sister, and zaroon suspects that kashaf was involved earlier with her cousin now brother in law. that part of novel is not shown in the drama, so in drama perhaps that part will be played by osama, zaroon will come to know about osama proposal to kashaf and then he will fall in suspicion over the relationship of osama and kashaf.

    • In the novel, Zaroon seems to be offensive with Azhar (Kashaf's behnoi) but as there is no azhar in the serial, the reason of conflict will be Osama for sure.

    • lol Kiran, I think Asmara is gone for good. I think kashaf's job and her not being able to give Zaroon the attention he wants will create problems…that of course is just a guess.

  • I'm just in love with this drama :) literally counted the days & today joy was in the air for me, YEAH it never disappoints! It's so wonderful to see the understanding which is being developed slowly, The small gestures, the silences, the glances & the text messages all contribute to an excellent package! Coming to your review, Fatima, honestly speaking I didn't enjoy your last week's review much but today you made it for me, the excitement, the expressions, the messaging, the alarming scenes, you conveyed it all! loving you for it! <3 :)

    • hamnah I am so glad that this review was up to the mark and you liked it. Yes everything was perfect…such sweet romance, it couldn’t have been shown in a better way. Do you think there maybe problems between them starting from the next episode? I think we deserve another episode like this one before the problems start.

      • I liked it very much! & it's strange that I normally hate romance but this was so cute, I'm loving the light hearted approach of Umera! Yes, the problems may start & may be they should because if they don't, the story may seem dragging for many (of course not for me ;) I'm in love with this unique romance)

  • I thought Zaroon ka she is my center of gravity, main na chahtay hue bhi har waqt usay sochta houn. bara ajeeb taluq hai humara dialogue was misplaced. It sounded like something he would have said before marriage – this dialogue would be the one to make him realize he likes her or something. it was misplaced. nachahtay hua usay sochta houn, ajeeb taluq ka kiya matalb? kiya matlab? you are married now.

    • I think that he considers it "ajeeb" because they were the ones who hated each other extremely, now they are loving each other, it's strange but realistic!

  • mannay wali baat hay janab, ur review most of the time has got same tone, same intensity and same sweetness which is there in the episode, this particular review is straight from ur heart :) really enjoyed reading it, and yes it was like reading my own thoughts but of course ur review is more beautiful and expressive. episode was superb indeed, expressions perfect and dialogues amazing, I cant praise enough :).

    • Mrs. Asim kahan busy hoti hei? good to hear from you:) Thank you so much for your comment…i wait for your comments and it is always great to hear from you.

      • kya g mujhay kahan jana hay, m here. didnt u recive my mail? m worried now. m reading ur all reviews its just that sometime I just enjoy reading review and comments and there is nothing to say, love ur all reviews,telling u for once and all;)

  • @fatima…Amazing review by you…Well today;s episode was by far the best episode of ZGH…..The best dialogues where many but
    "Rishtay khidmaton say nahi bantay,compromise aur understanding say bantay hain.Aap k zamanay mai shayad khidmat ka totka kaam ata tha ab aisa nahi hota."
    "Aur baghair khidmat aur khayal k understanding paisa hojati hai? Khidmat aur khayal ka totka hamesha kaam ata hai.Her zamanay mai,her shakhs per,her waqt her kaam mai beta yeh khidmat tu kabhi raaigaan nahi jati."

    Amazing Amazing and all scenes were wonderfully picturized and presented ….I agree with you Fatima that Sanam matched Fawad in every scene but indeed Fawad was scene stealer specially in the last portion of the drama how beautifully he answered and explained sanam ….Wonderfull…….Amazing Act By Fawad…….

    Best drama of the season and Full marks to you Fatma by writing such a wonderfl review

    God bless you :)

    • Thank you so much Amir for following the reviews, for liking them and for the feedback. Really enjoyed today's episode and love the discussion here.

  • Fatima I just finished reading your review and I am awed every time how beautifully and simply you gather your thoughts in such short amount of time. I think after a long long time since Humsafar I looked forward to an episode of the drama. I guess this is sabar ka phal that is too sweet that I can’t stop smiling. Surprisingly for me the highlight of the episode has to be when Kashaf and Zaroon are trying their best to test each other by checking who will break down first and admit they were missing each other. The painful thinking expression on Zaroon’s face when he is driving back home and thinks “accident ho sakta hai mera, koi pata hot hai ajj kaal..kiya main usay phone kar loon.. nahi intezar karna chahiye… dekhta hoon kay miss karti hai kay nahi…” and on the other hand Kashaf is feeling pangs of “ahesasay juram” for not being able to stop Zaroon from leaving. I really like how Kashaf isn’t just ready to quickly say “I love you” back to Zaroon. Kashaf understands the enormity of what it means to say this phrase as she knows that she is still insecure, even though she feels the change in her and around her she knows these are very powerful words that shouldn’t be treated lightly – they come with promise and faith. And for Kashaf to understand and completely accept this form of love, she needs to completely build a very powerful trust and commitment with that person. Although she doesn’t minds Zaroon flirting with her…oh boy! :P

    And yes one’s words fall short in praising Fawad Khan… :)

    • and how she minds him talking to other girls now! You could see that look on her face in that phone conversation! :D

    • Misty thank you so much for the detailed comment. i liked the last scene the most, the conversation they had about Zaroon being a chauvinist and yes all the romantic bits were so dreamy, loved them. Totally agree with you it is good to see that kashaf wants to be very sure before she tells Z that she loves him…she wants to mean it whenever she says it and she is not sure yet.

  • in coming episodes perhaps zaroon will come to know about proposal of osama for kashf and then fall in suspect regarding kashf character.

  • EXcellent Review Fatima, and i agree to every bit of it!
    OMG! what an epic romantic episode it was, I must say Fawad Khan, why you so awesome and dashing? ♥ itna romance aik hee episode mein…:P outclass expressions from both Zaroon, & Kashaf too, worth watching episode!
    the telephonic conversation was amazingly done, abhi aa jaon leine and flirt wali discussion, natural acting, expressions and feelings… Leechar to Husband and Churail Murtaza to My Wife tak ka safar…♥ It was too cute Zaroon was expecting her to call, ussey fikar honi chahiye merii, accident hosakta hai, koi pata chalta hai aj kal, us ney ignore kiya hai mujhe..:P he was missing her already… and i wish in ke beech mein communication gap na aaye and they keep on doing these chotey chotey shikwey shikaayat to each other… Zaroon ki halaat pey tou sheir yaad aata hai "mohabbat kii tabiyat mein, yeh kaisa bachpanaa qudrat ne rakha hai ke jitni puraani jitni bhi mazboot ho jaaye, isey taaeed-e-taaza kii zaroorat phir bhi rehtii hai & mohabbat kii tabiyat mein ajab takraar kii Khuu hai, ke ye iqraar ke lafzoon ko sunne se naheen thaktii, bichharrney kii gharii ho, yaa koii milney kii sa'at ho
    ise bas ek hii dhun hai… kaho mujh se mohabbat hai?" ♥ ♥
    and on the other hand, Kashaf was like "aisa bhi ishq kiya jo khud se chupaaye phirtay hain, aisey bhi kuch sheirr ke jin ko likhtay likhtay reh jate hain" she is trying not to show her love to him because of fears, past incidences and all what has happened. waiting for the time when she will openly admit that she loves him…
    the disappointment on Zaroon's face was on the spot, uss ke baad messaging, chit chat, lunch time, everything was just so adorable, aankhon hee ankhon mein isharey… haha…can't stop smiling at this cuteness…♥ late night conversation…beautiful dialogues,
    then the most awaited cup of tea scene, :P can i have a sip too… haath nahin hil rahey hahahaha, aur phir chewing gum wala scene…:P koi nahin dekh raha khila dou, haha..Undoubtedly Fawad Khan is flawless, king of expressions…♥ asmara ke name pey kashaf ka burra man'na, sketch wala scene, powerful show of emotions and expressions… all in all, a best episode once again…♥

    • Wow what a comment Komal…I love the hearts in your comments;) yes the phone conversations were super, in fact all the conversations were really good. yes zaroon is being such a baby, wants so much attention from his wife but the wife does not understand what he wants yet.

      • Thank you so much, :) your reply made me smile… Yes, agreed and what we can call a very cute and handsome baby..:P I was constantly smiling throughout the episode and even after that. Brilliant work done by FK, and not to forget SS, her smile is just so adorable and the way she was blushing…<3

  • Hi Fatima,
    Its really disgusting to share my today's review over ZGH… Oh my God cant tell u about the bad experience of today.. light went off at 7:30 pm of my area and restorted at 8:30, so i missed the half part of beginning …. aur zulm ki intahaa tou daikhain, at 12 when i was really curious to watchmy ZGH agian in repeat telecast, the light went off again on the exact 12 which i unusual and restoted at 12:30, agian this time i missed the first half of serial… dont know yet about the beginning of the epi……………… haye re qismat :((((

    • Muzna I know how you must feel:((( I hope you get to see it soon. Do comment after you watch it.

  • Fatima chaa gai ho aap :)
    I was looking forward to your review while i was watching the episode. You have said that this was the best episode so far, but dont you think that we are used to say this sentence everytime we see another new episode of ZGH. :p
    Well, my favorite one was
    “Fikar karni chaiye usy meri, accident ho skta hai, koi pta thori hota hai”.
    and “usko main casually lena chahun b tau nai ley skta, like my centre of gravity….:D ”
    Thumbs up and stay blessed..

    • lol Ainee Q thank you janab. Keep reading and commenting, your feedback and appreciation means a lot to me. Love the discussions and ZGH won't be the same without all of you.

  • Nice review Fatima :) today's episode was all Zaroon Junaid's! What romance! I would really like to say that some people think this drama very silly and think that Zaroon and Kashaf are acting like teenagers. Well I would like to remind them that in the past people use to get married like this and took time to understand each other. My parents are an excellent example for it. Well, for me the best scenes were, one when Kashaf and Rafia talk about compromise and 'khidmat' win hearts. So true is that. No matter how strong the woman is, she is in the end sacrificing a lot which directly links with the last scene of the episode, where Kashaf and zaroon have their share of opinion on spouse relationship. Kashaf was right that where a woman should be obedient to her husband, man should also listens to her suggestions and opinions. I think the last scene indicated a lot. Mr and Mrs Zaroon are soon to face trouble with the difference of opinion. Ta da! As for Ghazala she did not like Zaroon praising his mum in law. So she has instincts of a typical samdhan and saas. :p Next episode will reveal more. I hope Kashaf soon expresses her feelings. Men like that! And for today Zaroon *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* They both r cute. He did see Kashaf after she took time in getting ready, to be picked from her mum's place and this time the funny music was behind Kashaf!

    • Natty thank you for the comment, really enjoyed reading it. I really liked all the scenes you mentioned too. lol @ Ghazala, so true…i did not expect her to act s o typical!!

  • mujhay nahi pata thaa k tum is qadar sust admi hogay, ufffff well performed by kashaf especially when kasahf was giving him chewingum , oh God how beautifully she was shying… Awwwwwwwww so cute :))) love in the air..

  • friday is incomplete without watching ZGH and then reading ur review :) Thanku fatima…

  • Zarun has to come in morning shows to share his experiences about the drama. There is no doubt,his acting is very natural.

  • Where was that scene where Kashaf says something on the lines of…Agar yeh meri zindagi se chala gaya to mere liye bohat mushkil ho jaigee…
    It was supposed to be in this episode,right?

    • sara it was supposed to be in this episode but it wasn't so we are guessing it will be there in the next one.

  • Dear Fatima Awan,there is a spelling mistake in your review,"iss topic ke baare mein hum dobara baat karen gay" u wrote "baad" instead of "baat" and let me add something here"Fatima Awan ke review ko hum dobara balkeh kai baar parrhen gay"
    As u might have noted Fatima I m so keen to read your reviews that I note down some spelling mistakes and since u have to write some dialogues in Roman Urdu so spell check hardly matters"what matters the most is how sweetly ZGH unfolds in each episode and how sweet are your reviews,cos immediately after watching Drama episode I come to this site to read your reviews and once again I am so delighted to read your review.
    ZGH is amazing in each episode and as the story develops it seems it will leave a lasting impression.In today's episode I really enjoyed text messaging between Kashaf and Zaroon and I am really impressed by facial expressions of Zaroon.Kashaf's blushing in each romantic scene is awesome.

  • Beautiful episode…beautiful review! Hai why did I have to be so busy today, cant even comment in detail!! Loved every scene….amazing!

    • you can always comment in detail when you find the time. This episode will be worth it. And would love to read from you. :)

  • Fridays are incomplete without Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Fatima Awan's Review. Love them both.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, so much that I don't even want to analyse it.

    • But you can share your favorite scene with us, i would love to know which scenes you liked the most. I wonder how many more episodes to go….can't imagine a life without the drama and these discussions now!!

        • Actually Hassan from Dastaan is the best character Fawad Khan has played. Not only was he a patriot who worked hard for the Pakistan movement, but he stuck with the woman he loved till the end and defended her even when she was rejected for a crime she was not responsible for (being raped, abused, etc. as she migrated to Pakistan). Asher is an idiot who did not even give Khirad a chance to defend herself. Zaroon is a self-absorbed, arrogant rich boy.

      • But he didn't even listen to Khirad lol! Only perfect before episode 11 lol and after 21!

    • Zaroon of course. Ashar was a mama's boy, Zaroon has many more facets to his character. HS was a straight story of saas bahu where as ZGH has picked up many important social issues. To me ZGH is much more interesting because Kashaf's character is also much more appealing.

    • I like Zaroon because his personality is very different from the mama's boy "Asha'ar" Zaroon is more sensible!

  • excellent,superb ,mind blowing episode n my favorite dialogue was parwah karni chahiye thi accident hu sakta ha .n the phone conversation just love the whole episode fawad khan is fantastic

    • Thank you sadaf, yes i sooo needed to say all of that…it is well deserved.

  • What does Zaroon say to Kashaf right before they sit down for the chewing gum scene? He asks her something, she says yes, and then he laughs, and says they should sit b/c he's tired. I couldn't catch it. Kisi ko pata ho to please post here! Shukriya :-)

  • Hi fatima excellent review as ever.the chemistry between fawad khan and sanam saeed has developed beautifully.loved to watch each and every scene between both of them.did any one notice that when zaroon came to pick kashaf from her house, Rafia mentioned in response to zaroons question that abba will be coming soon but later he was not there in the dining table scene nor afterwards.this seemed a flaw but rest the episode was fantastic.waiting for the next episode.

    • purple gem thank you so much…btw purple is my favorite color;) Ain't you glad that abba never turned up lol

  • i couldnt watch the episode last night. and now i am in office but watching it withoug sound but to be true i am falling in love with the expression given by kashaf and zaroon :) it is making me spell bound and i am deadly waiting to return to home and watch it with SOUND::)

    • sabeen I can imagine how you must feel…the things we do for the love of ZGH;) Do leave a comment after you watch the episode with sound, trust me you will LOVE it.

  • zar00n: d0 y0u love me
    kashaf : pata nahi
    zar00n : biwi ho mwri yar
    kashaf : ha wo to hai
    they both moving vibratory like a pedulam between love and trust …
    v didnt express our love bit v cant live without each other ….

    • I like thae part where they message and zaroon wites I love u> and kashaf replies Thanku!

  • wow fatima an absolutely perfect review over a perfect episode
    this episode was actually v.heart squeezing and then your comments bout fawad khan made me more happy
    thnx for such a nice review

  • Umera, Zaroon, Kushaf and Fatima a formidable combination for an enjoyable weekend. What romance! what conversations! what acting! what conversations! midnight telephone romance, SMSs, Every thing was there and to cap it all a brilliant review.

  • amazing review fatima
    yet another awesome episode ov ZGH……
    har scene bht cute tha
    tht phne converstion
    kashaf and zaroon k outing wale scene
    sab kuch….. fawad act so well n sanam's expressions…………….
    juz luvd it <3

  • confusion of SS whether to open the door or not when Z comes to pick up her up,her reaction to come to kitchen to show annoyance to Z her mothers advice how to take care of her husband………natural beautiful and unmatched.Cherry on the cake …..review.On the whole SUPERB

  • Fatima Awan,
    Read first paragraph of your Review again. So precise concise and spot on.Really impressive just like our FK'S acting.
    Waiting for Friday, and it's only Saturday today.

  • not only ur eng is extremely pathetic but you lack the sense of choosing right word at right place

    • Your dedication to come and comment every time on the language in these reviews is amazing. Your English is fantastic, even though it lacks any kind of basic punctuation.
      I strongly recommend that you read the book “Eats Shoot and Leaves”. I’m sure with your excellent language skills you will get the message clearly.
      Meanwhile, I’m sure Zindagi Gulzar Hai for you, since it appears you like to spread joy with your words.

  • Review is good but I totally disagree with the sequence of this episode. The message conveyed in this episode could have been done in 10 minutes maximum. The whole episode was based on three days of repetition of things. The only impressive thing in this episode was Fawad Khan's brilliant acting.
    The other twist which was hard to believe was the way Kashaf agreed to Zaroon's proposal. She showed so much negative about Zaroon in 16 episodes and all of a sudden a cup of tea changed her opinion about him. It was a weak argument for such a big decision. Anyway, that's why it is called drama :)

  • fikar krni chaey osey meri.. accident b ho skta hai.. koi pta thori hota hai aj kal :P
    do you love me <3 :)

  • Ok so totally loved the episode like all of you guys!!! Talk about overdose on the romance!!and Kashaf is still hesitant…say what??? Even Khirad did not take this long LOL!! But of course our kashaf is extremely insecure and has never been cherished like this by any man but one more episode should do it….Zaroon ki baatein still going strong next episode… "Chand zameen par hai"!!! How long can she resist…Are there guys like this…really???
    Other than getting a huge big sappy smile on my face… I loved kashaf convo with both her mom and Zaroon over dinner. She is strong and knows exactyl what she can and can't do, and what her idea of marriage is…bravo?
    Fatima just wondering why you found her view alarming?If she is going to be working, I totally agree that she won't have the time to look after him like a house wife would…and I hope he should understand that. He has married a strong working woman and she is not liberal like asmara but she said she is not pao ki jooti either.. I am so looking forward to how they end up resolving any conflicts based on what they believe. I still don't get what Zaroon wants though, he knows she is strong and working so what was his final statement ..was it basiaslly man has the final decision …I didn't quite get that??

    • Even I saw exactly where Kashaf was coming from. And I begged to differ with Rafia's advise. If khidmat is the way to develop understanding and compromise, I would think the husband must also have a big role to play in that.
      I really hope they resolve their differences in a way that is believable. I cringed when Z emphasized on the word "mard" in the last conversation. That chauvinism in his look and words were glaring at me!

    • SK I found it alarming because of all the issues Z has had with his mother in the past, I don't think he will take it well. But yes he should have seen it coming! And how are things to work out with both of them working in different cities….. An alarming situation don't you think? Z is still the same guy he was so many years back….although he said he had changed but has he? I wonder how they will sort things out.

      • I too wonder how things will sort out. I hope that is handled well on screen. I remember really looking fwd to seeing how Kashaf will be convinced to marry Zaroon, and in retrospect, it was quite a lame reason. I say lame, for all the build up, she finally agreed without any conversation, and discussions.
        Given that, I'm trying hard not to think about it logically, because I really don't want to be disappointed again. Let me tell you, I'm trying very hard! :D

        • @Roh and Sky, I totally agree! Thumbs up!

          What I don't understand is why didn't Z and K have a talk about her working before the wedding? Z had frank covnersations with Asmara about what he wanted/expected in a wife and life after marriage, BEFORE they went through the wedding. And that was after he and Asmara have known each other all their lives, they still needed to iron all this stuff out. So how on earth didn't Z want to talk all this stuff out with K before the wedding? He already showed us that figuring this out before marriage was important to him, as demonstrated by his conversations with and doubts about Asmara.

  • Every time I watch an episode , I say to myself " now what would Fatima say about it "!!!! I always enjoy reading your reviews as you become so passionate about your views that even if one disagrees , a smile always stays on the face because the way you convey your thoughts is very cute :)
    Coming to the episode, I am in complete aww of Sanam ! I think , for me at least she is getting there where I have put Sania Saeed and Nadia Jameel !!! I just love this girl !! Fawad sahab doesn't need any praise as millions are doing it ..lol
    I find Kashaf's reaction natural , I would have found it ODD if she would have said " I love you too " .. Ha ha ha…. Just remember that for her this Zaroon is new , it's more like an arranged marriage for her ( Zaroon arranged it .. Lol ) so she is trying to know him like any normal person , once upon a time she hated him for long time so she can't immediately say that she loves him , no doubt she is falling for him , but in a natural way , slowly slowly .. Dheemay Dheemay .. Holay Holay !!! And that is very adorable and real …
    Keep up with your style of reviewing … It's always brings smile to my face .

    • Thank you so much Sheema, great to hear from you. I am glad my reviews make you smile, your comment made me smile too especially the last few lines. Bilkul agree with you, like Kashaf said it is difficult to fall in love with someone in two days lol You are so right about Zaroon being a brand new person for Kashaf…it must not be sinking in just yet! Hope to see you here more often now:)

      • I read all the reviews which is posted on FB ( I don't like posting my views on FB as poori Dunya would know that Sheema sahiba daisee diraamay dhaiktee hain and khair say suffering from ZGH infection ) and I must say I look forward to yours first. I read this novel and well…this was in the very last in my Umera Ahmed,s great work …its the first time when she made the serial better then novel as I literary banged my head to see what they did to her initial few novels, ( let's not go there) …. What Rafia said to Kashaf reminded me what my Ammi marhooma said to me about KHAYAL rakhna…it's so true that if you truly love some one you just automatically start doing little things for them with out realising it as it makes you happy …otherwise no one needs to be looked after now a days ….I truly wish that girls take some of these dialogues seriously more then Fawad Khan..ha ha ha
        For me as I wrote somewhere else Sanam is the hero and Fawad is the ITEM NUMBER as he brings so much JOY to millions ..lol … Hope to read you next Friday ….

        • Lol @ item number, don't you think he is much more than just that. Yes I absolutely love Sanam Saeed, in fact I have always liked her…. She was great in daam, mera naseeb and mata e jaan. Are you watching Talkhiyaan? She has outdone herself in that play, it is a must watch. I am so glad you post your comments here and not on FB:) This way we get to talk.

  • excellent review fatima… the way u express ur feelings is mind blowing…. i m silent reader of ur review but today i cant cntrol my words…

  • Hi Fatima you r right love is in the air beautiful episode so many aww moments just love it fawad khan is superb , talented and master of expression…. So many scene in this episode which I liked the SMS chatting , tea scene in morning ,flower scene and most important tum itne sust admi ho muje nahi Pata tha hahaha , conversation btw two during dinner was excellent and most imp status is changed from churlail and licchar to husband and wife….,

  • what i will say , ZGH is going to be more good in upcoming episodes… its sooooooooooooo romantic and i love the romantic music in the serial which comes rarely… cartoonist music should be replaced with this lovely & romantic tone…
    LOvely <3

  • Hello all! I am new to thsi site but wanted to say great review! You hit all the main points.

    Quiick question…is the writer of the novel the same person who writes the screenplay? Did she write all the dialogues for the shwo as well?

    • Hi Twunks, welcome to reviewit:) It is always great to have new people on board. Umera Ahmed writes the dialogues of her play herself so the answer is yes. Hope to see you here more often:)

  • is drama main jo namaz ka hissa bataya hai ki hero ko namaz padhna nahi ata .to plz new generation ki wife main yeh bhi jazba batayye ki trust,love aur dosri kai bataon ki tarah hamara deen p chalna bhi kitna important hai aur plz is main dekhayye ki kashaff apni mohabbat say kaise apney hubby zaroon ko namazi banati hai.thanx it vill inspire all the viewers..

  • nice review fatima !! i loved the messaging part when they were just several metres away and were chatting on the phone .. the most hilarious part that they were hiding it from others by saying " kuch official kaam tha " hahahaha !!
    so true that they both have done full justice in portraying the characters assigned to them !!
    if fawad khan is KING of expressions then fatima i must say that sanam saeed is the QUEEN !!

    • Fatima great to hear from you again:) yes Sanam is doing a great job too, no doubt. I have praised her acting many times before too but like i mentioned i have been a little stingy when it came to praising Fawad Khan…so better late than never;)

  • thumbs up to you dear. Very nice review Madam Fatima. You have sum up the whole episode exquisitely. Specially for me i love the part of messaging at dinner table and how Kashaf respond to Zaroon for " do you love me!" by presenting him a hot pot.

    • yes that was a good scene too.. there were so many enjoyable scenes in this episode, I will watch it many times again before the next one goes on air. Thank you so much for liking the review and for commenting:)

  • Love Rafia’s advices and trust in God. Good to have UA putting some sense in girls that caring cooking or helping doesn’t make u servant. Just like mothers cook n help children out of love doesn’t make them servants…
    Love the concept portrayed that has to do more on principles and good family foundation than what most ppl assume it to be difference in classes. This is about all families , rich or poor, western or eastern, educated or not educated… It’s about king (husband) and queen (wife)…. Yes the final say should belong to a leader after consultation n respect for a “right” advice not desirous crappy want of socialising.
    I’m happy that this drama is at least sending the message that’s it not about fighting for freedom…. It’s about respect, love n compromise n yes mothers need to be GUIDES n good mentors…. There is more to a role of mother than just having tea/breakfast with family… It’s not raising confused children with unclear direction. Like her daughter Sara said being a mom she should guide what’s correct rather than just give in to tantrum of a child.
    Hope everyone takes good lesson from Rafia’s advices ! N well zaroon is definitely not chauvinist!!! Conservative is good otherwise society goes to dogs like west r going – broken homes , ego issues and many factors…. What he doesn’t like I also don’t like n I’m a girl n I’m definitely not chauvinist…! It’s about principles – whether ppl get it wrong from drama.

  • No invitation for dinner after marriage showing them its nice but why always in K house love the drama last fourth five episode going fast and then slow many scene we could not see because ofttimes decrease I think so

  • This episode turned this family drama into coudn;t-watch-with-kids one.Not worth review anymore……..
    Instead I wait for Mirat ul uroos now every week.

  • finally read through all the comments! Holy smokes! Lots of great thoughts, and interesting discussion :)

    Quick question…is the show posted somewhere with English subtitles?

    Thanks :)

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