Silvatein Episode 10 – Natasha: Sister or Enemy?

What an interesting series of events & a few very intense conversations. That’s what we expect & get to see in Silvatein every week. Even though when it started I thought all the haphazardness might subside eventually but it has become the identity of this drama. You don’t know what to expect from whom & how? All the conversations are so intelligently written that they leave you with so many different impressions at the same time about a single person. I must say the brainstorming behind this drama is worth an applause.

Aha! Once again it was clearly shown that Natasha is a ‘wanna be Zeb’. She mentions to her mother after her visa arrives that I always wanted to go to America especially how Zeb always yapped about how USA is & what not. It is clearly evident that she tries so hard to go through all such things that Zeb is going through or actually creates such circumstances for herself where she wants to act like Zeb. She is anything but childish & that too a spoiled one. I don’t think she has ever gone through a lack of attention that she claims because her mother is always supportive of her in whatever she does. It’s not that her mother has spoiled her but she has had her share of attention from everyone too & no interruptions in whatever she used to do has made her what she is now.

It was rather aweful how Natasha kept on targetting Zeb in front of her in laws. Just because she thinks that currently Munize is disappointed by Zeb means Natasha is always going to maintain that situation, which is impossible. Munize based her opinion on a few things she got to know that too through Natasha indirectly but once Natasha will start living with her in laws, I am sure she would have to work extremely hard in order to impress everyone because for now she is not ready to accept the complexity of things. For Natasha, her marriage is all about shopping & living independently with her husband with huge house & a car, which every girl of that age does dream about, but she must know that reality is a bit different from illusions & fantasies. Natasha tried really hard to put Zeb in an awkward position in front of her in-laws but Zeb, due to her wisdom still tried to rationalize Natasha’s behaviour.

The best scenes for me through out the episode were those of Zeb & Mikaal’s. They share such a nice relation, they are best buddies but still have a few inhibitions in speaking openly about their feelings to one another. I loved their engagement scene where at one point they seems so candid with each other but on the other they were trying so hard to act like newly engaged couple & still it wasn’t so easy for them because Zeb couldn’t imagine Mikaal speaking to her romantically. It was rather cute. I love how Zeb does think right on her part but Mikaal is still always there to correct her by showing the other side of the picture. That was pretty evident in Dilawar’s case.

I absolutely enjoyed how Zeb acted all naive in front of Munize & easily slipped out of that situation. She on her part is right that whatever she uttered to Natasha was in ignorance & had no idea that Natasha would make such a huge fuss about it & will use the whole issue against Zeb. Munize, for now is judging Zeb on that matter however she is completely unaware of what Natasha can pull off when she goes into that tangent. The scene where Natasha arrives in USA spoke a lot about something fishy. I am sure Natasha’s life there is not going to be so smooth as she thinks it would be. Her in-laws are not that clean & cool like she thinks they are. I am sure she would have to face a lot more difficulties of some other level because till now she had to deal with Zeb & the dis-likeness towards her. Natasha had her mothers support every time if she had any conflicts with Zeb but now she is on her own & seeing how childish, immature & impatient she is, she might get herself involved in something huge.

What Natasha spit in front of Mikaal was intolerable. Just out of her anger & hatred towards Zeb she said what she shouldn’t have. Mikaal’s reaction & his worry about Zeb’s behavior was so realistic because he is the one who cares about every single thing Zeb has gone through & all the problem she faces. For now, he hated to see her bickering with her immature sister because he couldn’t believe Zeb could stoop to that level too. Zeb’s justification seemed so sweet & how she re-assured him of her maturity was appeasing to see. She is slowly & steadily getting more involved in her relation & is getting to understand the importance of Mikaal & their relation.

The question is now getting bothersome at how Zeb will turn out to be with Rehaan? For now she is engaged to Mikaal & I hope nothing bad happens to him because he is a gem of a person & I would hate to see anything happening to their couple. I hope the Dilawar case does not affect them both because now it does seem to have some connection or I hope Natasha does not hound them both due to her frustration.

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