Silvatein Episode 3 – Going Strong.

So this was another interesting episode of Silvatein with a little more revelation about the two main characters Zeb & Natasha. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it & I give all the credit to Aminah Sheikh for playing the character so realistically. I was never a fan of her but this drama has changed my perspective towards her.

Once again, I was not pleased to see Natasha acting totally weird. She got involved with a guy but when the moment arose she lied right to his face using her sister’s name. No doubt, she is an introvert & may be ‘seedhi saadi, bholi bhali’ to her mother but she is everything but that. I can understand, how all these years she managed to fool her mother but her simplicity but deep inside she is very clever who knows how to act, given the circumstances. The way she lied to her boyfriend & tried to get rid of him was a shocker.

Zeb’s conversation over the phone was once again funny. She acted like Natasha but wanted to hear what Bilal actually feels about Zeb. It was rather cute to see her defend herself as Zeb while she was being Natasha. What I liked about Zeb was that at first she was over the moon with the idea of such a nice guy proposing to her but when she understood the complication of the situation & that their preference was Natasha, she smoothly backed out & not only that, she ended up convincing her mother that she is perfectly fine with the fact that Bilal wanted to see Natasha first. I loved how he untangled the whole situation just by her wisdom & her wholeheartedness.

Natasha, got a boost when she found out that Zeb was rejected by Bilal & he was all in for Natasha. Previously, she was seen a bit depressed by the opportunity that Zeb was getting in terms of Bilal but now she found all the reasons to rub that to Zeb’s face. I totally agreed to Zeb when she mentioned that Natasha is mean & a liar. She acted just in the nick of time & didn’t let Bilal slip out of her hands. If she wanted to be honest, to herself or to her husband-to-be, she could’ve mentioned straight away to Bilal, that it was Zeb who spoke to him on the phone. She is under a false idea that Bilal liked her, however, Bilal in reality liked Zeb after he spoke to her on the phone thinking she was different.

At this point, I can feel that Natasha, due to her cunningness & planning, might see some hard times once she gets married to Bilal, because right now she has begun her relation with him with a lie. I wonder, what will happen when once Bilal will find out that he spoke to Zeb on the phone thinking it was Natasha. One thing that I really couldn’t understand was that when Natasha was already so focused on getting married to a guy who lives abroad, so why did she start her flick with her neighbour? Till now, she is exposed as a person who is not at all emotionally attached to anyone & only feels for herself. I hope things unwind a bit harshly for her, so that she can understand the unfair she has been doing to Zeb.

Till now, I am enjoying Zeb’s character a lot because she is so real. She gets hurt but doesn’t show, she expects people to understand her but no one does, she is outspoken but does feel deep inside. Can’t wait to see more of all this.

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