Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 12 & 13 – Review

I have seen many plays in which one constantly feels for the bahu and the saas is continuously being unfair to her son’s wife but this is one play that generates feelings that are completely different. While watching both these episodes I felt for Rafia and Asghari more than anyone else. I must say that there are many girls like Ayza who want their husbands all to themselves and do not stop for a second to think about the family they are married in. It is actually good to see a play which for a change focuses on the problems the boys’ parents and family have to put up with after their sons get married. These two episodes focused more on how Ayza has changed things in Hammad’s house and the way Hammad listens to everything his wife says and completely discredits his family because he is the one who is paying the bills. While there were scenes in these episodes which I wanted to fast forward but I must say there were many scenes that were highly relatable, to a surprising extent. For now these relatable happenings and scenes have to be the reason I continue to watch this play.

The rifts over the servants in both the houses, was something which I am sure many people can relate to. Aima wanting to quit working once she gets married is how many girls think. Although Aima has decided to leave her job once she gets married because she cannot manage her house and work at the same time but I do feel that she should also not work after marriage if she is going to marry someone like Hashim. Hashim is not the perfect husband-to-be in any way at all. He is the kind of person who would make his wife work so that he can get some easy money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman contributing financially after marriage but I think it should be the woman’s decisions whether she wants to work or not and Hashim does seem rather “greedy”. The way he mentioned the car yet again to his colleague even after Aima told him repeatedly that she was not going to ask her parents for the car goes to show his immature thinking and also that he will happily accept whatever he gets from Aima’s parents. By the way the 70 plus package and the pick and drop facility did remind me of Kashaf!

Although Akbari and Ayza tried their level best to ensure that Aima and Hashim do not get married but the proposal was finalized nevertheless. Hammad hardly ever asks Ayza to show his parents some respect and she is allowed to say whatever she wants to about anyone in the house, even daadi. Not only this but he stands up for his wife every time she asks him too and I have to say that I am really looking forward to the time when he realizes just how unfair he is being to his family. It was rather strange that Asghari let Ayza take Humnah out for shopping because she should have known that they will end up buying very expensive things. It is almost as if Hammad’s wedding has opened new avenues for his siblings and Humnah is making the most of it. Another thing that may have been very relatable for many was Humnah’s reaction when she found out that there maybe a joint wedding. I have seen many girls in particular who do not like this idea very much.

It was good to see Aima being happy about the baby who is on the way and the conversation that the two sisters had went to show that even after everything that Ayza has done, Aima holds nothing against her. At the same time Aima held her ground when Aima tries to talk her out of the marriage and that was another conversation which I really enjoyed.

Another extremely relatable scene for me had to be when Daadi was taking out old clothes out of the trunk to gift to Humanh’s in laws and when she said that they just don’t make these clothes anymore…how many times have I heard that before! Seriously this definitely happens and usually it is the mothers or the grandmothers who take out all their old clothes to give to the bride or her In Laws as if they are a treasure and would be considered a very special gift.

Overall, I found these two episodes interesting because of how real some of the scenes were. It really felt like I had seen all this happening somewhere before, around me. I could have enjoyed the play even more if there was a little less repetition and the focus was more on Aima and Ayza and the scenes with the grown ups and their issues were chopped up. I am especially not enjoying the Amna-Akbari confrontations/problems. Right now I am waiting to see what happens once Hashim and Aima get married because I think Aima will really have to work on Hashim in order to change him in a good way.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

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  • lol really I felt just same, yes girls dont like the idea of another marriage with their own, reason is obvious,they think that it will push them out of lime light(that is true i n fact:). and yeesss old cloth scene. here my MIL keeps on showring me with such gifts:) waisay few r really nice,but most ufff:). I enjoyed ur review alot . agree with u on all counts.

    • I really like how these details have been added in the drama. If the actors were more well-suited for their roles and the editing was crispier, I am sure people would have appreciated the play more.

  • i just loveeeeeeee this drama coz i can realate to it so much….i really really hate when i see it written all over that this is umera ahmed's weakest script…chchch!!! why ??? only becoz these kind of family intrigued dramas are not made more often these days….this drama truly shows in detail what is shown in reality where marriage preparations are made and what all middle-class ppl go thru!! i was really longing to see such a kinda play since long….the characterization is superb especially akbari-asghari and rafia-amna's….
    p.s u did'nt mention the scene in epi13 when we saw the convo bet aima and amna…thje chemistry bet mum-daugh was amazing…the little twinkle in her eye when she asks her mother " aap kisko manane jayengi?" LOL
    I M IN IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA….apart from zgh at this time….and i really look forward to it…..just because it has got the simplest story ever and no complicated over the top scripts with melodramatic cliches and a vamp awaiting behind the door…..
    sorry if its tooooooo long :D

    • aashi I totally agree with you, I also thought that scene was very cute. I love how Aima and her mother share everything with each other and help each other out, they are such good friends. I forgot to mention it but I am sooo glad that you did.

  • Really nice review & yes I'm enjoying watching it as well. I fail to understand why people mention that the drama is missing the spark. It's based on simple middle-class families & the issues they go through in order to arrange the upto-the-mark wedding & while meeting the standards set by society. While watching this drama I was constantly thinking that how difficult it really has gotten to get the daughter's married whereas, if we take a look at an Islamic point of view the weddings are the most simplest events that has happened in the past.

    Anyhow, I really didn't like how Hamnah behaved. She is not oblivious of her parent's financial condition but still she is persistent to have a grand wedding. It was a good suggestion that Aima & Hashim should get married along with Hamnah because no doubt it would save them bundles of money. What I do not enjoy is Amna's constant haul over Bachat, Bachat, Bachat. I mean ohkay, if Asghari & Rafia spoke about Bachat, it would've looked a bit relateable because they have a big family but in the other house it's just Amna, Nasir & Aima? So why are they sooooooo keen about bachat & all the time mention about what they have to go through to run their household?

    They could've shown that they are mediocre people with limited income & little expenses, but to hear that Amna is soooooooo keen about Bachat & yet they were flabbergasted over Ayza's wedding expenses wasn't appeasing to see. They just had 1 daughter to bear the expenses of & now two of them to get married, so why Amna who's so into bachat could not save enough for her daughter's weddings? People have 5 – 6 daughters & still manage to send them to their husbands home easily with little sacrifices.

    • Zahra I think the reason why people fail to appreciate the script is because of the cast and also some of the scenes that are very long. Nowadays people watch the dramas with one hand on the remote so they need an excuse to change the channel and also cannot deny the fact that we are spoilt for choice.
      I agree with you, I think Hamnah is just being selfish like her brother.
      Zahra the kind of shadi that Ayza had costs a great deal and no matter how much bachat you do, the electricity bills and the daily groceries etc take a toll on you once there is no regular income. Only the very rich parents can afford to get their daughters these luxury cars and designer outfits. I know people who are earning, have saved all thier lives but find themselves in a very tough spot when getting even one daughter married if there is to be a lavish wedding. Ayza spent excessively on everything from the flower arrangement to getting gifts for her In Laws.
      i am glad you are still watching this show, I thought you may have stopped watching it.

      • Oh noooo, I am always watching it. Hehehe! Yeah, I agree that Ayza had cost them a lot but then they never spent a penny on her their whole life, so they should've kept this thing in mind too. Now I think the cry of both the families over the expenses is getting a bit tedious. While watching Hamnah's preps, I was thinking, we'd have to face this allllll over again once Hashim & Aima get married but luckily they're cutting it short by getting both the siblings married together.

  • Nice review…my mum really love this drama…infact its one of the dramas jo hum apne abbu k sath beth ker dekhte hain doph'er ka khana khaate wakt repeat mein…..

    • Thank you Aiman, yes you are absolutely right it is a family drama. I am glad you are enjoying the show, keep reading the reviews please and keep commenting. Your feedback means a lot to us.

    • Thank you so much for pointing it out Uneza:) Thank you for following the reviews, try and take time out to comment whenever you can.

  • I love the drama and i love the reviews more than the dramas :D the way they have shown two middle class families struggling to keep a good shape in society and the everyday troubles they face,esp the naukar scenes in this episode were so so relate-able. But I totally fail to understand the character of Akbari, how does she expect her son to always spend lavishly knowing that he is spending a retired life. And yes I agree that Hashim is not a perfect husband material but still Aima loves him to bits and can't foresee what she will have to bear in the coming future. I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes when Aima gets married.

    • Thank you Saadia for following the reviews and for liking them. Yes really looking forward to how things unfold once Aima gets married to Hashim.

    • Haseeb Meekaal seems very uncomfortable playing Hammad and there are times when his dialogue delivery is totally unimpressive..he is definitely not into this character. Amina Sheikh is gradually growing on me but I would have liked someone younger to play this role. It would have been nice if Sanam Baloch was playing Aima.

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