Silvatein Episode 4 – Get Over With Confusions Please

Once again the whole episode kept on stirring the confusions in each & every matter. All this while, it was actually getting on my nerves that why things couldn’t go easy & smooth? Why each & every member of the family was weaving something on their own & feeding it to others. I know, it looked interesting at first, but now it’s nothing less than a mind-teaser.

Natasha, finally got what she deserved. Grabbed Bilal from her sister, when understood that Zeb let go off him, she lost interest in him. Found out about his side job & dependence on his elder brother, she again lost interest in him because now she knows that her ex-bf is going to be well-settled in Nairobi. Like her mother said, that Natasha always wanted what Zeb got, but the moment Zeb gave it to her, she lost interest & now if we look at it, the same thing happened with Bilal’s proposal as well. She was frowning & mentioned in front of Yawar that Zeb has gotten such a nice proposal but when Zeb passed it on to her, she was happy but now she is not. This was the only reason, she was trying to convince her mother to reject the proposal & tried to tell her that she doesn’t want to get married to Bilal using Zeb as an excuse but she wasn’t actually feeling for Zeb, in stead, she was just doing what she is used to, rejecting after getting what she wanted to snatch away from Zeb.

I was once again amazed at how bluntly she lied to Yawar’s face just in a nick of time when that moment arose. She made him suffer & convinced him so cleverly that it was his fault for which she is getting married now. Wow! I couldn’t stop wondering about the speed with which her brain works.

Zeb, on the other hand, once again tried to save Natasha from her Pupho’s suspision. She took Yawar’s blame on her & told her Pupho that if she tells anyone about it a hell would break loose. Natasha should be happy to have found a sister like Zeb, who doesn’t let anything bad slide on her younger sister.

Natasha has now clearly learned that Bilal actually liked the girl to whom he spoke on the phone. Natasha knows it was Zeb & still she kept quiet in front of him. But she came raving about it to Zeb & tried to blame her for getting her hooked to Bilal. I actually do not like her character at all, for all the things she is doing now. She is mean, conceited & someone who only feels for herself & wants the best. Why is she trying to blame Zeb for her condition now? Like Zeb said, she tried to impress Bilal but when she understood that he is not interested, she took a back-track & moved on, but Natasha is now unhappy & trying to make Zeb feel bad.

When the drama began, I thought this would be based on anything but sister rivalry but I was sort of wrong. Zeb, at one hand, states that she is perfectly alright & she herself let go off Bilal but deep inside she is suffering, she is sad & was least interested when she had to attend the function of her sister. Zeb, may not be putting up her opinion about her sister so harshly but Natasha does it all the time.

What I did not enjoy was the lies & a line of lies over & over again that were exchanged from one family member to the other. All I know is that family ties are known for sharing secrets & sharing the inner-most feelings but here it looked like anything but that. Mother was telling a lie to the daughter, daughter was lying to the mother, sisters are lying to each other  I kind of hope that the whole scene of Natasha’s wedding gets over ASAP because it is making me lose interest in this drama. I want to see more of Zeb & how her life turns out to be with Bilal’s elder brother.

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Fatima Awan

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