Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 14 – Zaroon Grow Up!

Today’s episode reminded me of the few Kashaf/Zaroon interaction scenes from college since there was absolutely no change in Zaroon’s behavior towards Kashaf and Kashaf’s behavior towards Zaroon remained the same too. Kashaf’s attitude towards Zaroon was quite justified but watching Zaroon resort to the same old tactics was actually quite disappointing and somewhat annoying! Has he forgotten that he is engaged? He expects Asmara to change her ways because she is engaged to him now but he obviously feels that the same rule does not apply to him. I could not help but wonder what Zaroon meant when he said that Kashaf had changed. She was always confident and distant just like she is now. Was Zaroon talking about her appearance? It was actually nice to see Kashaf snub Zaroon when he talked to her right in the beginning of the episode since that was more in line with Kashaf’s character than Kashaf’s behavior in the brief scene at the end of the last episode.


Kashaf has to be the only girl in Zaroon’s life who did not fall for his charm immediately (remember the one week deadline) and that could possibly be the reason why Zaroon finds it impossible to let go of her. After Zaroon and Kashaf’s meeting I really missed Sidrah and was delighted to see Kashaf having a conversation with Sidrah later on. I am glad that Sidrah is still in the picture because Kashaf’s conversations with her give us more of an insight into what is going on in Kashaf’s head than anything else.

This episode proved further that Murtaza is void of all feelings and is easily allured by whatever works for his benefit. His attitude towards his second wife and son has greatly changed and so has his behavior towards Rafia. I was hoping that Murtaza would have realized that he was wrong but I think that he is only being nice to Rafia because of Kashaf’s new status.


Osama and Kashaf have grown into good friends since they have been in touch with each other all these years. I was as surprised as Zaroon when Osama told him that he was in touch with Kashaf because no one mentioned it before this, not even Kashaf while talking to her sisters or writing her diary. It was somewhat surprising that Osama decided to propose Kashaf even after his conversation with Zaroon. But I must give the guy credit, he has guts! I am waiting to find out how Kashaf will respond since there was talk of a proposal in the next episode’s promo. I remember Kashaf was very happy for Sidrah when she got married and thought that her husband was a nice man, since Kashaf has known Osama for so long she should know that he has the “character” she has been looking for in a man. I see absolutely no reason for her to reject this proposal but I wonder what is going to happen if she decides to consider it.


I am sure that other people have also noticed that the background music can be extremely strange (somewhat cartoonish) sometimes especially in scenes with Zaroon in them. Fawad Khan was absolutely brilliant in today’s episode, his body language and dialogue delivery could not have been better. This latest episode gave me something to look forward to and I can’t wait to find out how the story unfolds now.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Have been hitting refresh many times over, waiting for your review, Fatima. And as always, you never disappoint.
    I was really looking fwd to this episode, and though I was not disappointed with it per se, I had really bad connections and it took me almost 2 hours to watch the episode. Your review was a soother, soon after I finished my frustrating journey. See? Your reviews always do me good. 
    Fully agree with what you had to say. Zaroon really has some nerve. He even had the gall to tell Kashaf that he didn’t have a girlfriend, never mind that he conveniently stuck to the topic and didn’t inform her that he was engaged! Also his little white lies that Sir Abrar wasn’t at home. That was a part that baffled me again, as to the location. I thought Abrar was visiting Zaroon, but I suppose I was wrong. Like the timeline, I have allowed locations to go as well.
    I enjoyed the interactions between Z and K. And I loved the conversation with Sidra. I have missed her. I think there was this thirst to see the barbed exchanges between K and Z for a long time now and we got a fill of that.
    Somewhere, Murtuza is feeling uncomfortable, and I suppose that is the reason he still couldn’t bring up Hamad’s admission with Rafia.
    Usama proposing to Kashaf here, Zaroon voicing his desire to propose to her in the next episode, his engagement to Asmara will obviously break off soon, K will not marry Usama, but will marry Z sooner or later……everything seems to be moving at top speed now. I really wish they rushed to this stage and then took is slowly from here.
    I agree with your opinion about the music too. While I was juggling among many sites to watch the episode, and the audio track played, I almost thought there was a Pink Panther like ad going on in another open window!
    I need to watch the episode again. Hopefully I will be able to watch is smoothly now.

    • Roh thank you so much for waiting for the review and for the comment. Isn't it funny that no one mentioned Asmara today lol There was mention of Maria even but no Asmara. I think all of it could have been more balanced, like there was too much Asmara in the last episode and Zaroon did not even talk to her once in this episode. well it does seem like Zaroon has just forgotten that he was once engaged!! You are right about the locations Roh, totally with you on that. Seems like these people are always traveling. Yes it reminded me of some cartoon too, I am not sure which one. I need to watch this episode again too but right now it seems impossible!

      • It took me two hours too!!! Will comment later but yeah connection was bad! Doesn't it seem like the engagement broke off already …no mention of Asmara at all!! Zaroon is still an idiot…nothings changed..nthere got it off my chest !!!

        • Is the world experiencing an internet slowdown??? lol And I was behaving completly like Kashaf for the last 2 hours! Cursing my luck that this had to happen on a Friday evening!!!
          The mention of Maria reminded me that I haven't missed her at all. And Asmara was forgotten as easily as Z forgot her. What a scumbag he is! If he is telling his sister next week, that he has set his eyes on someone else, I suppose that should mean in all decency that his engagement is off by then. But knowing Z, he has no code of decency for himself at all! :D

        • Sky I will look forward to your comment, I think there is too much traffic everywhere on ZGH nights.

  • koi mujhe yeh bata dey ke kashaf zaroon ka koi romance bhi hoga ya sirf practical si shadi hogi?

    • sachi baat I think the shadi will be practical and the romance will come later on – hopefully!

      • I think kashaf will agree to osamas sending his parents and somehow by tht time zaroon will decide and send his parents to kashafs house and thus sir ibrar the binding force between the two and osama will be cutt off….lol…from the promo thts my guess

  • The drama is dragging. Its time that things moved on between Kashaf and Zaroon (we have all seen the promos) so we know what is to come. And yes the music was too cheesy and Zaroon was behaving like a college kid and not a member of the foreign service.
    And yes i think Asmara and Zaroon are over thank God.
    Looking forward to next week's episode but i so hope the pace speeds up.

    • when he was in college, he was behaving like a high school kid so now when he's a professional, he's behaving like a college kid. ;)

  • I found today's episode very light.Light as in it was not very fast,but the scenes were catchy.I really like how Kashaf still shares her thoughts and happenings with Sidra.Was quite glad to see Shahneela and Sidra in today's episode.Good thing they haven't forgotten them.The next episode preview was not exposing,which i liked.It kills the suspense.Like i said,i have no idea what's going to happen next.Sometimes Kashaf behaves really weird.Like today when she called Zaroon and scolded him.It was very rude of her.Anyway let's wait and watch :)

    • lol Hammu well that's Kashaf for you! But then do you think Zaroon deserves any better, he is not the kind of guy who would take a hint!

  • Nice review Fatima, I like today's episode some development finally happen thank God. After watching today's episode promo last week I had a feeling that Osama was going to purpose her and I am glad he did and I am not surprise at all because it seemed that he also liked and respected Kashaf. I hope she accept his purposal but also wondering how she would endup with Zaroon let see how story unfolds. Sidra looked very pretty and happy good to see her. I am loving SS acting so much her expressions are awesome. Yes I noticed that childish music as well infact I thought its coming from TV because my kids were watching there baby channel. Kashaf's behavior toowards Zaroon is justified I totally agreed with u.

    • UAg thank you yes absolutely love Sidra. Mansha Pasha is doing a great job. Yes Osama is a very nice guy but we all know Kashaf will end up with Zaroon…lets see how that happens!

  • And i was thinking that Kashaf might get up and go from the resturant,after Osama's proposal,but she definitely proved once again that she is a brave woman.And isn't afraid of anyone!

  • Hello Fatima 

    How r u doing? Wah ji Wah, I really enjoyed today’s episode … its good to see that its turning in the direction of happy & constructive change;) although it will take really time and I really can’t wait to see all good happenings.. 
    Fatiam, I m totally agreed with u, why zaroon is not applying the same conditions on him as he has for asmara? Is he something beyond this world????

    OMG, I was really getting pissed off on him, I just wanted to stop doing this all, he acted so weirdly like a flirt men with so much reasonably decent post and qualification at prof place… I was not expecting this all…

    Oh yes, I am so surprised to see osama and kashafa in good connection although she has never discuss it all to her sisters and not even on her diary… strange enough.. it seems like I m watching an Indian movie which Is going to figure up in 3 hours. Childhood to marriage ceremonies…

    please producer & Director, I really don’t want this all dort of ending… com’on , change it & do as a proper drama serial….

    Of course, apparently, I don’t see any reason to reject osama as he is decent men and kashaf adores him as reasonable decent men…

    I want kashaf to accept and marry osama and reject Zaroon 

    Let see…

    • Hello Muzna, Thank you so much for reading the review and for liking it. It seemed like Kashaf and Osama were really good friends , otherwise knowing Kashaf she would never accept someone's lunch/dinner invitation. lol Yes kashaf really should marry someone like Osama but we all know that is not going to happen.

      • so wat do u think what will happen with Osama? as in coming episode's promo, kashaf and sameena jee both are happy on Osama's proposal… uf i cant wait to see next epi… what is ur point of view about Osama and kashaf's relationship? whhat is going to be next and how zaroon will enter?

        • Muzna honestly speaking I have no clue, your guess is as good as mine. I think according to the story Sir Ibrar manages to convince Kashaf to get married to Zaroon. The biggest mystery for me also is that how did kashaf decide to marry Zaroon.

          • Yeah, but all is going to be very interesting. i dont want to sum up this serial in jiffy ….
            i hate the way the serials sums up at the end especially of Hum tv…

          • Good… Enjoy:) Tried watching it again online but too much hard work. Will definitely watch it again tomorrow.

          • fatima……according to the novel zaroon convinced kashaf 4 the marriage……..and those lines were totally lovable <3

  • Great review Fatima . You are right no one has grown or matured ,everyone is still the same. Are we to asume the engagement is over now Zaroon is in full pursuite of Kashaf ? Sigh I don't care ,Fawad khan was excellent and that is why I watch . Sorry but Kashaf's character is unbelievable , no one is that stiff in real life there are soft points to everone . Challo lets wait and see ,. This was a really good episode at last :)

    • Kashaf is a very realistic character. She's not overly stiff or unnatural. I know someone who's even more stiff and arrogant than kashaf in front of ppl but she's like that because of her very difficult life experiences. She puts up a persona of a very strong and stubborn person infront of ppl because she ain't got a father or brother to protect her. But in private she's the nicest person I've ever Come across. So I can totally relate to kashafs rude and dry personality.

    • Thank you Sadaf. I agree with Maya, I also think Kashaf is like that because she has to survive on her own in a man’s world. She is sweet enough with Zaroon in front of her boss and the foreign team, he doesn’t deserve any better. She was quite friendly with Osama and she is a completely different person with Sidrah. Sadaf I think you are still not comfortable with SS playing Kashaf and trust me i can totally relate to that, happened with me too while watching SeZ.

  • And the most I hate is this hippocracy of men. "apni behen/BeeVee" pe pabundiaan aur khud aishain :p
    and defending themselves by the word: "Level of Franknessss". I mean give me a break. U do this outside with girls and expect to be urs a pure one!!!
    "jo jesa hota e us ko wesa e milta e"
    but u know! this is a drma and for the happy endings people perform miracles in shows concequencly effecting the society somehow !

  • i dont know why but for some reason i thought they would be changed after so many years, zaroon would be a changed man and one look at kashaf as an afsar would make him fall in love with her hopelessly blindly and truly. but i was so disappointed with the lying , flirting, smoking zaroon and the cheesy music. and kashaf was the same arrogant no courteous professionalism even to the UN ppl not even a smile! nokri ker rahi hai boss thori hai…too much rookhapan n dragging in the episode, where r the sparks? now im wondering if there ever will be any sparks?!:)

    • I just want to say that the directors should stop to glamorize smoking in each drama when they can do without it. Some countries doing it in movies to discourage smokers. Drinking and smoking is becoming the main feature in our family dramas.

  • Asmara must be in Dubai and Sara and Farhan must be taking a vacation somewhere too before they finally call it off because it was really bizarre to have SO MUCH of them last week and not even a mention of them this week. It's almost like we were watching a random episode rather than a continuation of last week's episode where there was so much talk of break up and divorce and not raising your children well etc. I am baffled by the lack of editing and continuity (once again) from such a big production house.
    So it's almost like they heard our moans and groans and filled this episode with Z and K scenes which is all great but a little balance would be so much better connecting last week's and this week's episode together. Khair I am asking for too much here.
    It was GREAT to see Mansha Pasha again :) I think she's my next favorite after Mahira Khan :) I just get a big smile on my face when I see her on the screen – totally adorable and waiting to see her in the long play soon I hope. Oh Sidra we love you and you are such a ray of sunshine in this drama :)
    I was literally LOL'ing at the music today Fatima! what the heck was going on there – too too too funny! I felt like I was at the beach in Hawaii when Z was pacing back and forth (such a beach bar type music :)) in the lawn and then watching a cartoon movie when he was pacing in the office waiting for K to arrive. Then next week it sounds like we're back to the creepy music again!!! Will the sound editor please stand up ;-) we need to shower you with garlands sir for having such a ball with the BKG! lol
    Like others I did not understand why he lied about Sir Abrar not being home – that was completely random and off the wall. They are turning Zaroon into this most hated character when they need to soften him up a bit. At this point we can't see why ANY GIRL in their right mind would want to marry this guy. Very very strange and even stranger when Osama says that Z is a good guy to K. We all are shaking our heads at that point.
    Overall I am glad they included more of the protagonists in this episode. My issues with editing and timeline and them shuttling out to Karachi to meet Sir Abrar and shuttling back to their small town were still there. And at this time the excitement has kind of fizzled out to a certain extent in seeing these 2 on the screen together.

    • lol Annie @ where Asmara and Farhan and Sara vanished. I thought of that too. Where are the divorce papers now? And I wonder whom Z is going to blame for him being such a shady character! :D
      I was also thinking that for someone who has done an MBA from a premier institute, all Asmara does is attend rock concerts and go on vacation. I would think she would land herself a fairly decent placement as well.
      Yes the editing – as well the the sound is really something that needs to be worked on.There was not even a line of the OST today.
      Given last weeks preview, where everyone was debating whose rishta was being discussed, and it turned out to be Sidra's, I too am thinking that next weeks preview and Rafia being happy about a rishta for Kashaf is Zaroon's rishta for her. I guess the producers are throwing in suspense in the previews and are enjoying sending people on the wrong track, so that we feel some excitement. :D
      For me seeing so many sharp scenes between Z and K made it super. I guess aankhen taras rahi thi, and the serious lack of that in the past, made up in abundance today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more. :)

      • LOL @ Asmara attending rock concerts after getting an MBA – so very true! :)
        You're right – now that you mention it – we did not get the OST today at all and thank goodness no creepy music when Zaroon came on the screen.
        I know these preview makers are getting a little smart! They juxtaposed a dialogue from another scene on to the O-K scene and totally took us for a ride – have to give them props for that :)
        Yes, let's see which "rishta" mama ji is talking about. There is really not "real" suspense since we know Z and K will eventually get married. The question is really how at this point after Z has done all he can and more to make him out to be the sleaziest creepy guy in Pakistan. I don't know why he kept on reminding of George Clooney today! I was hoping to get really excited with all the Z and K scenes but I don't know why I wasn't. Oh well…there is next week :)

      • Roh I was actually really looking forward to the Osama/kashaf meeting too and it came right in the end so will have to wait another week. You are right about the producers working hard to keep us guessing. I am sure the Zaroon rishta scene will come right at the end. It is actually very intelligent of them to design the promos in such a way that we end up talking about what is going to happen next just as much as we do about the episode we have just seen. simply love the post episode discussions..where would we be without them:) Keeps us going all through the week.

        • true. Last week Usama was married off to Shehnila in the discussions of the promo! lol

    • Annie you are not asking for too much at all, there are definitely editing and continuity bloopers and some balance would be good…even "the formula" was better than this. Yes the way Zaroon lied to kashaf made him look even more desperate, he turns into a school boy, like a baby who wants something badly , every time he is around Kashaf.
      Oh yes I really really missed Mansha Pasha too and she looked so pretty today. I wasn't a big fan of hers before but now I most certainly am. By the way wasn't Shehryar Munawar much better in this episode?
      I prefer Ali Zafar's version in the background much more than this weird music.

      • I too was missing Mansha Pasha. It was great to see her and I agree she looked so pretty ! There is something so adorable about her. I hope we continue to have scenes with Sidra and Kashaf.
        There are some issues with ZGH but other wise the drama is quite interesting. FK is fantastic and I love the way he has protrayed Zaroon. Only he could have carried this off so well.

    • I dont mind the cartoon like music, its like he is desperate to see K so he can hit on her again lol or like he is having butterflies in his tummy that he cant control. Happens u know with his type of men ;)

  • Will Zaroon just marry Kashaf just to satisfy his ego? Like he will marry her for revenge? GHe really wants to make her fall in love with him?

  • It was a nice episode except that after all these years K and Z should have been more mature. K could have given him a cold shoulder instead of shouting at him which would be more appropriate for a girl like K.

  • I feel kashaf refer osama's proposal towards her youger sis..
    I knw its stupid guess.. bt im feeling it where rafia z talking abt some proposal

  • I think no matter how old u become a side of you always maintains that immaturity and child like or more like it youngish feeling, I thought the way they both reacted was actually how people would react in real life I mean they aren't 30 they are still early 20' s and so it's not really been a really really long time just a while a guess a matter of 3-4 years early 20' s one still has a degree of immaturity. Kashaf ka rukhapan I think I can see that she is improving ontes of still learning as part of her career dealing with foreign people an experience she has seldom has where as zaroon has had the privilege of travelling and so knows how to deal with people on that level more confidently. Just an opinion :)

  • Great review!! Apart from the drama, I was just mesmerized by Fawad Khan in Ray Ban wayfarers…..God, he looked SO good !!!!
    –anyone agree??? :P

  • So you wrote a great review!!! Zaroon has not changed a bit. I don't see how kashaf marries him unless he radically does a 360 turn in the next episode! I loved their interactions though, they do make a scene so awesome with their quick quips against eacgorher…great chemistry! Fawad was brilliant with all his mannerisms and dialogues…he really has made this sneaky hypocritical Zaroon somewhat likeable! Next week looks good, odoes sama send a rishta? my bet is Zaroon!! Hopefully sir ibrar is knocking sense into him next epi…can't wait for that!

    • Yes SK really want to hear what Sir Ibrar says to him and what Zaroon has to say about it since we already discussed that Kashaf is very opinionated too then why is it tha Zaroon does not see her as a feminist.

  • Fatima Awan,
    I wait for your review after each episode, just like cigarette after a nice meal. Brilliant review as always, balanced and crisp. Enjoyed this episode thoroughly. Yes Fawad Khan was just brilliant. Also Enjoyed the scenes of Zaroon/Osama and Kashaf/Osama. Yes background music was tiny bit annoying. Looking forward to next episode.take care.

    • wow what an analogy! Thank you so much. I look forward to your comments too Anwar Sohail and your appreciation, really means a lot to me:)
      I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode too and I simply love the discussions here. For me it has to be like a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold winter day:)

  • I hate how they glamorize smoking!!!!!! In every scene zaroon smokes!!! It will kill him.

      • I guess it depends on how one looks at it. Zaroon is an overbearing creep, and smoking makes him a bigger creep in my eyes. Makes it more repulsive.

        • I am generally against showing smoking on screen, I do feel that a character can be portrayed as evil, creepy, Villainous without the aid of cigarettes.

    • In reality he is a smoker and diabetic too :(…..I know they shouldn't show him smoking cuz these days he is an admirer of everybody including our younger generation and it would be a bad influence on our youngsters.

      • Oh please don't be Kill Joy, give him a break. Smoking scene was quite natural. I'm not a great fan of moral policing when it comes to Arts.

  • the backgroung music ..yeah was cartoonish…bcz the things zaroon was doing was realy childist…like teens do….

    it was a good episode overall…..

    • abosolutely right? The problem is writer not zaroon, writer is trying to show women in superior. Its not bad at all. But the character of Zaroon and other males is not as powerful as Kashaf and her mothers.

      May b writer had some problems to portray the male character as she is potraying the females. In all episode we have not seen any one place where Kashaf will agree with Zaroon.

      Overall drama is fantastic but can not achieve the target as achieved by HAMSAFAR.

  • Well I don't think Zarun's still engaged. think that they have edited out the scene where Asmara returns Zaroon the ring which was suppose to be seen on the current or previous episode [ I saw it on the OST title song], but was removed no hard feelings here she won't be missed. Good riddance finally the Asmara track has been chucked out, which was the most unnecessary and uninteresting feature of this drama. The response would be a lot more positive of this episode. It is better than the 10-13 previous episodes (combined). Still the story is pretty slow and there were some scenes that were mismatches no relevance with the previous scene. The buildup to the Zarun/Kashf marriage has begun, hope they don't resort to the same beating around with bush and keep the story moving smoothly, Kashf/Zarun married life should've started by now where actually the romance is, b/w 2 ppl who can't stand each other b4 marriage.

    • royter I am glad you liked this episode:) You are right about Asmara but I needed "closure"! If the engagement is off, it will seem very abrupt. Yes Asmara won't be missed at all. I wonder how Zaroon and Kashaf will end up getting married, something to look forward to.

  • nice review as always, great episode i guess it was good to finally be able to see zaroon n kashaf and no one else, who cares if the engagement is still in place as long as we dont have to go through watching them end it.

    zaroon has been flirtatious since the beginning so it wasnt really a big deal to see him try on kashaf with a little lie about sir abrar, its typical of zaroon, flirts grow into bigger flirts so watching this was not all that cant be happening..

    as for the proposal i would think kashaf is simply going to say a straight no to him without going through some fit
    and wht we see in the preview would turn out to be about kashaf's younger sister's rishta and no its not going to be from osama, to me its just too stupid to see osama settling down with shehnila after kashaf's refusal..

    i really like how zaroon kept pulling a face, also, how he smiles reminds me of amir khan's typical shararti smile :)
    zaroon is excellent with expressions!

    • Ssss yes it would be very strange if Kashaf suggests that Osama should marry Shehnila since he seems quite smitten by her! You are so right about "the smile"!

    • totally agree he is excellent with expressions and looks cute too whenever he is thinking something naughty.

    • Zaroon was trying to make some kind of closer bond like friendship with Kashaf, ask her out on lunch. Maybe trying to melt the ice between them.Its not called flirting. actually he has never been seen in the whole play flirting with her yet. I would really love if that would happen ;)

  • Ohhh the K and Z scenes were wonderful :) but I agree the background music could have been better, Zaroon was already doing childish acts and the sound track made it worse. What I dont understand is can a person be this foolish even after being in Foreign Services, behaving like teens, esp the lying scene when Kashaf comes to meet Sir Abrar. I just loved the way Kashaf snubs Zaroon :D
    And my guess work for last scene was good, Osama does propose her and I loved her expressions, face turning red, and now I'm waiting for her response. Asmara and Sarah were not seen today and surprisingly I didn't even miss them :)
    Looking forward for the next episode badly :)

    • Saadia Am thank you so much for sharing with us how you felt about this episode. The funny thing is that Zaroon talks a lot of sense when it comes to dealing with his sister's marital issues and Asmara's moral values etc but when he is around Kashaf he forgets everything lol

  • well… in this episode i feel if zaroon is still engaged or not.. and if..then what should be the reaction of asmara .. where kashaf is still insecure about her future.. and zaroon is still d same.. i lke the enterrnce of sidra and her happiness can be easily seen on her face after marriage… murtaza character is the one related to most of the males now a days in our society who thinks for their on self… so a her wife.. but m amazed that usama purposed kashaf a new twist..

  • well… in this episode i feel if zaroon is still engaged or not.. and if..then what should be the reaction of asmara .. where kashaf is still insecure about her future.. and zaroon is still d same.. i lke the enterrnce of sidra and her happiness can be easily seen on her face after marriage… murtaza character is the one related to most of the males now a days in our society who thinks for their on self… so a her wife.. but m amazed that usama purposed kashaf a new twist.. ;)
    sarwat zahra
    zgh :)

  • i am sorry to say this fatima but apko sirf criticise karna ata he, review dene ka matlab ye ni hona chahye k ap sirf negative batein point out krain, jo scenes bhhhhht mze k the u should appreciate them as welll…… or jahan tak music ka taluq he to wo scenes ki demand k lehaaz say bilkuk perfect tha….this episode waz owsm!!!

  • Ohhh the K and Z scenes were wonderful :) but I agree the background music could have been better, Zaroon was already doing childish acts and the sound track made it worse. What I dont understand is can a person be this foolish even after being in Foreign Services, behaving like teens, esp the lying scene when Kashaf comes to meet Sir Abrar. I just loved the way Kashaf snubs Zaroon :D

  • I think the background music is so good ………and we enjoyed the music as well the situation .i really like this episode and the music too.this darama is more better than the novel.wish you good luck umera jee

  • I seriously hate this drama now. I don't understand why has gag would turn down Osama and marry Zaroon instead. She constantly complains about how she hates him is much and she says how she would never marry him. Then why does she?! I don't even look forward to watching this show anymore. Osama is the perfect husband. He would keep Kashaf so happy because he really lives her. Plus they understand each other. I am going to be do ANGRY later when she marries Zaroon and she wont stop complaining about her marriage. I HATE Zaroon and Kashaf. They are the biggest hypocrites. You all know I'm right!!!

    • No, we don't know! If you hate it then don't comment! Why are you spoiling our fun?

    • No, you are Not right. Honestly!! If I loath this drama so much, I wouldn't bother perusing this discussion, let alone writing down comments.

    • This is not a real story where you are wishing a happy life for a girl, this is a novel based drama about two characters kashaf and zaroon and their story and if you hate both of them den i guess you were absolutely wasting your time watching this show up till now!!

  • Now that two good friends are in love with the same girl…How do you think the friendship will survive?

    • Since no one replied, I wanted to share my thoughts–Osama and Zarun's friendship might be in jeopardy– my guess is that Osama will still be in love with Kashaf and write letters to her. This may become the reason for Zarun becoming suspicious of Kashaf and cause their separation later on in the drama. There is a part in the OST where Kashaf is wearing a red suit and holding letters in her left hand and looking out the window– perhaps this may be related to this? Any thoughts?

  • Fatima how come you don’t write reviews for Dil e muztar? That drama is awesome!! Imran and Sanam Jung have great chemistry. They look so good together. They make a much better couple than Fawad and Sanam Saeed. I have such high hopes for this drama. And so far it has NOT disappointed. (unlike Zindagi Gulzar hai and Mirat ul uroos have) I am lolling forward to your reviews for THIS drama. Also I wanted to know if you have watched the drama Teesri manzil. It’s a drama on a plus. Shahzad Sheikh is in it!! 

    • Hina yes totally agree with you Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas make a very cute couple…they are both adorable but the recent developments totally took me by surprise, everything seemed rushed and filmy. Love the cinematography and right now I am only looking forward to the next episode solely because I want to see these two on screen again. Haven't watched teesri manzal, will definitely give it a shot:) Hina, Marium, a fellow reviewer is reviewing Dil-e-Muztar here on reviewit.

  • Sometimes I don't like kashaf's nashukrapun but I know few people who always cry about how much hard work they have to do to get one simple thing. About the cartoonish background music I love it cuz it always makes me think that Zaroon is upto something hahaha.

    • No you aren't alone. Zaroon may not be politically correct but he can be cool at times.

  • Lagta hai background music ka hosh hi nai raha ..!! Zaroon per kya kya BG music chal rahee theen as if i was watching TOM AND JERRY…!! Me and my family were crazily laughing….!!!!

  • loved the review and the discussion in comments….. i like the way everyone is explaining zaroon's weird creepy and flirty acts n thats what forced me to give my opinion too….. though im quite late to give my input but what i think is that zaroon, since college time, thinks that kashaf will be attracted by his charm… (if that dosen't work) his attitude…. even if that fails, his sweetness…. n if that dosent work then his 'stupidities' will attract her but kashaf always proves him wrong…. that makes him fall for kashaf…. bcz by proving him wrong kashaf actually earns more respect in his eyes (but bcz of his ego he never accepts this fact openly)
    as far as 'kashaf has changed' opinion is concerned i think zaroon never thought that kashaf will be a working woman and that too a CSP officer…. so he said she has changed, appearance and job made him say so…. but when he talked to her he realized although she is working still her 'those' qualities that draw her close to his ideal are still the same…. thats why he later said 'dimag ab bhi usi trha kharab hai kashaf ka' n this 'dimag kharabi' of kashaf is sumthin which makes him fall for her again…. n at the same time he is doing every bit he can to prove that she is changed (asking for lunch, coffee, give a drop) but deep inside his heart he knows she can never change….. she has all the qualities of his ideal woman. he does not want a chaar diwari me bethi aurat. he simply wants that wen his wife steps out for work or whatever she carries herself in such a way that 'men like him' do not comment on her instead they are compelled to respect her (as zaroon does when he almost runs to open door for kashaf when both are leaving)

  • Hi Fatima ,in your last review I didnt write any comments coz that was so boring episode , but this is good n lil excited episode after long time zaroon n kasha r again together ….in this epi zaroon acting is superb but background music is v childish… Believe me in first half I was badly missing sidra and saying to my hubby ab kashaf Kis se share kare ge zaroon k batain and when she talked to her on mob i became so happy lovely… I noticed smoking scene is un necessary ….anyhow kashaf is the girl who is fit for zaroon,s ideal girl…. Fatima ye to mardo k society hai wo thud jaise b flirt hon biwi naik sharif he chahte hain. ,to jabe zaroon b aisa he chah raha hai, I like scene at sir abrar home

  • How will Kashaf reply to Osama's proposal?
    – Say " Mein kisi aur se mohabbat karti hoon"
    – Say " kya hum dost hi ban ke reh sakte hai?"
    – Say " Mujhe sochne ke liye waqt chahiye"
    – Say " Meine shaadi ke baarey mein kuch socha nahi hai–par meri ek behen hai jo shaadi layak hai" (dumb thought ;-))

    What do you all think?

  • Ohk Fatima jee..i m here…nthng much to say…abt Z and K mere khayalat ki sahi tarjumani i would say "Aish" ne ki he comments mein….baki abt murtaza , osama and sidrah i agree with u..esp sidrah it was really good to see her..waki mein aisa lag raha tha salon baad dekh rahe hain sidrah ko…but as usual ek baat mein i hve a difference of opinion thn u ,,,i actuly liked bk ground music…zaroon jo harkaten ker raha tha..upper se FK keh expressions UFF!!! i actully enjoyed those scenes alot having cartoonish BM…Tom and Jerry yaad aa gai the as i love them alot..Zaroon and Kashaf bhi waise lag rahe the Zaroon cute sa Jerry and Kashaf angry Tom…..lolxx

  • *with u
    ek to mjhe iss web se bohat bari shikayat he keh ek daffa comment post kerdo to phir na correction ker sakte hain na delete…plzz kuch karen iss baren mein…


  • I think at the point in time when they meet in this episode Zaroon's engagement has ended.

  • >