Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 14 & 15 – Review

Aima and Hashim finally got married in this episode and the shaky start of their marriage was not surprising at all. Hashim wanted a grand wedding and most of all he can’t seem to get over his obsession with the car. I really liked the way Aima stood up for what she thought was right and was quite happy with a simple wedding. Akbari’s annoyance with everything that goes on in her son’s house made me laugh; Ayesha Khan is doing a commendable job and although I may not agree with Akbari’s thinking but I am enjoying her character now. Hashim’s father’s statement “Billi ko chichray nahi miley” was very true and funny as well. Hashim really needs to grow up and there is definitely a big communication gap between Aima and Hashim. Not to mention the fact that both are poles apart.

Hamnah continued to be selfish and just like her other siblings she has absolutely no regard for what her parents say. While it is important that when two people are engaged they should communicate with each other in order to know each other better and find out if they get along or not but at the same time it creates problems for parents too. Hamnah’s fiancé is constantly dictating to her how he wants things to be and she would much rather listen to him than her parents and grandmother. The only reason Hammad had a grand wedding too was because Ayza kept on telling him how she wanted things to be and everything happened according to Ayza’s wishes. There are times when I feel that Aima is being a little too preachy but I do feel that if more girls and boys start thinking like her, it will put an end of most of the problems that parents face while getting their children married. The way most people think Aima is being unreasonable was very nicely shown and the dialogues “Yehi tu masla ho gaya hai hamare masharay ka Sahi kaam kurne wala ab ajeeb hai” was so true.

I have to agree with one of the readers now who commented earlier on that Ayza’s insecurity was the main reason why she did not want Aima to get married in the same house. Ayza thought Aima’s idea of a simple marriage was “chichorpuna/dikhawa” and felt that by appreciating Ayza her In Laws were putting her down. I was actually surprised when Rafia kept on blaming Aima and Hashim’s engagement for all the bad things that were happening in the house. But I also like the fact that Rafia does not blame Ayza every time Hammad lets her down in any way. I really liked the way Asghari explained to Rafia about rights and duties and how Hammad was not doing them a favor by helping them with the finances. I could not help but wonder though that why can’t Hammad’s father still work somewhere since I have seen many men older than him working even after they get retired.

The entire issue regarding Guddu was also something that should serve as a good warning for some people. And even after everything that happened Akbari kept on blaming Amna’s servant in public, although in her heart she knew that Guddu was the one at fault. I am actually enjoying Akbari’s character now since it is one of a kind and I do know people like that who will do anything to prove themselves right.

Overall these two episodes highlighted a lot of important issues and like always were very relatable. The reasons why this play fails to win one over completely is because of the repetition and also because the picture quality is not that impressive. Everyone acted well in these episodes, so no complaints there. I am looking forward to seeing how Aima manages to resolve the issues with Hashim but at the same time the car issue has been blown out of proportion and it is about time we moved on.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • great review Fatima, and u r so right about why this play couldnt gain much popularity, another reason is that people react same way for such plays as they r reacting about a simple marriage in this play, it shows how speedily we r becoming materialistic, just like Ayza and Akbari we dont even bother about the teachings of our great deen. I still remember how people used to react on my brother's idea of a simple marriage, this play is soooo relatable. what an observation Umera Ahmed! mashAllah:).

    • Mrs. Asim I totally agree with you. We have made our lives so complicated because of all these things, in fact even attending someone's marriage becomes a hassle when the functions last for days. Most of the people cannot afford all of these festivities but they do it only because of the pressure from relatives etc Yes you are right Umera Ahmed has great observation.

      • Lovely points raised by you Mrs. Asim & not to be forgotten the rat race of grabbing new joras on even a distant relatives wedding functions. I see so many girls who do not repeat their dresses with the fear of being caught in an old suit which they had already utilized at someone's wedding. & their consciousness doesn't stop only at the suits but includes all the accessories, I always used to find it amusing when my cousins used to be soooooooo bothered about what to wear & what not even at a wedding where no one might even notice them. The hottest talk of all times is the up-to-date dresses girls have to wear on all 3 – 4 functions.

        • while totally in agreement with all of u ladies, i fail to understand one thing that why the dear brother is still studying in God knows which country that he couldnt come to attend even one sister's wedding:) also, i kept wondering where the dinner of the shadi day was at Aima's house or Hashim's?:) or maybe there was no dinner cos of bachat at either house. Biryani hi khila dete Hashim ki family ko:)

  • I absolutely enjoyed both the episodes & exactly those two dialogues that you've mentioned caught my eye. I actually know about many friends of mine whose fiancé's were totally in for wife's dowry & even counted cents of each & everything she was about to bring. The same excuse with which these guys came up with was I don't want people to think that my wife did not bring anything.

    I feel, the parents (like Arabs) should make their sons understand that when he is ready to get married mentally, he should be able to take complete financial responsibilities of his wife as well. Hashim was shameless when he even tried to talk Aima in continuing her job after wedding. He's being unreasonable but he is actually showing a mindset of many guys out there. I actually like that Rafia has started to understand what Hammad-Ayza wedding did to her family. She was regretting getting them married so lavishly. I actually teared up when Amna unwillingly heard Aima Hashim's conversation & got overwhelmed. It was really touchy. Ayza, just due to her immaturity has driven Aima to such a state where her husband is not happy with his wife or her parents.

    & I see at times you use the name Ayza when Aima has to be mentioned, hehehe, I can understand their names are so confusing because at times I do the same mistake while commenting. :)

    • I can't understand that why an intelligent girl like Aima wanted to marry a loser and greedy man who left his job to live on her salary and wanted a car all the time.

      • Love is blind Nyla & most importantly so are the lovers. :D

        @ Fatima, I know, the names create a havoc in one's mind, lol. :D I swear, dowry is such a huge issue & I actually hate those guys especially (forgot about the greedy parents) who want their wives to bring all the things may be because none of us sisters had to go through this & our husbands arranged each & everything for us (which is the Islamic way & our Sunnah).

        I love Umera Ahmed for showing what a pity thing this dowry is & what problems a middle class or simple minded girl has to face when she doesn't bring anything with her.

    • Lol Zahra the names especially in this serial get mixed up, Ayza/Aima – Hashim/Hammad!! I am sure you know what I mean:) You are so right, I have seen men like Hashim too who look forward to all the "goodies" their wives will bring with them. It is so ufair with the girl's family. Unfortunately dowry is not considered a social evil at all and most people do think like Akbari , Ayza and Hashim.

  • Fatima, this was the most waited review for me. I had a similar wedding what Aima chose for herself. just close family from both sides at our apartment, tea and 3 snacks after Nikah, my Eid ka jora for bride. No Jahaiz and no clothes or Jewllery from groom's side. I'm very fortunate that my very handsome & tall husband was genuinely happy with this arrangement with an average looking girl without any makeup ( even now). You can imagine the comments and criticism still following me and not a single friend and relative followed my example. :))

    • Wow Nyla that is great to hear..you have guts girl, good job. You are very luck MashaAllah. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. How did you manage to subdue the urge of a big wedding? it is quite tough you know, everyone nowadays wants to have an expensive wedding dress and a good function. Hashim really is a loser but you know what they say, love is blind!! I wonder how long it will take for Hashim to grow up.

      • I wanted to set an example for young generation and my students at college level that " simple living and high thinking'' is best polic yto live a peaceful life. One of my students was talking about me( making fun actually) about my thinking in a get- together of upper class people. My husband was there too and he liked this 28 yrs old woman ( he was 32) who never used makeup to improve her average looks belong to middle class. Both of us believe in same values. We are blessed.

        • Nyla you truly are blessed and I wish you both a very happy life together. "simple living and high thinking" is such a good motto, maybe you should write something about it too:)

          • Thanks Fatima, I'm 33 now happily married Mashallah. I can't write like you. You are really good & I love your reviews. Reading is my passion. I like drama 'Talkhiyan' perfect direction & acting , OST based on Sahir ludhianav's poetry and the book 'God of small things' Waiting for your next reviews.

  • I like this drama very much. I live in the USA, NJ, and when I got married my nikkah was done at the Masjid/Imam Bargah, and me and my younger sister gad our rukhsati at the same day, and our parents arranged the ceremony at the Islamic center. Man and women sitting separate, my husband came inside just before the rukhsati for some rasams. I don't have any regrets, in fact I feel blessed for getting married in the Masjid.

    • Congratulations Erum, my younger sister's Nikah and Valima was in Masjid + Islamic centre for Allah's raza not for superficial people.

        • It is great to know there are women like you out there…you are setting a great example and I am sure many people wish they had the guts to go forward with such weddings.

  • well, I exactly got married like ayma and I didn't get any jahez from my parents, not even a gold chain, it could happen because I got married abroad and my husband is not pakistani.His parents arranged for everything, that we have in our household , even the marriage arrangements were made by my in laws.I had a simple nikah at my parents place, after which food was served for about 20 people.My parents gave me money, that remained in my bank account and my husband has never asked about that money.Besides, my husband paid my mehr right when we reached our marital home and I spent it according to my wishes.We have now been married for three years and are very happy.I wish, that people don't make getting married such a big deal and spend the money on their daughters education instead.

    • Very well said sana, I wish the society and relatives would give the parents a break too..so much pressure from all sides.

    • Sana you are lucky, if I'm not wrong your husband is from Middle East following Islamic Law. In sub-Continent being highly educated has become a disqualification in marriage culture even some doctors are not allowed to practice after marriage. What a waste !!

  • Iam loving this drama but i feel that they showed too much of an extreme in getting married in a masjid its great that u can I had a very simple nikkah etc.. but i feel in regard to this drama they should have shown that although the elder sister got married in an extremely materialistic way they should have shown the younger sister marryin in a simple way but not to the extreme of a mosque as a lot of viewers will feel its too extreme at the other end and many people will feel they couldnt do this. therefore in relation t the message being conveyed i think they should have shown a middle ground. she should have had a simple marriage ceremony that most peopple can feel is realistic in the society they are living in.

  • Thanks a lot for the good review Fatima…:)
    These 2 episodes were one of my favorites and I couldn't thank the entire team for promoting such a good step…It is my decision from day 1 that I will be married just like Aaima and Hashim got married.
    In last review I remember a viewer was asking as why Amna is always doing Bachats everytime..They have got a son abroad who is studying and they have to arrange for his semester fees.
    Regarding the Guddu portion..This is one of the most realistic and experienced by me too.We had a little boy in our house who was involved in such things…One of my family member caught him red handed taking money out of my wallet and then he started to steal off my and my brother's clothes from our wardrobe,was hardly 12 or 13 and at that time started Smoking.
    The problem with these children(as per my understanding) is they got a bit confused personality..Whenever they go back to their village they think themselves as superior to other friends thinking that they live in a well off house,ghar k loagon ki tarah treat kia jata hai beta banaya hua hai and at workplace they have the same feeling…

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