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Silvatein – Episode 5



Ohkay so this whole episode revolved around Natasha. Her wedding, her expectations, her complaints, her mood swings.

The wedding was wrapped up quickly so as to shed more light on the post-marriage issues. Natasha, the moment her day started was not at all happy with how her wedding was coming along. She disliked being getting ready at home & hated that the venue of her wedding was the garden of her own house with a simple menu for the guests. It’s ok, being a bride one does expect a lot & want their wedding to be perfect but what’s the point of nagging about the things which can not be changed?

Natasha was acting all mean & rude. She had no courtest for her wheelchair ridden MIL who was happy for her son’s wedding. Natasha made a fuss about all the things & the funniest scene was the Skype session where every family member was in sync with the jokes they cracked but Natasha was like a fish out of water. Her nagging on tiny bit things totally showed what sort of a spoiled brat she is. Which bride does not know that there are going to be some norms & customs which each & every family celebrates once the new bride steps in their homes? Every bride knows that the wedding day is going to be a long one but Natasha expected that Bilal should have bid good bye to everyone & should’ve spent time with her which was impossible. Actually, she wasn’t happy about Bilal & his job, that’s why she was nitpicking on the smallest details too.

She came out to be as a person who just doesn’t like anything good happening to her as well. First she was jealous of Zeb for getting the proposal of Bilal but when she grabbed it by luck, she got over it ASAP. The way she ran back to her parents & started backbiting about Bilal showed she is one of those lasses who create the mishaps for themselves with their own hands. Her wedding was anything but that which she expressed & felt about it.

Zeb, on her own was dealing with her wedding properly. She was seen quite indulged in all the things that were happening around. Her mother’s discussion with Zeb after the rukhsati was quite overwhelming. She was just sitting there helpless like any other parent who’d feel the same sense of sadness once their daughter leaves their home for good. She was sympathizing with Natasha for no good reason because she didn’t know Natasha is trying to come back to that house once again.

I really am unable to understand what the character of Natasha actually wants out of her life? Does she has some sort of a disease of restlessness or she hates being happy? Let’s see how Zeb’s life would unfold. Another thing that came as a surprise was that Bilal’s elder brother is married however I thought he would be in pair with Zeb, may be the story will turn out to be like it.

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