Silvatein Episode 6 – Very Interesting

So, this episode had so much to offer & so much was going on that I didn’t want it to end. I enjoyed this episode right from where it started & how it ended. All the things were in place & loved to see more of Zeb as well.

The hell broke loose in Natasha’s in-laws when she left for her parent’s place without notifying anyone. She is lucky to have found such a family who cares for her a lot & loved how her MIL was trying to rationalize everything & her behaviour. Natasha’s SIL seems to be a good person but she is very dominating, she wants to know everything that is happening with each & every person of her family. She likes to dictate a lot especially Bilal because he is the youngest one among these siblings. I guess, what Natasha did was wrong plus it’s no way possible that living in a joint family a girl can so easily escape that too on the 2nd day of her marriage.

Zeb, on the other hand was dealing with that aggressive teenager. The condition of his house wasn’t appeasing one that’s why he tried to commit suicide  I loved how Zeb started talking to him on his level, just like a teenage girl who is surrounded by many problems but the biggest one of her problems is her sister. While she was saying all that, I could understand that no matter how hard she tries to convince herself that she doesn’t bother about Natasha but deep down she feels exactly the opposite. She confessed being rude to her younger sister & how she felt bad. Zeb has a very nice character, I must say this again. She could’ve yapped all day long if the guy hadn’t stopped her. It was funny.

Natasha was depressed & was thinking over & over again about Yawar, she even proposed the idea of coming back to him but she once again proved lucky that the guy, Yawar was very decent. He could’ve easily blackmailed her or anything considering how he lives next door but poor guy thought it was his fault that Natasha got married & let her go easily. I really felt bad for Yawar actually.

Natasha was about to utter the dangerous to her Pupho but Zeb intervened at the right time. I loved her explanation & how she tried to talk Natasha out of the idea of leaving Bilal. & this is exactly what Natasha wanted. She always likes to follow what others tell her because she is too lazy to think for herself even, but then all the way long she complains for not being able to make a choice for herself. It was so easy for Zeb to convince her & that very moment she called Bilal to pick her up. I agreed to Zeb when she mentioned that you liked Bilal because I got his proposal but now when I rejected him you’re rejecting it too. Natasha, for sure has this habit of snatching things away from Zeb, this is what Zeb spoke to that young kid about as well. Finally, the truth was revealed easily by Natasha may be because she wanted out from this marriage, that’s why she threw the Zeb-phone-call card on Bilal.

Bilal, Munize & their elder brother’s conversation was once again very well done. I loved how Munize was trying to dig deeper into the situation but a bit too negatively whereas the eldest brother tried to calm the situation down & tried to talk about how Natasha would be feeling. I liked the relation these three share with each-other & they compliment each other a lot. Natasha on her own had packed her bags & was about to leave (which once again is something not possible in a joint family). The way Bilal tried to make her understand her importance & the way he confessed his love towards her was really sweet. I absolutely adored Bilal for saying all such things because he is a nice person.

The funniest scene today was that of Pupho & Mikaal. Pupho very easy escaped from Zeb & said what she had to say to Mikaal. Mikaal got all hesitant & left & then Zeb took situation in her hands. Even though Zeb has been extra sweet with her Pupho & everyone else in her family & relatives but when the time comes she knows how to scream on top of her voice especially when she gets into awkward situations because of others. I loved Pupho’s acting, who was trying to tell that what she did was totally right but was regretful because of Zeb’s reaction towards it. LOL! I find myself laughing at her acting in particular. However, Zeb later apologizes to Mikaal but he easily says he has already spoken to his mother about Zeb. I am sure, this would be the last thing Zeb must’ve been expecting.

I can’t wait to see more of this drama. It started strong but the tangled situation of confusions was ticking me off. Now it has clarified smoothly & I am loving it. All the actors have done a marvellous job & each fits into the character perfectly. Can’t wait to see how Zeb’s life will unfold but now I do not want her to get hooked to Natasha’s brother-in-law because it will make things go wrong again, two sisters in one home would not be something I would want to see.

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