Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 16 – Zaroon Ke Sitaray Gurdish Mei Hein!!

Yes I totally agree with the notion ke Zaroon Junaid ke sitaray gurdish mei hai!! Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed were super today and the dialogues were just mind blowing, they depicted perfectly Kashaf and Zaroon’s state of mind. I enjoyed watching Kashaf fuming with anger and the way Zaroon could not muster up the courage to answer her call. So many dialogues made me laugh, the wit, hidden humor and not to mention the irony in them was beyond brilliant. Honestly speaking there is so much I want to talk about that I am not sure where to start from!

What a relief it was to see that Zaroon Junaid has his mind all made up and all the confusion is gone. He understands that changing how Kashaf feels about him will be a daunting task but at the same time he fails to understand why Kashaf dislikes him so much! Zaroon also wonders why he lets Kashaf walk all over him but even a fool can see that he is madly in love with the girl he could not even stand in the University and the biggest problem is getting through to her because she just won’t listen. The way Zaroon begged Sir Ibrar to convince Kashaf and the manner in which Sir Ibrar reacted was too cute for words. Zaroon Junaid wants Kashaf in his life; he does not care what his mother thinks about Kashaf’s family background and even the way Kashaf feels about him makes no difference to him…he is madly in love with this girl and will do anything to have her in his life. I have to say that after a long time I liked Zaroon today because he really did look like a changed man who does not look at things the way he used to. He even admits that he has been wrong in the past and is willing to do anything to make up for it.

episode 16ZaronZaroon1

Kashaf vows ke vo Zaroon ka dimagh thikanay laga kur hi rahe gi and proved that she really was quite capable of doing so. The only problem is that Zaroon is not playing any games now so there is nothing to fix there! I don’t blame Kashaf at all for feeling the way she does, she obviously still remembers what Zaroon said about her in the library and the fact that Zaroon and Asmara’s engagement did not work out does not help too! How brilliant was Sidrah today, simply loved the role she played today and the way Zaroon reacted to Sidra’s cool and calm manner was spot on too!! It was almost like he was thinking “wow there are “normal” girls in Kashaf’s house too, not all of them bite!!” Mansha Pasha is an absolute delight to watch every time. Kashaf won’t marry Zaroon even if he was the last man on earth…I think I have heard that line before many many years back!

kashaf Sir Ibrar

The mazboot waja that Kashaf gave for refusing to marry Zaroon was the exact opposite of the reason Zaroon gave for wanting to marry her…how ironic!! What will Zaroon have to do to prove to Kashaf that he is not so characterless afterall? After Sir Ibrar’s conversation with Kashaf, it didn’t come as a surprise when he was apprehensive to talk to her again. I did feel though that Kashaf was being a little too rude with Sir Ibrar given that he was her teacher, is her mentor and also someone she respects a lot…but then that is Kashaf for you. Kashaf is not willing to believe that Zaroon could actually be in love with her and finds it odd that both the proposals came one after another…she thinks it is plotting and planning just like the college days.

Kashaf sidrah

How wonderful, enjoyable and well executed was the scene where Zaroon calls everyone in his family one by one only because he is a total nervous wreck. Totally enjoyed that scene and the expression of relief on his face when Sidra picked up the phone and was willing to talk to him nicely too!!!

Coming to Murtaza, well he is surely trying his best to play the dad probably for the first time and guess what Nigar is helping! I was astonished to see that he actually thinks he gets to decide who gets married when.

When Kashaf asks herself while writing her diary that who her ideal really was or what he would be like…I thought finally, finally she was questioning herself about the whole marriage issue, thinking about what her ideal would be like.

Today’s episode was simply brilliant; everyone played their part beautifully. Please share your favorite scenes and dialogues from today’s episode.

Kashaf Zaroon 1

Tum apne ap ko samajhte kia ho??

Aik buhat acha insan!!

Sara din mei tumhe phone krti rahi aur tum mei itni jurat nahi thi ke tum mera phone uthao aur kurne chale tum mere saath shadi :D


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • What an episode! I laughed out loud so many times and had a smile almost through the entire time. THIS is what we have been waiting for. Not sure if it was worth the wait, but it was worth every moment in every scene today.
    Loved your review, Fatima. You didn’t miss a thing that brought the smiles, and as usual you have written beautifully.
    Every scene was fantastic and so was every character. Rafia now getting worried that Kashaf’s marriage also should happen soon, Murtuza trying lame ways to be a father, Nigaar feeding his mind with ideas that Rafia won’t ever get K married for her selfish reasons. Sidra was superb. She was such a delight, and I cannot tell you how I loved that conversation between her and Z. She always was very excited to hear about his Univ stories, and now she actually got to speak the man, and possibly realized he is not the ogre K is making him out to be! Fantastic!
    Kashaf stuck to her guns. As expected. But there was that moment of doubt when she actually asked herself what kind of a guy she thought was ideal. I guess, with no role model in her life, that must have left a very open ended confusing thought.
    Zaroon stole the show. Every dialogue, every nuance, every movement of his eyebrows, hands running through his hair, his glances…..this man is to talented that all words for him are understatements.
    I thought I died today and wouldn’t be able to reply to your review, Fatima. But here is my gushing. I will come back and read when I’m normal again.

    • one of my most favourite dialogues, during that entire fabulous conversation between K and Z on the phone, when she finally got to speak to him.
      K: tum jurrat bhi mat karna meri office aaney ki. Z: varna? and then she doesn't quite know what to say! lol
      K: rattles off all the names of all those girls and hes says "lekin please usme se Farheen ka naam nikaal dijiyega" rofl

    • Roh yes that was the moment when Kashaf for the first time thought on those lines but what she decides in the next episode is crazy!!! I think Zaroon will finally win her over in the next two episodes and she will realize, he isn't that bad after all. yes really enjoyed today's episode, I know how you feel;)

  • fareen ka naam to naa le aap wo mjhe zeher lagti thi
    r mai .. mai aap ko zeher nai lagti thi ???!!
    aap to mjhe churail lagti thi :P
    zaroon u're too good <3

    • The last scene and dialogues, when they are writing their diaries. And I also enjoyed these two among many others of course
      Haan kyunke duniya mei larkiyon ka kaam hi yeh hai ke tum unko propose kurte raho aur vo tumhare bare mei beth kur sochti rahei

      Jis Tarah Ki Harketei Yeh Krta Hai, Kisi Na Kisi Ke hatho yeh zarur mara jaye ga

  • that is called Pakistani Drama , that is our strength in dramas the way they perform their role is simply mind blowing ,you cant feel even in a single second it is not reality,they are just superb every one ,all staff writer director and cast they just done their job…fantastic work.


  • Difficult to choose…loved every minute of the episode…everyone was glued from first scene to the last…I wish HUMTV doesn't reveal the stories next time through their soundtrack…coz my brother said u know that they're gonna marry…so the suspense is ruined…
    well HUMTV didn't pay attention to viewers choice on their awards…hope they finally listen

  • nice review fatima ji.i totally enjoyed today's episode and my favourite scene of today's episode was when zaroon was talking to kashaf on phone and kashaf says ke agar aap chahte hain ke mein aap ke saath churailon wala sulook na keroon to mujhay dobara phone mat kijyega.that scene was awesome and fawad and sanam were just brilliant and after watching zgh i have become big fan of sanam saeed's acting.what i like about kashaf's character that she is a strong character in this drama and that's what a woman of today should be and hats off to writer umera ahmed for writing such a great story.and i am also happy that finally mansha pasha is getting a leading character in some drama i dont know its name but i read it on this website she is truly a good actress.

    • Fahad thank you so much for liking the review and for sharing your thought about the episode. I have always liked Sanam Saeed and she is doing a great job as Kashaf. Keep reading and commenting:)

  • One word – Fawad Khan is BRILLIANT!!! :D I could totally feel for the guy – oh man :) Kashaf tum ne iss ko bohat rulana hai

  • what to say???????? today's episode was simply brilliant….
    was difficult for me to hold myself while i was watching…lovveed fawad's acting throughout as i always do
    bht aalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Thank you Nazish, do share how you felt about the episode, would love to hear from you.

  • I love your revieww…usually i never read such reviews … Bcz on other sites they write the written updates of every episode in which they simply write each and every thing happened in the episode…. Waisey bhi ur english is also gud… Thnx di .. Plz try to make a review for daily episodes of MANAHIL AND KHALIL..!!

    I ll be very thankful to u.. Allahafizz

    • Thank you so much for liking the review eahel961, i am so sorry I am not watching Manahil and Khalil.

  • At the beginning of the phone conversation, Kashaf says to Zaroon: "main sara din tumhey phone karti rahi aur tum may itni jurrat nahin thi kay mera phone uthao. aur karnay chalay tum mujh say shaadi?"

  • Todays epi was best so far..loved every single scene..thr was a nice balance in todays epi..infact aaj to editor sahab/sahiba keh liye dhair sari tarifain..today editing actuly made this epi way more imteresting thn usual…zaroon ka subko cal kerna nd beech mein K and S keh scene..uff well done editr jee…ohk nw i lvd whole epi bt sm my fav r..sara nd zarina scene, the way ayesha said 'kia waki nazmabad mein rehti he'..her expressins were jst fab..i laughed so loud..

    • haha yes very true and then she went and had that nazimabad conversation with Zaroon and I loved his reply.

  • Loved todays episode!! Your review covers it so well!! The dialogues were indeed brilliant, poor Zaroon! Really felt bad for him today, so glad he is sorry for his past mistakes and looks like he has changed. It's true you shouldn't hold something against someone if they truly are sorry and are changed for the better. Even god forgives our mistakes and sins if we sincerely repent!
    Loved Sidra and Zaroons phonecall scene, was so cute that he found someone to support him! I think he was quite shocked!
    Kashaf as usual was biting everyones head off, nothing new! The phone call bw her and zaroon was brilliantly acted. Loved the zehar and churail dialogue!
    One thing though k keeps saying z was snob and arrogant in uni but he never was towards her, maybe a flirt but never ever was snobby towards her. I wish they had just kept it to that he's a flirt because those confrontations about class difference weren't even shown in drama, so it seems sill her saying that.
    Overall though so excited for next episode!

    • SK I think Kashaf thinks he is a snob because of the things he said in the library…is tarah ki larkiyon ke sath flirt kiya jata hai etc and you know how Kashaf feels about most rich people of the world;) lol Yes calling her churail again was sooo not wise! Thank you so much for reading the reviews and commenting:)

    • Sk the problem is that after what happened with her before in the University, she cannot trust Zaroon so easily.

  • OH Fawad was Brilliant!! He has turned Zaroon into such a likeable,adorable, cute character. Actually we should all be hating Zaroon but no each one of us had a big smile on our faces when he was feeling nervous and calling everybody under the sun except ' churail' :) His manner was so endearing! One almost wanted to hand over K to him on a plate just so he does not look so miserable. No wonder Sir Abrar burst out laughing when he pleaded with him.
    The other cute person was Sidrah. The way she is hell bent on making sure that her sisters are married off to the right people is just soooo cute. She is such a lovely sweet character and Mansha Pasha plays Sidrah to perfection.
    Kashaf was so believable and real. Her response and her indignation rang true and the way she exploded in front of Sidrah, was again what any sister would do under the circumstances. Today's episode was Brilliant !! No other words to describe it. ZGH team you make us proud!!

  • Ek to i dnt understand while comenting using cell where my half of coment goes after pressing post coment..khair here is 2nd half of my coment..
    Jst lvd scene b/w Z and K esp dialogues..like 'larkiyon ka yehi kam reh gaya he aap unko propose karen aur woh unke bare mein sochen (smthng like tht).
    Lvd diary scenes esp whn K ask herself abt her ideal..
    Mansha Pasha is always a pleasure to watch..i remember in SeZ as well, i used to feel so happy while watching her..patah nahi kion bt she is actuly frm 1 of those ppl in my life jinko dekh kar hi bss ajeeb si khushi hoti he..wonder is it her +ve roles or herself..
    And lasty wanna say i love u Umera Ahmed jee..u are awsome…i will nvr forget K..

    • Aiman I wonder why that happens, will definitely ask the admin to check it out. You are so right about Mansha Pasha, absolutely adore her.

  • lol it was brilliant and I enjoyed it more after reading ur review. m happy for u too coz once u were getting disappointed k why people r not linking this play;) jitna acha script likha gaya tha aj really her aik actor nay kamal krdiya. loved each and every scene today. specially of Zaroon, brilliant!!! I dont have words to praise it all enough, and to ur review too:) shabash;)

  • And lvd ur review Fatima jee..it is the most intresting one so far..superb!!
    Plz aap apne fav dialogues bhi bataya karo apne har review mein..aur ek complain he ZGH kei review ko esp treatment kio di jati he??
    Mean dramasonline me sirf zgh ka review hi kio itna highlight kia jata he y nt other good dramas reviews?? Hosaktah he keh baaki dramas r nt of tht calibre but nwdays Dil e muztar seems another good 1 after ZGH to plz isko bhi woh esp treatment de dain jo ZGH ko milti he…after all he to Pak drama..

    • Aiman I am glad you liked the review, there were so many dialogues that I liked, loved the Zaroon/Kashaf phone conversation, the way Zaroon begged Sir Ibrar and really liked what Zaroon and Kashaf wrote in their diaries in the end too.

  • Hehehe…, can't just one see how alike was the ending of episodes 16 and 15. Sir Ibrar ending up consoling Zarun, how superbly repititive. Story is'nt going to move until the marriage does'nt happen. There going in circles, and that is the only expectation for the next episode, this merry go round will continue.

    • Yes… U r right….
      In the precap, kashaf says yes to osama…
      I cant beleive it….ye larki apney app ko pata nahi kahan ki maharani sanajh ti hai…..
      Sab ko reject tou aisry karrahi hai jaisey kahin ki HOORPARI ho….
      And all of all, i love zaroon, asher, hassan,-FAWAD KHAN..!!

    • Oh good to see is epi mein bhi u finally find smthng..chahe woh end mein hi kio na ho…bt khair aapke coment ki aadat ho gai he aana mat choriye ga aap…chahe kuch bura kehne ko ho ya nahi in upcoming epis..

    • Somehow I can't understand that why you even bother to watch it of even if you do, why bother us all by such lame comments, if you dislike it then why come on a forum to discuss it… oh please, stop it! your comments are a reflection of extreme pessimism, I believe in Kashaf's pessimism now because you have shown me a greater degree of pessimism, thank you!

  • Fatima where are the reviews for dil e muztar I asked last time too but you never replied. Can you please tell me where they are? Reason being, I really like your reviews and follow them like a blood hound on a scent trail. Thank you in advance!!!!!

    • Wow good to see i m not the only 1 who follow Fatima jee's reviews like tht..well woh Dil e muztar ka review 'dramapakistani' per krti he…google ker lena mein web ka pora name bhol gai..like is it 'dot com' or 'dot pk' etc bcuz itna jati nahi udhar except for Dil e muztar's review…

    • Gagoga I am so sorry I must have missed your comment, we are not allowed to give external links but the site is dramapakistani. Thank you so much for liking the reviews and i love the analogy;) You are too kind.

  • O God! this is one serial I wait for every friday. its so refreshing and todays episode was so cute specially zaroon calling his family….. really cute… hats off to the team.

  • Too much of goodness in one episode…Lots of lovely scenes and splendidly phrased dialogues as metioned by all…

    There was one more that is noteworthy–that no one has yet commented on…The conversation between Zaroon and Osama–the way Zaroon asked Osama if someone may have mentioned him in chat–Perhaps he was hoping that Kashaf would talk to Osama about Zaroon…(or maybe I am just imagining that…) He seemed a little disappointed at that point…

    Any thoughts on that…?

    Great positive reviews, Fatima, Roh

    • No u r nt imagining tht..actuly us scene ka matlab hi yehi tha jo aapne samjha nd FK nd SM were awsm it tht scene..lvd it…

    • Yes that is exactly why he called him; he was dying to find out what was going on in kashaf's head lol

    • thank you, how sweet of you to mention. I thought the Zaroon/Usama conversation was superbly done. It was meant to show Zaroon's concern, confusion, unsure and restless feelings, and it was done so well. He thought maybe K would call Usama and rant! Poor guy. :D

  • Absolutely brilliant revew, enjoyed reading it like cup of hot Capaccino on a gusty freezing December evening.
    Best episode so far and equally brilliant Review. Difficult to pick one or two favorite scenes, I've to watch the episode
    again. And Fawad Khan was absolutely brilliant.

    • yes Anwar Sohail Fawad Khan is beyond brilliant, he makes every scene very special, he truly is gifted. Thank you so much:)) It is always great to hear from you and I really look forward to your comments. Oh yes This episode deserves to be watched again and again.

  • I loved the whole episode. The first scene i liked was the how zaroon calls each of his family members within 15 minutes. The next how he talks to Sara about the status issue and the Kashaf's house location was no matter. Sidrah talking to Zaroon and the end scene when Zaroon says to Sir Abrar "Sir kuch karain na please." And Zaroon telling Kashaf that she still remembers his girlfriends name list! And the way he said farheen ko hata do…i didn't liked her. That showed how serious he was for kashaf. Over all Zaroon Junaid Cuteness personified". Waiting for the next episode….kashaf accepting Osama's proposal!

  • aj ki episode itni achi thi k jab woh khatam hui to maine khud se kaha uff ab next friday tak kese intezaar hoga :( nd i love the way zaroon was insisting sir ibrar like a cute kid to talk to kashaf once again :) really loveZaroons expressions in todays episode ,cant wait for the next :) nd awsome review as usual thanx yaar Fatima

    • Thank you Sweetie for taking time out to read the reviews and for commenting:) Yes really looking forward to the next installment.

  • Fantastic episode. Beautiful Direction and good editing. Each actor acted fabulously. Fawad stole the show. He is absolutely brilliant as the confused love struck young man who does not know what has hit him. His mannerisms and body language were superb. Kashaf and Sidra were fantastic too. Sidra as the calm smiling loving sister who will go to any length to see that her sister gets the best person as her life partner. You cannot imagine that Mansha Pasha is acting. It looks as if SHE IS SIDRA. She has portrayed the character so well. Kashaf as the strong willed woman who knows exactly what she wants in life is again a very inspiring personality. SS is superb as K. I congratulate Umera for giving us this beautiful character as a heroine. This is what is needed in today's woman . A strong Character and standing up for what is right. Well done team ZGH and special congratualtions to Sultana Siddiqui.

    • NDL it is always great to hear from you, I missed your mini reviews:) Great to see you here today.

  • @fatima Awan…As usual Loved your review you just said same what i have in my heart…Well today episode was flawless and if u agree with me….today episodes belong to fawad…he was so natural and i guess he was born to play zaroon and my favourite dialouge in todays episode was
    "Zindagi Ki Sab Say Mushkil Tareen Cheezon Mai Say Aik Kisi Kay Dil Say Apnay Baaray Mai Badgumani Ko Door Karna Khaas Taur Per Uss Badgumaani Ko Jiss Ki Wujoohat Theek Ho."

    its really true and i agree 100%
    really looking forward for the next episode……..

    • Thank you Amir Butt, yes I really liked that dialogue too, it had a lot of depth.

  • Fatima you have a brilliant way of summing up the episodes and it is such a pleasure to read your reviews.

    I loved todays episode. I guess this was the ZGH we have been waiting for LIKE FOREVER!!!! Zaroon knew Miss. Murtaza was no easy nut to crack. Zaroon’s climb to gaining her as his wife and life partner was akin to climbing K2 and even he didn’t see the avalanche sweeping him away in the very first step he took. Its interesting to note that how Zaroon who is used to having everything handed to him in his life, didn’t really had to go through the same struggle road as Kashaf to gain achievements in life, instead he is suddenly put on a pedestal by his own extremely uncontrollable feelings and tables have turned where Zaroon has to make peace with his past misdeeds and rationalize his behavior. I do like the fact that Zaroon does indeed proposes to Kahsaf properly and employs help from all the people she confides in and is close to and most importantly with Sir Ibrar and Sidra. One thing I have loved about Zindagi Gulzar Hai is the involvement and relationship between siblings and how it helps to define character behavior and rationalization for their thoughts and actions. Lets see how far Sara and Sidra go to form bridges between Kashaf and Zaroon and their respective families.

    Yaar someone please give Kashaf a laptop now :P beechari pen ghaseet ghaseet kar khatam ho gai hoogi! Nice to know Kashaf still is thinking about her ideal husband and her mind churns out a blank answer for her!
    And lastly the 4 phone calls, oh what a great scene! O god :D

    • Misty I love your reviews too and it is always great to see you here. You are so right about Zaroon and the relationship that the siblings have.
      Oh yes the phone calls were brilliant.

  • fatima awan!
    your reviews on zgh are good but I hope you stop using the logo against your name in the comments section (READ: FREEMASON SYMBOL) you do realise what you are glorifying…. or are you really one of them?!!!!

  • hi, I have read all the comments. No doubt, everything was perfect in this episode… but nobody has mentioned that how amazing was the background music of this episode! That brilliant music has enhanced all the enjoyable scenes so well ….. I just loved it.

    • aysha you are so right the background score was perfect today, thank you for mentioning that.

  • A thrilling episode, superb acting, thought provoking dialogues. Kudos to the director and above all to Umera Ahmed for showing such an insight in to life and society. Ms. Awan, I also admire your enthusiasm to detail.

    • T.S.Bindra totally agree with you, I will definitely be watching this episode over and over again:) Thank you so much for following the reviews, hope to see you here more often. I really enjoy reading all the comments and talking to everyone here, always a pleasure.

  • fantastic.Can we have next episode 2mmorrow.Difficult to wait. Big fan of Pakistani dramas from India.

    • Radhika Yes indeed it is very difficult to wait, as one of my friends says (she is from Indian too:) that we live from Friday to Friday. It is always great to hear from someone from across the border. I am glad that so many viewers in India our enjoying our shows and are nice enough to take time out to give feedback. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now:)

  • OMG!!! i havent even liked fawad khan that much in humsafar,…he was awesomest in this episode!!!!!
    loved his each expression

      • I am sure I like FK in ZGH better than in HS as his character is slightly rakish here which suits him a lot :) He is superb. This serial is my all time favorite.

  • Oh my,i can imagine how excited you were feeling while writing the review.I mean for this episode,anyone could have written it,not as interesting as your's but still they could have done a pretty good job.My favorite scene was the whole episode lol but the most was Sidra-Zaroon interaction.When she says Main America Main Rehti Hun And Meri Shaadi Ho Chuki Hai lol :D I think there is not a single girl at this moment who is not jealous of Kashaf,but there she is .. bold and hot-headed! I don't know how we are going to spend these long 6 days :(

  • Kia episode kia review wow, wish I could watch n read watch n read again n again n again:)
    This is the ZGH I was waiting for since the drama started! I am so speechless by the episode, the superb acting that really don't know what to comment Fatima:) maybe will watch again n read again then give a detailed comment:)

    • Xenia yes please do that:) Drop in whenever you are done with watching the episode again and share with all of us how you felt about it, would love to hear from you.

  • sorry I am late reading this. A wonderful review for a wonderful episode. Sigh , it is nice to be happy for a chnage. AS usual fawaad carried the day. I loved the scene with him and Sidra on the telephone . That conspiratorial tone was just right. Sidra knows her sister really likes Zaroon so she is going to help his case . I am dying for next week to see how K feels after that tea scene . Maan jaao meri maa is all I can say ! But seriosly I can understand beychari ki problem when you know the name of every single one of your would be husband's girlfriends it does not inspire confidence in him :)

  • Enjoyed this episode even more on second viewing. Still unfair to pick one favorite out of so many cute scenes. However one I didn't enjoy was close up of two mouths while nibbling watermelons ie Murtuza and nigar close up.
    Waiting for next episode, I hope they don't lose momentum. Take care.

  • thz episode made me laugh many tms and kashaf z mad that she z rejecting the proposal of such a handsme boy zarun ufff zaroon look sooo handsme today and he also looked vry changed today if i woudh be there i willll………..
    luv u zaroon and kashaf
    luv u zgh♥♥♥♥!♥

  • At times i feel like reading your reviews before watching the episode but thn try to hold myself ! lol..Fatima your reviews are excellent …Everyone was very good in this episode and much has been mentioned but I like Nigar's cunning attitude,her body language,her makeup the she talks and all the cheapness in her character is enjoyable hahaha :) keep it up Fatima

    • Thank you so much Reema, it is appreciation by readers like you that keeps me going. But have you noticed that Murtaza does not really listen to her anymore or at least he doesn't get flared up like he used to.

  • aik scene ?? you sure aik hi scene batana he na :P marrah i just loved the entire episode and next epi ka tea scene ehm ehm maza any wala ahe :)
    fatima apka review zgh ki trha hit hota he har bar . tamam reviews me se ap k review ko sb se zyada likes milty hen . i m going to make a comic about that in zgh comics :P

    • Hi Nighat, are you the one who makes ZGH comics? Where can i see your masterpieces? Please do let me know, some of the comics are hilarious. Maybe we can publish them all here on reviewit, what do you think? Oh yes looking forward to what happens when Zaroon meets Rafia and Sidrah. All of you are very kind…a big thanks to all my readers, where would I be without you all :)

  • hi every body. i'm an indian but i love watching pakistani plays. even indian plays stand nowhere in front of them.these plays have depth, meaning n every character is is very well written. zindagi gulzar hai is one of the best plays i've seen so far. the hero fawad khan is just awesome. he is a good actor n v good looking too. the heroine is simply fantastic. hats off to you people for writing n presenting such nice plays. always wait for next episode. i'll say again ur too good fawad khan. keep up ur good work.

    • Alkta Mehta it is always great to hear from someone from across the border. It makes all of us so happy to know that so many people in India are enjoying Pakistani dramas. We are blessed with some very talented actors, writers, producers and directors and it is nice of people to give them the appreciation they deserve. Keep watching and try and drop in more often:)

    • Hi, Alka welcome!
      Also wathc Miratul Uroos, Daam, Qaide Tanhai, Wajoode Laraib, Shehre Zaat and Durre Shahwar – all by the same great writer. Hope you will enjoy…. All the best.

    • Hi Alka! Am from India too and like you I too love watching ptv dramas and agree with what you say.

  • Simply Fantastic episode , i love it !!!

    love the convo between zaroon & parents… he is positively convincing his parents…

    Simply awesome..

    as usual kashaf madam, uffffffffffffff itna nakhara tou paroo ne b nahi kiya thaa ;) :P

  • Zaroon k sitare gardish main hain, per somehow shaadi tou ho hee jani hai wo b Kashaf churail se ;) lolxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Addicted! Started off by watching Humsafar didn't think any other drama would be able to compare to that but I'm loving Zaroon and Kashaf. Can anyone tell me when the episode 17 is due to be uploaded?

  • one of the best episode so far and loved your review fatima as usual. Not a single scene was boring in this episode and every dialogue was awesome especially between kashaf and zaroon on that phone call and for the first time i liked zaroon's character more than kashaf's and Kashaf's dialogue 'dunya ka akhri mard bhi hota to us se shadi ni karungi' was very familiar but don't remember where or in which serial i heard it.

  • hi :) this drama is awesome :) i always waiting a new episode :) this drama is one of my fvrt dramazz :)

  • hi :) this drama is awesome :) i always waiting a new episode :) this drama is one of my fvrt dramazz :)

  • loved this episode, there was not even a single thing to complain about & you summarised it beautifully, Fatima! :) oh, how long this week seems, 5 more days to go! :/ just loved the scene of Kashaf & zaroon, Zaroon & sidra, Zaroon calling everyone in his family in his confusion & anxiety…. excellent dialogues, superb direction & perfect acting! One thing more that Fawad khan is no doubt, flawless but Sanam Saeed truly proved herself, she doesn't seem under pressure while acting with him & that's the best thing I like about Kashaf

    • Hamna yes this episode really was superb and totally agree with you about Sanam saeed. Thank you so much for taking time out to comment, hope to see you here more often.

  • Superb Episode Loved the dailougues and acting Everyone was just perfect Congratulations team zindagi gulzar hai You guys Rock.

  • fawad ko chaye k itna makeup na kia karay bht over lagta hai
    fawad ko zidah hi sar pay utha lia hai bas theak hi hai acting
    he can't compete with wentworth miller ( micheal scott field ) .

  • Superb episode , superb acting by everyOne , loved every scene of it. But I wonder how they will eventually end up marrying after kashaf will say yes to Osama in the next episode . I loved the way sir ibrar laughed at zaroons anxiousness . Fatima ur reviews r absolutely spot on n amazing

    • San yes Sir Ibrar's reaction to Zaroon's "serious attitude" was quite funny and then the remark that serious looked funny on Zaroon was actually very true :) We are all dying to find out how the marriage eventually takes place. Thank you so much for liking the review, I would really like it if you can drop by and comment more often. Discussing every little detail with all of you is what makes the experience more fun.

  • kya museebat hay review?? cant u notice..4 episode guzar gayen or zaroon saab kashaf ko fon hi kiye jarahay hain or pata nahin kab tak kartay rahan gay???uffffffff very slow speed..why dont u mention such weaknesses in your review?

    • Very much correct Sara. I am also failed to understand why they are dragging the serial. Last episode nothing new and failed to understand why Zaroon is so much attracted towards Kashaf when she doesn't fullfills criteria of his ideal wife.(Basic thing in a relationship is respect and Kashaf never gave respect to Zaroon in 16 episodes)

      So lets see what is next twist in the plot.

  • while some events have passed really quickly i dont understand y the last 4 episodes have been hovering over zaroon not mustering up the courage to talk to kashaf n kashaf's hatred for zaroon growing by the second. for someone who's read the novel, its just too slow n boring.

    • Sarah I agree the events could have been "balanced" in a much better way, That is the problem with most of the plays nowadays because they have to be stretched to 20 episodes plus. Personally, there have been only a couple of episodes till now which i thought didn't have much to offer, otherwise every episode has its nice bits. That of course is my personal opinion and I know many people who are not very happy with the pace of the show and the way story is developing. Keep reading and commenting.

  • my favourite scene rather scenes would be zaroon pointlessly calling up his mom dad n sister n saying kaafi din se baat nahi hui thi aap logon se

  • SS is fantastic as K and I agree about ' dark and brooding'. It is because she is a female that her bitterness and anger is unacceptable for the general public. Sidra ( Mansha P) has acted beautifully and the character she portrays is also very amiable so it has to be very popular. Sidra has great chemistry with Zaroon and like many others , I also wished that their phone convo could have been shown in detail as it did bring in a lot of smiles. A lot of us are now waiting for the interaction between Sidra and Zaroon in the next episode and I am sure that will be an interesting watch :) FK of course leaves us speechless with his amazing acting talent. SM really needs to work on his dialogue delivery and MUST STOP smiling at every sentence. It looks quite lame. Relishing the episodes and waiting anxiously for Friday.

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    • Am from India. Love watching Pak dramas. Every week wait for the next episode of this drama every word you wrote was echoing my feelings. Loved this episode and have watched it three times already.

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  • >