What Junaid Khan Loves to Do in Free Time?

It has been witnessed that once you are a star and have a busy routine, the most that suffers is your fun life that includes your health, happiness, and family time. However, Junaid Khan has always made sure not to be that busy and puts his personal life and enjoyment in front of all his engagements. Junaid Khan who is also known as the lead vocalist of band Call, is a promising actor and has performed very well in many prime time dramas. If you are also a fan and want to know what Junaid Khan loves to do in his free time, here is it all about!

Jogging and lots of Jogging

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Workout With Kids

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Cooking is his best skill

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Travel Around

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Eating is so fun

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Posing for the Camera in selfies


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Spend time with Family

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Loving Nature

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Play Cards

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