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Zindagi Gulzar hai Episode 4 – Spot On!

When we were introduced to Zaroon’s character in the first episode, the impression that everyone’s comments about Zaroon gave was that he is a very irresponsible person but until now Zaroon comes across as a very responsible individual. He is very conscious about his grades in college, worries about the relationship his parents have and also looks out for his sister in his own way. I fail to understand why everyone tags Zaroon as reckless, in my opinion he is anything but that. It was strange to see Zaroon wonder just why Osama was taking so much interest in a girl like Kashaf who has “average looks, average personality and an average background”, given the fact that it is Kashaf more than anyone else who is the driving force behind Zaroon putting in so much effort into his studies. Zaroon cannot help but add a line or two about this average girl in his diary every night. While Asmara is putting Zaroon to sleep (literally; the scene where they are talking on the phone and he wants to hang up because he is too sleepy all of a sudden) Kashaf’s grades are making him stay up till late so that he can be ahead of the game. I can say with all certainty that although very unconsciously but at this time Kashaf is influencing Zaroon’s life in many more ways than Asmara or any of his other friends. Does Zaroon have double standards or was he merely a stating a fact when he told Sara that it was okay for a man to come home late but not for a girl? I think deep down Zaroon is indeed a very typical man but also one who is extremely sensitive and caring. Asmara made repeated references in this and the previous episodes also of Zaroon’s excessive mingling with girls and just when I started wondering whether there was any truth in what she said, we saw that she indeed was right. I find it rather odd that Zaroon is always complaining about the opposite gender and at the same time he is quite at ease with them too. I guess this man does not know himself as well as he would think he does.

We saw Rafia thinking of all the things her husband and his brother said to her. What I gathered from that particular scene was that while she felt very hurt by what they said but at the same time it seemed like she was also evaluating her own behavior and thinking whether she was actually right in not letting her husband have a say in some of the most important decisions in their daughters’ lives. People like Rafia who are so fair, sensitive and caring always put themselves on the pedestal before they judge anyone else. Rafia’s disapproval of the sifarish her husband sent went to show that she will never compromise on her principles no matter what. All of Samina Peerzada’s scenes were beyond exceptional; she has amazing talent and manages to portray every character assigned to her with ease. Acting comes naturally to her and she is one of those actors in our industry who truly make you feel swollen with pride. The confrontation between Rafia and Murtaza was extremely emotional and the aftermath was even more so. The way Rafia’s daughters come to console her every time their father leaves their mother broken and hurt is so heart touching. These daughters really are a blessing for Rafia and Murtaza is very unfortunate that he fails to give her daughters the love and credit they deserve. Kashaf takes a stand for her mother and I am sure we could all tell that Rafia did not for a second think that what her daughter did was wrong in any way.

Does Kashaf lack basic manners or is she too matter of fact? The way she does not even respond nicely to her “friend’s” questions and also the manner in which she responds to Osama’s apology suggests that whatever Kashaf does is purely unintentional,. Her actions are not meant to hurt anyone, she just does not know better. When Maria tells Kashaf she is “ajeeb”, she does not even think that Maria was talking about her personality and not her appearance. Now that is what I call confidence! Kashaf may question her looks but she never questions her attitude towards people, she feels she has no reason to go out of her way and be nice to people. Maybe because she thinks that everyone else around her is more fortunate than her so it would not make a difference to them whether or not Kashaf is nice to them. The way Kashaf questions her looks later and asks her sister what was wrong with her was another scene that was very well done. I absolutely love the relationship between the three sisters and their mother. Even when Kashaf is confronting her father although her words are harsh but her expressions suggest that she had to muster up all the courage she had in order to confront her father.

Try as they may the fact is that Zaroon and his friends find it impossible to ignore Kashaf. She maybe a very average girl compared to them but she does not give them attention like everyone else does and I think that is getting to everyone more than anything else. Fawad Khan’s expressions in the scene where Osama is apologizing to Kashaf and later on too, made me chuckle; no doubt acting is just as much about expressions as it is about dialogue delivery. I will definitely watch that scene over and over again. I must also add that Sheheryaar Munawar was quite good in today’s episode and he gave me nothing to complain about. I am glad I can look forward to seeing more of him too now.

One more thing we learnt in today’s episode was that Ghazala does not know her son at all. She thinks that Zaroon will happily agree to the engagement. On the other hand the heart to heart conversations that the son and father have often have made Zaroon’s father realize that his son would never marry someone like Asmara.

This was another superb episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, everything was perfect like always. The direction is beyond exceptional and a big shout out to all the actors and the entire team for coming up to the expectations of the audience. Umera Ahmed’s script coupled with Sultana Siddiqui’s direction really has made this serial something very special. Like always, I cannot wait for the next episode.


Fatima Awan.

  • well all I have to say is that the article is nicely written .I also appreciate the audience who observe everything and share to others

  • I just watches the episode n came straight here to read ur review n review was really here :) I loved todays episode really,everything was so perfect. I think Zaroons is shown a very typical man( different criteria for outside and inside females), but m sure we are going to observe his personality development, because Umera's characters tend to be so(just like reality. loved ur review too, u missed no point MASHALLAH:)

    • Mrs. Asim thank you so much for coming straight here:) you know your input is so valuable. Yes absolutely looking forward to how Zaroon's & Kashaf's personalities shape up in the future episodes. You are always so kind.

      • Drama is ultimately about people: their attitudes, their history, their motives and most importantly how they relate and contrast with one another. Without fully-rounded characters, there is little tension and subtext.

        The smallest detail such as the characters nickname often has huge consequences upon the sort of person the character might be.

        For example take the name of Zaroon, the meaning of ‘Zaroon’ is ‘Visitor’ therefore you would find that he is Happy-go-lucky person who flirts with girls. The numerology of this name suggests that he has outstanding organizational and administrative capabilities. Much of his success (or lack of it) may come due to his ability (or inability) to judge character. he can exercise sound judgment in most of his affairs. He is very ambitious and goal-oriented.

        As it always happens, he has negative attitudes. He is very rigid and stubborn. he may be too exacting, both of himself and of others. Sometimes this can even becomes a case of intolerance.

        Similarly take the name of Kashaf. The name of Kashaf creates a friendly, sociable, charming nature, but causes her to be too easily influenced by others.

        While she finds it easy to meet and mix, and can appear agreeable and
        compromising in conversation, but she can become unbending and forceful if pressed
        too far.

        Others learn that she cannot be told what to do and she seldom change her mind
        once it is made up.

        She prefers situations that allow a degree of independence, but she is reluctant to
        take on a demanding work-load or responsibility.

        Although the name Kashaf creates the urge to understand and help others, I
        stress that it causes a blunt expression that alienates others.

  • Like always loved your review! Your analysis was spot on:) Samina Peerzada is beyond awesome! Truly inspiring! Everyone did a great job!

  • I was also waiting for your equally interesting review ! LOL i don't know what else to speak.But this drama is more than just a drama.

  • as always Fatima you are so quick with your reviews and write them so well :)
    I agree with you about Osama – much better here (and today) than in TNS!
    I enjoyed the sis-brother scene and the Kashaf-Sidra scene. Like Zaroon's father says, his son is a little different and we saw that today when he was scolding Sara, but he definitely has double standards – what is OK for a man is not ok for a woman. Let's see how his perceptions change (if they do) as the story progresses.
    Overall the episode was ho-hum for me. I am really missing the Kashaf-Zaroon interactions. I wish we saw them in class together or something rather than just in each others diaries or thoughts.

    And when will the the Waseem Abbas scenes stop. Uff they are so cliched it is annoying. As always I forwarded all of his scenes which left a mere 20+ minutes of the episode. What a bummer! Just like Kashaf, I am wondering hamay Murtaza se kaab nijaat mile gi. Please jaaldi story forward karo.

    • lol I never thought Waseem Abbas was annoying everyone so much but yes i have to agree that I also thought that the scenes with his second wife were too long and are getting repitititve. I think the writer has successfully managed to get the message across and it should be over to Kashaf and Zaroon now. I think there is a reason for the dad being there and we will all like it when he feels bad about everything he has done wrong. The college scenes are a treat to watch and even watching Kashaf and zaroon writing the diaries or interacting with their siblings is good to watch too.

  • The reason ppl confused over zaroon's character is coz director didnt introduced him in proper and complete way………….. The First Meeting in NOVEL was more convincing way to introduce both personalities , when they were giving their introductions by telling abt their last studies performance , Zaroon was Brilliant with high grades and looked way more proud in his introduction what shud be….at that point kashaf became against him(she was also brilliant but didnt like his overconfidence) i loved their conversation abt politics , foreign services, imp, exp etc etc, which i really dont know y they didnt show. but Thank God overall Drama is going greatttttttt…i loved each and every bit of it , cant wait for next episode.

    • I agree that they should have shown SOME scenes of them in class together rather than just sticking to their thoughts in diaries.

      • I agree.Those scenes will show how much they hate/love each other.not by just writing diaries Or talking about each other with friends.There are several scenes in the novel where zaroon and kashaf are arguing/debating in the classroom.

    • I agree with you . The hot debates in the classroom played an important role in making this novel memorable. In the novel Zaroon is not shown so conservative like in the play. Waseem Abbas' role is needless in the play. This senior actor is just wasted .

    • absolutely agree with you all, I hope we will be seeing many scenes of Zaroon and Kashaf together too, really want to see the confrontations and the direct competition. This was only the 4th episode so much more to come:)

  • Fatima this is the best review I have read in a long time. i wish I could analyse things this well and this quickly. You said everything I was thinking and more. Bravo.Next week will be tough to keep up with :)
    I REALLY am HAPPY to see Sheheryaar Munawer improve. Last week I thought something had gone terribly wrong with the wonderful actor we saw in Merey Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miey. If he carries on this way all our recent doubts as to his abilities will disappear. Just hope he remembers NOT to coast on those drop dead gorgeous looks and takes his roles seriously without being fazed by more experience actors . The trouble is Fawad is so fluid and natural that it is hard to ignore a single mistake in front of him. Yes Fawad was PERFECT …
    Now we know that Zaroon is a bit of a flirt ,somethings are making sense .But you are so right Kashaf and Zaroon are affected by each other no matter their denials. I think Kashaf is so afraid of more ridicule she has circled her wagons and decided not to let anyone get close enough to hurt her. Great job Sanam Saeed!! she is justifying her self as Kashaf more and more with each episode . Loved that scene with Waseem Abbas ! Kashaf is a very vulnerable but, unfriendly character to play as no one likes to identify with the less pretty one, but Sanam is doing it . BTw who must I kill to get this woman's beautiful hair.Loved, Loved ,loved Samina Peerzada she reminded me of the attitude of Both my wonderful parents who have never made a difference between their sons and daughter.I am so in love with Rafia's character. Thank you again Umera Ahmed :)
    Asmara , All I can do is recommend a good psychiatrist … now we can see that engagement is zabardasti ka .

    • Totally agree about a psychiatrist, uff she irked me no end today…I wanted to Fred her scenes but sigh zaroon was in me. I don't know how much I can support this train wreck now, very annoyed today!

    • I know Sadaf her hair is SO PERFECT!! such a shampoo ad that scene was ;)

      what did Zaroon call Kashaf at the library – khala? He was mumbling his dialogues so I couldn't make it out.

    • Sadaf thank you so much, you are too kind. yes what a relief, i am so glad that SM can act and I don't know why his acting is below average in TNS but all good now and looking forward to seeing more of him. You are so right about Fawad, his expressions in the library were too good. That is very interesting what you said about kashaf , it is interesting how everyone feels about kashaf, such an interesting character. Yes Sanam saeed is simply flawless and I LOVE the way this play has been directed. lol I think MR needs one too not just Asmara, sick and tired of watching her running after FK!

  • Fatima you covered everypoint left nothing for us :)
    the direction was flawless..acting was doubt waseem abbas and samina peerzada are brillant at there work…shehryar munawar was very good today…osama's character is so sweet…his library scene with kashaf and zaroon was very nicely done.
    great team work.loved it.

  • Superb review Fatima and awesome episode just loving the drama Sameena Peerzada and Sanam Saeed both are on top of my list splendid job by both yeah SM didn't disappointed me at all he was good. Yes i'll definintely ne following ZGH for sure. Direction is awesome. Yaar Fatima waiting for your reply in TNS please reply.

    • Thank you UAg , sorry for not being active enough on the TNS thread, I don't know how I miss out on the new comments there. will surely reply. thanks a ton.

  • Fatima, I have to start with what I always do. I'm amazed at your talent of being able to analyze and give the 1st viewing such a detailed thought. And THEN be able to put them down for us so quickly.
    I came here soon after I watched the episode, and I have to admit, only on reading your review, did the episode actually make sense to me. I was left with hazaar questions, and if I might admit, I was a wee bit disappointed in not seeing more interaction and fireworks between Z and K. Now I think they are trying to cement the characters further, before moving on with the story.
    I am still thinking about how to put down all the questions buzzing in my head, and you've given such a lovely summary of an episode, which I was going to write off as a filler.

    • Yes, Roh after we get over our fan frenzy it was a filler… we could have gone without.. I guess they want to suees as much juice out of this Fawad craze as they can but ,

    • Thank you Roh, you are too kind. Hey guys it is only the fourth episode, they have to show all these things if things wrap up so quickly the play will end in ten episodes, Sadaf and Roh do you want that to happen? lol I am looking forward to all the questions from your side Roh. i really want to see Zaroon and Kashaf's interactions just like everyone else.

      • no way do I want it to end in 10 episodes. But surely they can give us at least one interaction between Z and K in each episode. He making a snide remark, and she snapping back. Am not asking for much. :) A little more of them compared to all we are getting of Murtaza and his 2nd wife. Just asking for a few more smiles on our faces. :)

        • I know what you mean Roh, I was just kidding. i watched this episode with a friend and she got up everytime the muratza/wife scenes came. Let's hope we get to see some Zaroon/Kashaf interaction in the next episode.

  • Wow you are so fast in your review Fatima!! thanks, I barely watched it and it's up:) I thought it was ok, some great parts but I also feel some parts they are repeating and it feels like you've watched already like Kashafs father and his wife scenes and zaroon Asmara scenes are just too much, same baatein, Asmara is just too annoying. I hope they start moving ahead with the story, as I think we've definitely grasped all the characters traits by now. Loved the zaroon parts in library, his expressions were brilliant, and yeah shehryar was better this episode. I have to agree with you about how kashaf is in zaroons thoughts subconsciously and they always seem to be talking about her, even if it is negative. It reminds me of uni days though how peopl are so catty and do often do that. Well still an enjoyable episode, hopefully it gets better next week with maybe a zaroon kashaf direct face to face scene:)) boy they are making us wait! SK

    • Thank you SK for following the reviews and sharing how you feel about each episode. yes the second wife scenes in particular just make me yawn too, really want to see Kashaf and Zaroon interacting, I hope we won't have to wait for long now. Asmara is so much like Madiha, I think if some more likeable girl was playing this character, it would have been more bearable. I don't know if all of us have a problem with Asmara or with seeing Mehreen raheel play the same role for the umpteenth time! Yes the university scens are a breath of fresh air, would definitley want to watch more of those.

  • Thanks for the quick review Fatima! You're right SM was better today (heaved a sigh of relief at not having to see some cringe worthy scenes.) So the main reason I see this is FK so no surprise- loved all his parts. As Sadaf says, he's so fluid and natural- aur sonay peh suhaga those looks and effortless charm, make all his scenes come alive.
    Also loved the "ajeeb" situation :) SS did that scene so well- so cute the way she kept looking at herself in the mirror.
    Apart from Waseem Abbass, the friend Zaroon was talking to on the phone stuck out like a sore thumb. Bad choice of girl for the scene.

  • One thing I would like to add what I feel about Kashaf's attitude towards other people around her especially in University is due to the lack of confidence and security that she did not get from her father. She has the anger for men because of her father's attitude towards them being girls. This makes her personality imbalance and that keeps her distant from other people.

  • Excellent episode.Loved your Review Fatima. I think it was very important to show the different hues of Zaroon's personality. Also,to make the viewers aware that Kashaf is not a normal girl. The family dynamics have had a major impact on her personality. Hence,Kashaf is a very disturbed girl. Her reactions, complexes and thoughts are complicated and strange. This is what happens to girls who have to deal with multiple problems from a very young age. Some viewers do not like Murtaza's character. But showing Murtaza and his slimey behaviour is very necessary to understand the dark thoughts of Kashaf and what makes her the person she is. I just loved Samina's acting. The way she tries to hide her tears and wants to be brave for her daughters was just amazing. Again, the last scene between Samina and Mansha was superb – very tragic and touching. Fawad was SUPERB in this episode. His expressions when he is staring at Osama in the library was very well done. I think this episode must have cemented ZGH's position as the number one drama of the season. Fantastic story and characterisation by Umera Ahmed and amazing Direction by Sultana S. We are proud of these two amazing women of our country!!!

    • Thank you so much for the detailed comment NDL, you are absolutely right about Kashaf and the scenes with her father but I think the scenes with the second wife should have been chopped down. i would much rather watch more of Kashaf and Zaroon , for obvious reasons:) I am hoping that we will get to see Kashaf and Zaroon interact more often in the upcoming episodes.

  • i really wanted to see face to face confrontation of kashaf and zaroon as given in original novel…..i am really missing their class scenes and discussions!!!


  • No doubt this drama is going to top the charts in the same way humsafar did. Every millisecond of it is a real treat. I have to say Fatima, I don’t know what magic you put into your words but your reviews are just as sensational as the actual drama.

      • Dear I just say THUMBS UP to your review.
        I want to say about Sheheryar , hez too smart. and very well performer yar.
        IS sheheryar also playing in the serial KAHI UNKAHI against AIZA KHAN…?
        Please update me coz i got news from my friend and i like this person's cute acting much.

  • Amazing Stuff by you Fatima … :D Really liked it <3
    Zaroon Zaroon Zaroon <3
    Kashaf is behaving little with every one even with her uni fellows which is not really good :/ Any way she is doing awesome job <3
    Samina Ma'am is really Awesome <33 Hate with Kashaf's dad and her step mother .. they're very cheap :/
    An awesome going well …

  • Why was MR wearing pearls in two scenes?First we have FK wearing clothes that do not go with a 22 yr old uni guy, and then we have MR dressed up like an aunty. Next, we have Maria who is getting as irritating as Sarah and Asmara. Why is she so ok with being snubbed? How come she does not mind Kashaf's rude behaviour? Why is she such a chipkoo? and what is Kashaf's problem with her? Ok Kashaf has a problem with Zaroon and his friends.But Y is she so rude to someone who is trying (too) hard to be a friend. Maria's acting is again forced and fake. Is she trying to copy an indian actress??

  • Fatima! thumbs up for you.. you're a very good observer, orater and writer as well.. you made the drama more interesting by giving such facile reviews.. :)

  • nice nice nice fatima, but we want more scene of kashaf n zaroon,4th episode is completed, but only one interaction, thats not good, we want more interaction with kashaf,zaroon,not asmara, she is in not a university girl,30 plus madam mehreen,aways in same charachter and style, mehreen rahhel n ayesha omar always wear bold dresses,….

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