Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 7 – Good Luck Zaroon!

Overconfidence in one’s abilities or in one’s self in general can land people in situations they could never have imagined and quite often if the person is open minded enough or is over confident for long enough it can also lead to self discovery and also enables you to look at people more objectively in the long run. Zaroon’s overconfidence is what made him take up Kashaf as a challenge and he has no idea what he is getting himself into. There is a reason why it is believed that overconfidence can have great motivating value, just look at the enthusiasm with which Zaroon is trying to woo Kashaf. Zaroon thinks that it will take Kashaf only one week to fall for his charm but any objective viewer can tell that Kashaf is going to be a tough nut to crack.

ZGH1After Maria tells Zaroon that Kashaf has a very low opinion of him and she couldn’t care less about him or his friends Zaroon considers it his ‘duty’ to prove her wrong, even if that meant apologizing to Kashaf and bearing some more insults from her with a smile on his face. At this point I think that Zaroon is making a total fool out of himself and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it! His opinion about Kashaf is so wrong but how would he know that since Zaroon can never be wrong about any girl….that is why they say that overconfidence is bad thing because it indulges people in wishful thinking and Zaroon is the king of wishful thinking! It was rather strange the way Maria tells Zaroon what Kashaf thinks about him right on his face since she is very fond of him but I guess she holds her ‘friend’ dearer. Zaroon’s apology lifts a big burden off of Kashaf’s shoulder but she can’t help but wonder what exactly is the reason behind Zaroon’s sudden change of behaviour. I must say though that the burden being relieved factor would have been more relatable if we had seen a few more encounters between the two.

ZGH2It was actually inspiring to see Kashaf’s sisters tutoring children in order to earn the much needed money. A family like Kashaf’s can find their way out of anything since they do not believe in relying on anyone else but exploit their own abilities to the maximum. And the great thing is that we never see these girls complaining, they consider it their duty to help their mother out and do not expect anything to be served to them on a silver platter. I am certain that there are many families out there who work hard day and night to make ends meet with their heads help up high, in fact there are many such women around me who walk miles to tutor children and toil hard to stand on their own. Kahsaf’s desire to change the way things are not just for her mother but her sisters as well is what motivates her to do her best in her studies and that is probably why she is rewarded too.

ZGHToday for the first time Sara started the conversation with Zaroon and we all got to find out more about her relationship with her fiancé and also about how she expects her relationship with him to be. I agree with Zaroon that both the partners should work in order to make a relationship last but Sara believes that she does not need to compromise. Zaroon’s opinion about women in general comes from what he has observed in his household and that may also be the reason why he likes women running after him, call it a reaction!

Although Murtaza would gladly leave Rafia alone but his second wife just won’t let him be. The most startling part was when Murtaza blames Rafia for his brother not giving him his due share from the money he got from selling the house, the man is completely blinded and no matter how hard Rafia and his daughters try to stay out of his way, he will always find some excuse to blame them for everything that goes wrong with his life. Rafia is an easy punching bag for him and he makes the most of it! He dare not blame his second wife for anything because she won’t allow it. Rafia maybe economically independent but she also wants the society’s “consent” and it is a fact that leaving Murtaza, no matter how useless he maybe, will only cause more problems for her. Besides, for women like Rafia it is not that easy to leave their husbands. I think the portrayal of Murtaza and Rafia is perfect. No doubt Murtaza is just ‘naam ki chaoun” but like Rafia says “darwaza band kurne ke lie thori si himat ki zarurat hoti hai”.

I have to say that I am glad that I have not read the novel since that saves me from continuously comparing the play with the novel. I think Zindagi Gulzar Hai till now has proven to be quite engaging; in fact I think it is one of the best plays on air right now minus the never ending and unnecessary scenes of Muratza’s second wife in particular. I am definitely looking forward to more of Zindagi Gulzar Hai and enjoying it thoroughly. Kashaf and Zaroon both are very interesting characters and the story is unfolding nicely.

Fatima Awan.

  • ghazala

    Excellent and spot-on review.!!!!….Zaroon is too full of himself…..and has found his match in Kashaf to deflate his balloon of self -importance and over confidence—-it would be a treat to watch their further encounters….
    excellent acting by everybody…..thanks God for no asmara-zaroon scenes and as you have pointed out the second wife and murtuza scenes were a bit too many—–

    • Palwasha

      I failed to understand that why Rafia left the house when she had not being divorced by Murtaza because Murtaza brother insisted on getting the house vacated when he came to know that Murtaza would divorce Rafia. When she was not divorced then she had the full rights to stay in that house.

      • FatimaAwan

        Palwasha the brother kicked her out because she would not agree to the proposal remember. Murtaza told her that if she does not agree to the proposal his brother won't let her live in the house.

        • hira noor

          bye yar reply zror karna.

      • hira noor

        1 bat btao meri sister ka name bhi palwasha ha ha hahhaha plz replyam waiting

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you s o much Ghazala, your appreciations means a lot to me. Yes waiting for the time when Kashaf will burst Zaroon's bubble. FK in particular was spot on in today's episode.

  • B.shah

    Murtaza and his 2nd wife scenes are so annoying …same story over and over again

  • esha

    i just wanna say that it was an asmara free episode 😛

  • NDL

    Great review Fatima. I am so glad you enjoy reading my comments. Hence, I look forward to the time I can add my two penny bit. I just loved today's episode. I think this is what everybody was waiting for. More interaction between the leads and this time Sultana did not disappoint us. I too enjoyed the scene where Kashaf's sisters are teaching the kids. A beautiful depiction of how many households survive. The scene was so natural and what I like about this serial is that they have shown Kashaf's household as a role model, urging the young women of today to stand up and take pride in earning their bread. To look no where for help but to rely on themselves. We have too many advertisements showing women using fairness creams for their Prince charming, or dramas where prince charming comes and rescues them from their dreary life. Living with dignity and working towards a better future is more important than running after rich boys. I love this angle and I love the way they have shown how a household of only women can survive without the anybody's help.

    • Name

      This drama is actually depicting that a poor, miserable girl is "saved" by price charming who marries her and makes her life better…. Her household is shown as one being run by women but they are struggling and not living comfortably.

      • Samreen

        in this drama….the poor miserable girl wont be saved by any prince charming…. infact that prince charming ll come in her life after when this poor girl ll get everything on the basis of her hardwork confidence and believe on herself…. that portion i mean marrying a prince charming n being protected by him faaaaaaarrrr away and theres not a much role of the prince in making or saving this poor girl's lyf ACTUALLY…

    • Name

      This drama is actually depicting that a poor, miserable girl is "rescued" by price charming who marries her and makes her life better…Her household is shown as one being run by women but they are struggling and not living comfortably.

  • NDL

    And it is this angle which will touch a raw nerve with most of our working women and girls and will be the basis of the great success of ZGH. It is a wonderful serial that is telling the story of a large majority of women who are the sole bread winners of our country. I am sure many of us can recognize Kashaf, Sidra and Rafia in many women we meet daily. Zaroon, Kashaf, Sidra and Rafia were fabulous.The interaction between the sisters was really sweet when Sidra asks for Zaroon's photo 🙂 This time Maria was a bit better. Ayesha is better than Asmara but still not very convincing. SM's dialogue delivery was better in this episode. I also was touched by Rafia's remark about ' thori si himmat' and the reason ' kyoon key betian biahni hein'. Many women of that generation have gone through great suffering because of this. Thank you Umera for bringing to life the miseries of a large majority of our women.ZGH we have fallen in love with you!!!

    • FatimaAwan

      NDL totally agree with you, we just have to look at this play from a different perspective and not just as a love story, it has so much more going for it. You are absolutely right we have so many Sidras and Rafias around us and yes I have seen a couple of Kashafs too…I love all the characters and all that the play has to offer. Thank you so much for commenting in detail everytime:) Your comments are like mini reviews and I really enjoy how you sum up everything in a few lines. keep them coming..

      • hira noor

        fatima iam a student muju se batkarogi lovely fatima. plz reply plz am waiting.

  • Fiza

    Nice work Fatima.. I' have read the novel,, this play is a far better than the actual novel.. Sultana soddiquee has done an excellent job in creating a play out of the novel,,only the main theme of lead characters is the same,, in real novel there was description of kashaf's family's struggle or second marriage of her dad.. The dramatization has added lots of perks.. Although at he compromise of kashaf's n zaaroon's heated arguments in the class.. Which are not shown in the play.. And yes thank goodness no more annoying Asmara scenes..

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Fiza, You sre the first person who is saying that the play is better than the novel and I know what you mean. The novel was based mainly on Kashaf and Zaroon I think and this play focusses on their families too, which is much needed of course.

  • shinylucky

    Nice Review and the episode was nice one too…. Asmara Free Epi…but Why did they change the Novel story 🙁 Novel is worth reading… Last night I read it again and again and I was thinking about all sweet encounters (with Kashaf's No Lift style to Zaroon) that when will it happen in the drama… but either they have changed a lil bit or may be those scenes are yet to come….or perhaps they skipped 🙁
    and also they are stretching the story like a chewing gum… the precap for the next epi shows that there is a change in the story… I love the novel more 🙁

    • FatimaAwan

      Shinylucky thank you for liking the review. I am hoping that we will get to see more of the no lift scenario in the upcoming episodes. Kashaf should not fall for Zaroon easily but we do see that she let Zaroon drop her home in the precap. I am really enjoying the show, it keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for your comment:)

  • Huma

    Very good review Fatima

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Huma:)

  • Mrs Asim

    very good review, and very nice touch of a little philosophy:) m calling it philosophy coz I had o read it 3 times befor understanding it;) ya its good that u didnt read the novel, its odd to compare them. Kashaf's expressions were cute when zaroon talked her first time:)

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Mrs. Asim:) I absolutely love Zaroon's character and I am waiting for the time when Kashaf will give him a reality check before she finally falls for him. You think we should stop making plays based on novels? the constant comparison does not help.

      • Mrs Asim

        yes now when there are playes based on most novels of Umera Ahmed, now I can say that we shouldnt make more playes based on novels;) g waisay seriously original drama script is really a diffrent thing, and we need it.

        • FatimaAwan

          I have written an article on the 'issue', awaiting your feedback;)

  • Sadaf

    Nice review Fatima ! Yes this is one of the better plays on TV now . Zaroon is heading for a fall which he richly deserves. As for Ms Kashaf ,is it me or is it that hard protective shell softening just a bit? Cannot say I am in Love with his yet, and I have not read the book either. I wonder would this play get this much attenion and slack if Fawad Khan was not Zaroon. Somehow I don't think so … Todays episode was so much better and I thought ..Why? hmmm ,that's right no Asmara ka phoola huwa moon .

    • Sky

      Yeah it was a much better episode. The absence of Miss Madamara made zaroon more appealing, although agree murtaza 2nd wife scenes could have bern chopped, too repetitive. But yeah loved most scenes today, esp z and k were fab in their interactions. I really feel it will get even better, looks good next weetk too, glad story moving on!
      Zaroon however has the worst double stasndards oof and FK somehow puills it off though without hating him, harassing poor Kashaf….hope she teaches him a lesson!

      • FatimaAwan

        Yes SK it is not easy to hate Zaroon;) Are we supposed to hate him? But i am looking forward to Kashaf giving him a very tough time, shatter his confidence…really want him to get a reality check.

        • Sky

          Well he is harassing a respectable modest lady who doesnt give him the time of day, he wants to basically make her fall for him and then humiliate her, isnt that evil plotting? Wouldnt you hate someone like that in real life??, especially when he always advises sara and madamara to dress appropiately so they dont get harassed by guys??

          • FatimaAwan

            Yes that is true SK, I guess I just think he is being very immature and Kashaf will help him grow up lol

    • FatimaAwan

      Sadaf the good news is that FK is Zaroon and he is doing a fabulous job…I think though that Ahsan Khan could have done justice to the role too. But Fk Is perfect as Zaroon.

  • Interesting_Viewer

    I have a different opinion then you all…I think in this episode they showed too much of the second wife's jealousy in a typical way…found those scene really really boring.
    THe concept of the novel was great however, they don't need to drag the story to have 20 episodes, to stay on the topic they can finish the drama in few episodes too….

    • FatimaAwan

      interesting viewer thank you for your comment:) If i had a choice i would fast forward the second wife's scenes too.

  • Anwar.suhail

    Excellent review. Last night's episode was engaging and refreshing. Agree that it's the best play on air right now.
    Enjoyed this review as much as the play. Thanks

  • Uneza_j

    Novels r always better than the plays. novels parhte ve hum har scene ka best sochte hain. jb k plays us s insaaf ni kr sktay

    • FatimaAwan

      Uneza maybe we should stop making plays based on novels and come up with original scripts.

      • Uneza_j

        yeah….because all(almost) novels r destroyed by picturization.

  • Annie

    Agreed with you Fatima. I had predicted that the story would start by episode 8 and here we are at episode 7 and looks like things are finally taking off toward forming some semblance of a story beyond just defining the characters.
    Zaroon is one confused fella – on one hand his sister must follow his advice and her fiance's advice but on the other hand he's free to do whatever he likes. He follows the "I am a man I can do whatever I want" to the tee.
    Much much better episode today. Not sure why Shazia Afgan and family need to be given more screen time than the Kashaf sisters. I think Sidra only had like 5 lines throughout the episode today – what a waste to not see Mansha Pasha in a more formidable role. She definitely deserves more screen time than Pappu Bacha who plays video games on his phone. I was really hoping that we won't see Murtaza anymore lekin yeh tow herr episode mein tapak padta hai – what an unwanted guest. Rafia treated him right when he came over 🙂 I also liked Kashaf's dialogue to mom. The scenes between Z and Sara were also well done again – they both are playing bro-sis very naturally and we can see that all this talk from Sara is shaping Z's mind about what he would want or not want his wife to do.
    Now to my main gripe – WHY did they end the episode last week on a cliff hanger and then the next line which was shown today as the first scene of the episode was totally PHUSS! I mean talk about this serial being worth of the PHUSS CLIFFHANGER award! They've done it twice now. Last time it was the Z and K interaction in class and we all waited for a week to see what they will say next and all we got was some random scene after that. Same thing today – Sir Abrar saying out out – I was like WTH??

    anyways I am just glad that things are moving in the direction of a story now.

    • FatimaAwan

      I know Shazia Afghan and co are being given too much screen time and i was thinking exactly this that they could have shown Kashaf's household or even some more of university life instead of the dusri biwi. lol Murtaza is there to stay I guess so karwa ghoont samaj kay pi lena chahyeh. lol @ phuss cliffhanger, you are too funny Annie.

    • afia qazi

      Annie, you're so right about the phuss cliffhanger- wth is right 😉

  • Roh

    Very thoughtful review, Fatima, and beautifully conveyed. I couldn't agree more with the overconfidence issue of human nature. 🙂
    I enjoyed the episode and watched it again soon after to catch the lines I missed. The short glimpse of Asmara was a treat. I liked the conversation between Zaroon and Osama. He (the former) was obviously making an issue about nothing. Paranoia, even? Like Osama said? 🙂
    The scenes between K and Z were lovely. The fact that that is what I am looking fwd to the most in this drama, they were most enjoyable.
    Finally I understood why Rafia puts up with her painful husbands visit. And I really liked the way, she very evidently gave him a cold shoulder.
    Another dialogue that I liked was when K tells her mother that it makes her angry that she (mother) thinks that only if there is a man, a woman can stand tall. Which is the truth of the thought process of most women in the subcontinent. That no matter how independant a woman is, she feels safer if there is a guy around. Never mind my own thoughts on this, it will lead to a rant, but it was nice that it was brought out.
    I'm looking forward to Friday again. 🙂

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you for liking the review Roh and for commenting:) Roh there are many women who leave their husbands and still manage to go on with their life on their own but Rafia is most certainly not one of those women. and yes you are right our thought process is like that too.

  • Fawad's fan

    It's actually good you haven't read the novel, since one inevitably lands onto comparing the drama and the novel. But when you'll get to read the novel you will find so many of Zaroon-Kashaf confrontations that have not been filmed. Though I wonder why! For they seem to be the most engrossing part of the story to me. Especially, their first encounter in Sir Abrar's class. Those dialogues should have been delivered the way were actually in the book, what I think, because Kashaf puts up such a strong and convincing argument leaving Zaroon stumped and Sir Abrar impressed. Anyways, the drama is still good to watch despite the amendments to the script. Love Sameena Peerzada's acting. However, NEVER to forget the MOST POWERFUL MAGNETIC FORCE too- FAWAD himself! 😀 (atleast for me:p)

    • neelam

      u r r8.same here with me.i also think that y should they do this.anyhow overall its good entertainment.best of luck

    • FatimaAwan

      lol I know what you mean, you truly are fawad's loyal fan;)

      • Fawad's fan

        hahaha HAAN! WOH TOU HAI! 😀 Ab Fawad hai hi itna AWESOME- nothing can be done about it :p You write really well MashaaALLAH 🙂 Reading your reviews really impresses me, especially your writing skills and your choice of words and DUH! your speed :p you come up with such a good review within an hour after the episode is aired. It's amazing!

        • FatimaAwan

          Thank you so much Fawad's fan :)Your appreciation means a lot to me, I hope i will be seeing you on ZGH threads more often now. Fawad's awesomeness is unbeatable, he is a very lucky guy to have tons of fans like you.

  • Baacha

    Nice review Fatima , inteezar ab khatam r finally ab hum zaroon kasha k interaction daikh sakte hain hehe,,, thanks god is bar Asmara ko Nahi dikhaya bohat……

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Baacha . yes Thank God for hardly any Asmara, I wish they would edit the scenes with Asmara inthem, viewers ki demand pe lol

  • hajra

    kashaf buahat na shukri karti he jo k bauhat bura he kiyon k ye kisi musalman ko suit nai karta… agar woh is tarha k ghalat alfazz na shukri se related na kare to drama or bhi acha ho sakta he.

    • Zohaib Asghar

      yahi to story ha ye drama hai koi real ma nai ho raha.

  • anon

    Popcorn, anyone? 🙂

  • noor hamza

    Thanks for the review Fatima.. I would like to add to what you said about Zaroon's behaviour towards Kashaf. To me it seems that his ego is driving him to chase Kashaf and his confidence is a tool for him.

    Another thing … Hammad is the only son or he has sisters? Samina Peerzada asked Hammad about his sisters and I dont know if they have been shown so far? am i confused about this?

    PS several key combinations don't work on your site which again I find off-putting. could you please ask the desginer to enable this feature (so that the user could select the entire thing with ctrl+A etc)

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you for commenting Noor Hamza, if he was so egoistic, don't you think he would ignore Kashaf even more now? Yes I think he has sisters but they have not shown them, Thank God, the mother no 2 is annoying enough. Thank you for your feedback Noor , I will get the problem sorted soon.

      • noor hamza

        Thanks Fatima.

        I have not met any guy yet who knows how to ignore a girl when she hurts his ego. the extrovert type (like zaroon) would be upfront, whereas introverts resort to sneaky tactics. Usually both genders when hurt cannot put ego apart from feelings but men are worse. to pamper their ego, they try to prove they are worthy of attention and love of lots of people and professionally more successful and employ means to make the partner jealous (in advanced relationships).. when a pure heart is broken, acceptance grows and humility settles in. In either case (ego or heart being broken) ignoring the culprit is not possible.

        Perhaps my experience with men has been different.

        • FatimaAwan

          Noor Hamza yes you have a point and I love the way you explained it. The problem is solved, please keep on giving us your feedback.

  • Shykh Anum

    to me zaroon's character is very confusing :/

  • Maheen

    Fawad Khan is doing a good job playing the arrogant, spoiled, materialistic Zaroon. But I find it hard to like his character. He should find more positive characters to play in his next serials, like Hassan in Dastaan and Ashar in Humsafar (although he was a jerk of a husband in that one for not believing his wife). I hated his role in Ashk and could not bear to watch it.

    • FatimaAwan

      lol Maheen no one liked Rohail, I think FK is doing a great job as Zaroon but yes I do agree I hope he does something different next time.

  • Daniyah Naqi

    fatima awan the review is very nice and the play is much better than the novel and i love the drama. i started to read the play but i found out that it was not that interesting. anyways nice review and keep writing reviews like this one.

    • FatimaAwan

      Daniyah Naqi thank you so much for the appreciation:) I am glad someone who has read the novel finds the drama better than the novel:) Keep reading and commenting.

  • Soma

    I dont understand Fawad's personality. Ess ko problem kya hai?
    Why is he so nosy with his sister and yet hangs out with Asmara as his girlfriend?

    Is he bipolar? Or just a sexist?

  • hira noor

    good khna acha ha is drame ke liye

  • shahanwaz

    very goood story and nice entertainment,zaroon and kashaf acting is very good.

  • Rathore

    Uhmaira Ahmad sharah Karoo or ALLAH Kay azab se Daro marna ha tum hay ALLAH Kay Bary main assay words use mat karo nani tu ALLAH ka azab nazil hoag hum dhaknay walooo par or tum like nay walo par sharan karo sharam

  • Zohaib Asghar

    i love all of these characters who r playing role in this drama i like it

  • Zohaib Asghar

    Zaroon is a super star hero for me i love u zuroooooooooooooon u r a great celebrity of our country.

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