• Guest

    Thank you for reviewing khoya khoya chand.With many serious plays on air these days,KKC is like a breeze of fresh air.Although episode 1 was more light than episode 2.Hopefully episode 3 will be more like the first episode.

    This drama certainly has some great outdoor shots.I wished someone else played the role of Angabeen.In episode one Ahsan was on full swings showing his comedy side.The salman khan immitations were quite natural and thank god not overboard and too macho.Despite the good acting,i wasnt too fond of the use of a bollywood star (neighbours could think pakistanis have inferior complex)

    • Rabia Basharat

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation.Your analysis about this serial is great.
      And yes, you are right regarding Bollywood artists.We have got huge talent in Pakistan,our serial makers should give chance to new talent rather than asking bollywood actors to act in our drama serials.

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    its a typical light drama in a bit filmy style a trademark of faheem burney and producer syed afzal ali. interesting thing to know about this drama is that Ahsan Khan the hero has also sang the OST.

    • Rabia Basharat

      Yes, I completely agree with your point of view and thanks a lot for reviewing.Keep on reading my reviews and dont forget to give ur feedback on my other reviews.