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Khoya Khoya Chaand – The regret

Today’s episode had nothing new to offer once again but there are a lot of things that are required to be discussed and ponder upon . Right from the first scene where Beena was asking her parents to  say a big NO to khala jaan on Ahmereen’s proposal,I thought that Angabeen will lie about Ahmereen. Her parents asked her whether Ahmereen has issue with this marriage or not? Thankfully, Beena didnot lie and tell them truth that she even don’t know about proposal. This clearly depicted that Beena is not in state of enmity, instead, she can’t see her sister getting married to the person whom she loved throughout her life.

Two sisters share beautiful onscreen chemistry and there every minutest concern narrates that they are completely sincere, faithful and loyal to each other as far as siblings relation is concerned. I am happy with fact that siblings rivalry issue has not been raised in this very serial too. Because with it, this serial would have become some typical serial.. wesai hai tou abhi bhi.. still its better..

Due to Beena’s pathetic expressions (I don’t like her expressions today ), her sister guessed that there is something going between Aarib and Beena due to which Beena is upset.She discussed this scenario with her mother too. Like all other mothers,at first ,Beena’s mother said same words, Abb tum mujhe wehem mai naa daalo. But as soon as she heard beena’s call when  Beena asked her  while crying that she want to visit her.Beena’s mother discussion with Ahmereen that she was right put Ahmereen on fire and she went to Beena’s place. I really like how situation turned out and everyone was laughing instead of having some typical gharailoo laraie jhagra.

Ahmereen and Aarib’s part was well directed. From that horn to Ahmereen afraid look on hearing dog bark, all went really well. On serious note, Ahsan Khan and Maya Ali look really nice as a couple.I hope that they will get casted in some serial as a couple very soon.

Beena’s state of continuous tension is an alarming situation for her marital life.Since Farooq broke up his engagement,she is no more interested in Aarib.All she is thinking about is Farooq and that will pay her off soon. I also found that Farooq is not at all interested in marrying Ahmereen and so was Ahmereen but they have to do it for the sake of their families.With every passing day,Beena is regretting that why she got married so early ?

One thing that is being adored by me is OST of this serial.The lyrics,music and video create a very different aura and I always enjoy watching its OST. Overall, this serial has bunch of some really good looking artists, nice locations and very soothing music that makes it liked by everyone warna story is not that much engaging.

Will Ahmereen be able to find out Beena’s hidden secret? Will Ahmereen and Farooq get married?  All of answers will be given in next couple of episodes.

Do share your views.

Rabia Basharat.

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