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Khoya Khoya Chand – Episode 3

Well, this episode was all about Aarib attempting to avoid Ahmereen. Aarib and Angabeen share a nice bond. Despite of all this, everytime Aarib comes across Ahmereen, he feels so much uncomfortable and to keep himself away from her, all he do is to speak to her as much badly as he can. His attitude is not at all liked by Ahmereen and for this reason she has now developed a sense of enmity for him.

Unlike typical husbands,Aarib did not take it seriously when Ahmereen asked her Khala about Angabeen and Farooqs marriage. But Farooq took it seriously and advised Ahmereen that she should be careful while choosing her words before speaking.`Her this statement could have arose a serious problem for them but luckily,it did not.

It is natural that if somebody is all over you then even if we try not to think about that particular person, our mind leads us to the hallway of one`s thoughts and imaginations. So was the case with Aarib but every time he thinks of Ahemereen , his prestigious relation with Ahmereen comes in his mind and he recollects himself strongly.

Another noticeable part of today`s episode was Farooq and Ahmereen friendly attitude with each other. In this society of ours, friendly relation among cousins is seen with pessimistic eyes. Now, everyone is arising questions regarding Farooq and Ahmereen`s relation though they don’t have any feelings for each other. Ahmereen`s happy-go-lucky nature will lead her towards some serious trouble someday.

Considering the fact that Farooq and Angabeen were once interested in each other, Angabeen is feeling guilty as if she is betraying her husband. I really liked Aarib`s loyalty towards Angabeen and vice versa as they both prayed to Allah to keep themselves away from doing such acts that can ruin their marital life.

Anagbeen and Aarib will be living all alone in Murree now. I am waiting for the episode when Aarib will get completely recover from Ahmereen`s thoughts and will live wholly for Anagabeen.Else, there could also be some twists and turns in this serial that are still unfolded.

Rabia Basharat