Rishtey Kuch Adhoorai Se – Sharp turn in Story

This is only serial which is liked by me nowadays.Even after going through that conservative set up of Giti’s family,I feel so lively after watching every episode of Rishtey kuch Adhoorai se . Every scene of this serial is very well edited; all characters are doing justice to their roles and till now story is going well.

Giti’s sole purpose of life is to meet Rahat Fateh Ali. And when she came to know that he is coming to her city to take auditions of some singing reality show, she was unable to cease herself from going and meeting him.

But before her meeting, she knew that she has to go through many cumbersome phases. She pledged to her mother that it’s her first and last wish to meet Rahat before getting married.At first,her mother wasn’t ready but when these ladies came to know that only man of their house won’t be at home for two days, they got excited. Giti was considering herself to be most fortunate woman on earth but who knew that this step will lead her towards unending pain for her life.

Kiran asked her friend to make all necessary arrangements for Giti’s audition and meeting with Rahat and then Giti left for audition. Meanwhile, Arsalan’s family members were gearing themselves up  for very first wedding in their family.Only one person wasn’t happy with this marriage and that was Alia.

Alia’s character is quite strange in this serial.I mean what type of sister is she? She is playing double standards with her own parents.All she is doing is faking everything up to the worst possible level and making situation wicked for everyone. But Her family members are more stubborn then her and for that, they declared that Arsal’s marriage with Giti won’t be cancelled at any cost.Her perverse attitude is not at all liked by her parents and her next plan was to take her GrandMa in confidence and ask her to stop this marriage as this maariage will ruin Alia’s so called married life.

Daadi got seriously ill on her way to Karachi and all she wanted to see is Arsal’s wedding and for that she requested his son for Arsal’s Nikah.

Now comes the twisting part,Giti’s mother was already worried as Giti didnot returned home till Maghrib.Kiran was making fun and wasnot taking this matter seriously.But as soon as Kiran’s father came home a day earlier than expected,both of them had a serious panic attack.He announced that Arsal’s family is coming today for Nikah and I cant delay it for any reason Maine Zubaan Dai Di hai

Every single dialogue delivery, expression and editing was done flawlessly when Kiran was calling her friend to ask Giti to come back home and her friend disconnected the call. Worried mother and scared sister’s emotions were portrayed at their peak during those last 7 mins of today’s episode.10 on 10 for great job by Yumna Zaidi and Irsa Ghazal.

Next episode’s preview has narrated everything that will happen next. What will be the future of  Giti and Arsal ? Will Arsal be able to accept Kiran as his wife ? For all that and many more,keep on reading.

Rabia Basharat.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Watched this episode.. Nice storyline.. I agree that Yumna and Irsa ji were just fab in the last few minutes…. Keep it coming :)..
    One thing to say.. The behnoi of Arsal.. why is he playing the same role like in Adhoori Aurat?? Wanting to marry his sister into his in laws.. And threatning to give “talaq” to his wife on this basis only??!!

    • Thanks for sharing ur point Amna.That Adhoori Aurat type of Behnoyi is portrayed to be really wicked man.Soon,he will calm down.. :P

      By the way,nice to hear from u.Hope to hear more from u in future. :)

  • This drama is fast paced and has interesting twists, while the production and acting is sufficient enough to engage our interest. Lets hope it maintain this pace.

    Irsa Ghazal is a seasoned artist from PTV Lahore her mother Ismat Rabia was also a good TV and Radio actor, its glad to see her again after so many years.

    • Its always nice to hear from you Rashid. You have got great sense of analysis. You can be a good critic..:)
      Thanks for ur feedback though !

  • good pace, nice story line and outstanding screen play makes RKAS a worth watch serial! (I wasn’t expecting though). hoping for more..:)

    • Haina ? So was the case with me Sehar.I wasnt expecting this serial to be that good. Lets hope,it will maintain its pace and storyline like in first three episodes..

      Keep on reading..!

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