Khoya Khoya Chand – Episode 4

This week’s episode had so much to ponder upon.First and foremost, the relation of Aaarib and Angabeen and secondly Ahmereen and Farooq’s issue.

Firstly,I would like to put Angabeen and Aarib relation into limelight. Angabeen is wholly and solely trying to make her relation stout with Aarib. She is giving her best to give Aarib a glance that this relation can be as much sturdy and strong as any couple’s relation. On the other hand,everytime she tries to move one step ahead of her current situation, she gets badly seized by those memories of Farooq that left a mark on her mind for lifetime.

Aarib is equally giving an effort to extract the best aspects out of him for Angabeen. As for him,Angabeen is a pure sole and she deserves to be loved and cared. His solicitude ,always leaves Beena in an uncomfortable situation because according to her,she is not doing justice to Aarib’s soulful emotions.

There are many Aarib and Angabeen in our society who are married and are forcefully put into such situations. All they have to do is just to forget the past and move on with life. Never curse yourself for what you have done in past because your past can’t come back. A person only ruins his present by abhorring and detesting himself for his past. Past is past , you can’t change it. Try to face the reality. I know it would be difficult in the  beginning. Try to convince yourself that you have to live with it and if this is your fate than why not accepting it and welcoming it with gratitude ?  Once you are done with accepting the fact, life will be no more a series of disgust for you.

Coming to Ahmereen and Farooq’s relation, they are good buddies and more than that they are cousins. But keeping the scenario in mind, they come from a generation where a girl and a boy’s ultra-frank attitude towards each other is not at all considered to be vicious. Similarly, their parents and other elders came from a generation where moral values and ethics are there life time achievement.

Now for our generation, this point was lame that how can an engagement be broken up for this reason that they are good buddies. But seriously, every fiancé is over protective about one’s partner and what Farooq’s fiancé did was not at all new. Par engagement torr daina was not a sensible act.

His to be father-in-law- could have listened to what they wanted to explain but he did not.Now, Ahmereen will be considered as culprit of whole stance.

Preview of next episode was really interesting as Beena will now attempt to contact Farooq again.What will be the future of Aarib and Beena’s relation? To know this and many more,keep on reading.

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Rabia Basharat.



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