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Khoya Khoya Chaand – And stubbornness continues..

So far,we came across compromising aspect of Angabeen. But from last couple of episodes, it can be easily observed that Beena is not what we thought of her, she is totally different. And I must say that difference in Beena’s attitude is primarily because of farooq and Ahmereen engagement plans.

1We have seen in last episode that how Aarib is attempting to forget his past and trying to move on with his life but Angabeen is the one who has changed her attitude completely in reverse direction,ofcourse.Ahmereen came to stay with Angabeen and Aarib and to know why Beena is always down. Sadly,this part is poorly directed and we,viewers,were incompletely unaware of what Ahmereen told her mother regarding Beena and Aarib’s relation.And then Beena got the good news that she will be a mother soon. That news made her happy for a while and then she was back to her previous mood with 180 degree change.As soon as Beena came to know that Ahmereen has no issue in accepting farooq as his husband, she started to stop Ahmereen from getting married to Farooq with every possible way.


I hated this thing of Beena that she didnot hesitated to put everything on her husband infront of Ahemereen for the sake of rejection of Farooq’s proposal.I must say that a faithful woman shouldnot do this for her man, neither portray her man to be worse husband nor should she be unthankful to Allah Almighty for bestowing His blessings upon her.Beena is playing with her life and she will have to bear the consequences soon.Despite of the fact that I hated Beena throughout of episode,she was looking really pretty at Ahmereen’s engagement.


Whole episode revolved around one single demand of Beena that she dont want to go with Aarib.Poor Aarib was unable to figure out that what is the reason behind it. And even after asking her again and again,he was asked to keep his mouth shut (ofcourse indirecty) that Beena feels depressed as and when Aarib leaves her alone at home and her situation supported this lame excuse of her.


Misunderstanding between Aarib and Beena’s family also developed only because of Beena’s silly demand.She wanted to live in Islamabad only because of breaking up Ahmereen and Farooq’s engagement.

Aarib left Beena with a hope that she will be fine soon and will return back to home.But preview of next episode is depicting something else.Fuss will be created and Beena will be asked by her mother infront of Aarib to stay in Islamabad at her own mother’s house.

Are you finding this serial engaging or not?

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Rabia Basharat.


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