Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 01

The story began with a make-believe happiness in terms of two cousins getting married but as the scenarios progressed, so many negative strings attached to the whole wedding were revealed. During the course of the drama, I felt I could see some similarity of the situations with those of ‘Meri Zaat Zarra – e – Benishaan’s‘. It was a girl back then who suffered the embarrassment & got abandoned but this time, it’s a guy who is facing the consequences & has become an outcast within his own family.

Seems like Shakeel has his sympathies with Narmeen, who happens to be his sister’s daughter as well. Even though much wasn’t revealed but it was quite figurable that Arham & Narmeen have been in some sort of an uneasy situation in the past, which has resulted in Arham’s introversion & isolation. Arham claims that what his family saw was a mere illusion & nothing else where as Shakeel – his father believes in the opposite.

Narmeen, at first seemed to be like a real nice person who was being understanding towards her husband & how he felt. By their conversation, it seemed that Shahid was unwilling to get married but agreed because of some pressures he might have gone through. Shahid has just extended some social & marital security that Narmeen wished for. Narmeen may be over the moon by getting married to Shahid but sadly the feelings aren’t mutual. Even though Saman asked Narmeen to act like an elder & let go of the past but seems like she is doing the opposite. It did come as a shock when Narmeen out of the blue started adding fuel to the fire & maligned Shakeel’s feelings more towards Arham, knowing that he has not come to terms with what happened before. Shahid actually tried to stop her but seems like she has a strong symapthy card which she wants to play every single time. Being a bahu, she should act appropriately by just keeping in mind how nice the whole family is & how considerate they are towards her but seems like she is there to divide everyone.

Areeba, who’s a daughter of Shakeel’s friend has come to stay with them but apparently she is going to bring Arham out of his misery. Out of all the people, she will understand him & make him realise that just wasting his life crying over spilt milk won’t do any good to him or his family. Arham’s mother & sister are seen supportive & at some point they do not believe at what has happened but are too skeptical in speaking against the reality that everybody else believes in. Areeba’s coming over to stay at their place reminded me of the Hindi Movie ‘Meinne Pyaar Kiya’ where the female protagonist comes over to stay at Salman Khan’s place & then falls in love. It was just a similarity that surfaced in my mind but I am sure Arham-Areeba’s story has more to it.

All the characters for now appear to be quiet real & the direction seemed to the point. I am kind of excited to see Ayesha Khan in a partially negative role, at least it’s like breaking a monotony of always being a victim. In the whole episode there weren’t any scenes which seemed dragged but rather they succeeded in building the curiosity about the certain circumstances which will unveil eventually. The drama has kicked-off really well & I hope there stays the exact reality which they have managed to portray at the beginning of the drama.

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Zahra Mirza.

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  • Hammu

    Definitely one of the best pilots ever.I was almost into the TV.There haven't been much thriller shows in Pakistan.So it's really good to enjoy something off topic! and it's so good to see Momal yet again.I'm really happy she would be on Arham's side.Even his mother and sister don't understand him properly.For that,there's Momal.And what an astonishing house it was.People could literally get lost in it!!

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thanks a lot Hammu for your input. Yeah, the story does seem interesting because this time it's the guy who is facing something. I read a comment which said 'abb larka sharminda hoga, larki nahi', lol & yes it is really intriguing to see something different this time.

      Even I am happy to see Momal Sheikh with Ahsan, they both will make a nice pair obviously & Momal does look nice in her character already. 🙂

      I know the house was nice for sure, I loved the lavishness of the structure but it was a bit too gaudy for my taste, that's why I didn't mention anything about it. Hehe!

  • Haseeb

    I wish I could agree to the review. though the suspense factor was interesting and intriguing, nothing else worked for me. the makeup of the actors was horrible to say the least. it made them look tired. moreover, the frames were very dull which managed to distract me. on top of it, ayesha khan's outburst against ahsan was very sudden and we were given no build up for such strange behaviour of hers. it'd be better to reveal the suspense in next episode

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thanks a lot for your feedback Haseeb. I feel that if they had revealed everything just in the very first episode, we'd be left with nothing to ponder over & it would leave us feeling that the pace of the drama was very fast. I feel they did manage quite well in getting across the misery of each one of them perfectly.

      Narmeen's outburst was justified by herself where she revealed suffering some sort of a loss too. I think you must give it a go once again, next week & then decide. 🙂

  • Guest

    What a powerful review of an even spectacular episode!! I was at the edge of my seat so that i dont miss a single clue of the story.And i´m liking the fact that this drama will be going in a flashback and i´m sure it will be a good one.

    At no point was the episode dragging or boring,my only wish now is that the drama will remain as interesting and strong throughout and a justified ending unlike dil e muztar.

    Hats of to the camera team who has shot the house from different angles and bringing out its full beauty.
    My only critisism is the OST; too short.Other than that one of the best OST and of this year.

    Looking forward to seeing Ahsan and Aysha setting the screen on fire with their acting skills.Both have set the bar very high from episode 1. Ahsan is definitely on the best way of becoming the king of expressions

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thanks a lot & yes, even I got carried away by the sight of such a powerful cast. Each one of them have blown us away with their acting skills, so yeah, I am totally in for the show. I am kind of not bothered about Mikaal Zulfikaar's character or even acting because it appears that he just changed the name & moved to this frame. He has had the same sort of a character in Shehr-e-Zaat & then Mirat Ul Uroos & now in MKPYH where he is just a numb husband. Hope there's more to his character than it appears.

      & yeah, even I liked how quickly everything unwinded & how there was nothing which we could pick as a flaw. Can't wait for next Tuesday 🙂

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    positive of this show is the suspense and thrill factor, and seeing aisha khan after a break is nice thing. another plus is momal sheikh in a strong role apart from routine sister characters. story is also appealing and grabbing attention to wait for next episode.

    but appearance of meekal seemed dull,it was his marriage and it felt like he is attending funeral, aisha khan also felt over loaded with makeup

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thanks a lot for your input. Yes, Momal Sheikh has opted for something better this time, otherwise I felt she was wasting her skills settling for a side role every time. This time she has a strong part to play & something new to offer.

      Yeah, Mikaal Zulfikaar seemed literally how he was in Shehr-e-Zaat & in later stages of Mirat ul Uroos, cold, least-bothered sort of a husband. I hope his character shows us something more.

  • ali

    mekaal's name was Shaiq not Shahid………anyways very gud review.

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thanks for correcting. It did sound like Shaiq to me but a bit more like Shahid at times, hence, I thought about the safe option. 🙂

  • kiran


    • Zahra Mirza

      Thanks a lot Kiran & yes I agree to all your points. But then I feel Aisha Khan has conspired so much to get married to her current husband that eventually by making people a victim, she will eventually end up being one.

      His objection was unusual but then a bit justified considering the conversation the both had after getting married. He is not in a mood for now to play the husband role, in stead he has just gotten married to her for the sake of his father, therefore, he is giving him & his opinions a bit more importance than hers. Even though they didn't reveal anything but for now we know that Narmeen has a strong support & backing of Shakeel in all the matters.

      • kiran

        thanks a lot for ur reply…..i dont think she has shakeel's support at all…after all hes her father in law…n then v could see the fiery tempramnt of the oldman at the breakfast tble…who wanted the newlyweds to b thr early morning…without considering he fact that thy had married only a night ago…he s only listening to bahuz viewpoint coz hes himself qte angry at ahsan n thrs noone in the family to completely support him n his indignation towards ahsan….so whn aisha objects abt ahsan's indifference n his irreverential attitude towards her…he supports her….a few clips from ost show that mikaal is going to give aisha a real tough time…..according to my perception both ahsan n aisha will b at the recieving end…

        • Zahra Mirza

          Yes, I agree. May be Shakeel only agrees or supports his Bahu where Ahsan is involved because they both share the same animosity towards him. But, we shouldn't forget that his Bahu is not an outsider, she belongs to his own family – hence, the support.

          But I noticed another interesting thing during promos & that was when Narmeen is sitting next to Arham as a bride, Shakeel seems really awkward & Narmeen passes a dirty look to him. I don't know what it is but for sure it is going to be interesting.