Adhoori Aurat Episode 7 – Review

The story is getting more and more interesting by the day and we got to see a lot of twist and turns in this episode. Khurram’s condition had left Zayaan shocked and his dilemma was perfectly depicted. On one hand, he had promised Maryam and her family that he would keep her happy at all cost and on the other hand, her sister’s future is at stake. The scene where he goes to Maryam while she is sleeping and she hold on to his hand was brilliantly directed and executed. I simple love the chemistry between these two!


Zayaan is left completely helpless and he resorts to the last option that he is left with. He meets Fazia and tries to reason with her. At one time, Zayaan loathed her mere presence but now he goes to her as he needs her help to get out of this situation. He clearly tells her that I can marry you under my family’s pressure but there would be no place for her between him and Maryam.

“Mein Tumse Shaadi Kersakhta Hun, Per Tumhara Ban Ker Nahi Rehsakta”

These words shocks Faiza and she could not help but ask what she lacks and why he dislikes her so much. Zayaan clearly tells her that he does not see his ideal life partner in her and he has already found his ideal in Maryam. Zayaan’s words cuts through her like a knife and she loses control over herself and ends up cutting her wrist. Maheen was absolutely spectacular in this scene. I never knew she could act so well! Her dialogue delivery and expressions have improved a lot and I am glad she was chosen to play Faiza’s role.

As expected, Khurram blamed Afshah for Faiza’s condition and the situation again worsened. I really feel bad for Afshah as she is stuck in this situation without having any fault. Khurram was about to give her a divorce when he heard about Afshah expecting and this saved her marriage. Let’s see if Khurram brings her back to the house.

Now the shocking part of the episode! Faiza’s doctor at the hospital turns out to be none other than Umair, Maryam’s ex fiancé. He turns out to be Faiza’s college friend and he even meets Maryam at the hospital and gets surprised to know that she had come to meet Faiza. He gets even more shocked when he hears that she was the reason for Faiza’s condition because in his view Maryam is an ordinary girl. I have a strong feeling Faiza and Umair are going to team up and take their revenge from Maryam and Zayaan!

Maryam went to meet Faiza because she just realized how much Faiza loved Zayaan and she was the one to come in between them unknowingly. She truly feels bad for Faiza and told her that if she could do something for you then she would have done it and Faiza asks her to leave Zayaan which leaves Maryam in shock. I personally think she made a wrong choice marrying Zayaan even after knowing the whole situation. She should have been more practical in her approach and now she is badly stuck in this complicated situation. How will she ever manage to make a place in everyone’s heart? The treatment of her in Zayaan’s house is getting worse by the day.

Faiza is not going to accept defeat easily and she will definitely come up with a new scheme. Faiza is acting unreasonably because she is stubborn and spoiled but what about Khurram and Mehnaz? At least they should talk some sense into her. There is no use marrying an already married man which is going to make her life even more miserable. I guess they cannot see anything beyond Faiza’s happiness and that is why they are fulfilling all her wishes blindly.

According to the promos, Maryam gives Zayaan permission to marry Faiza but will Zayaan marry her? Let’s see what is in store for us in the next episode!

Mariam Shafiq



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