Kankar Episode 1 – Class Differences

This first episode like most first episodes introduced us to the characters and to the general theme of the story. Guessing from everything that was shown in today’s episode one can safely say that the main theme of the play is going to be about class difference; status conscious family members who will never allow their less fortunate relatives into their world whole heartedly. The one thing that stood out for me in this first installment was Sanam Baloch’s acting; she is a very talented actress and breathes life into all her characters. She portrayed Kiran’s character perfectly in a way that instantly made me like her. Kiran is confident, practical, focused and straightforward but at the same time she is polite and loving. Kiran belongs to a lower middle class household but unlike her mother (Ismat Zaidi) and sister she does not dream of things that may be impossible in the real world. Kiran’s older sister Irim and her mother expected their rich relative Faiqa (Sabahat Bukhari) to ask for Irim’s hand for her son but Faiqa turns up with mithai at the doorstep announcing Shoaib’s engagement. I have to say that I have seen this happening quite a lot; the relatives who are not that well off but bring up their daughters well do expect their “richer” relatives to consider their daughters for their sons but the difference in status most often proves to be an obstacle. Faiqa prefers marrying her son in a family which is equally wealthy. Faiqa has close ties with her older sister (Laila Zuberi) and her daughter Arzoo is engaged to her sister’s son Sikandar as well.


Kiran does not dream of getting married in a rich family but looks forward to studying further. She believes that husband and wife should have a relationship based on equality. She considers a relationship in which the wife has to listen to her husband alone equivalent to slavery. Kiran is definitely very enlightened and not negative or rude in any way. She has a very pleasant personality and has a special relationship with her father (Behroze Sabzwari). I warmed up to the father – daughter relationship instantly and am hoping that it would be one of those on-screen bonds which you remember for a long time. Kiran’s father does not have any expectations from Kamal (Shakeel), he goes to the extent of saying “yahoodi ka dil hai us mein”. Kiran’s mother worries sick for her daughters like any other mother but her father does not want to hear of it.

kankar 3

Kiran’s cousin Adnan ( Hasan Niazi) likes her but is probably not in the position to propose her because of his financial condition. Kiran, on the other hand does not seem to be interested in marriage at all.


For me the highlight of this first episode had to be Kiran’s character and Sanam Baloch’s acting. Like all other Umera Ahmed’s plays, this play will also focus on social issues. Fahad Mustafa did not make an appearance in this first episode; I am looking forward to finding out more about him. Our heroine is very likeable and I want to know more about the hero. A first episode is too early to judge a play altogether so all I would like to say is that I am not exactly sold just yet. I have to add that the rich versus the poor plot has been done to death. Those of us who are following Mirat-ul-Uroos may also notice a great deal of similarity between the message Kankar is putting forward and the one MUU is giving. The play has been produced by Six Sigma Production and has been directed by Aabis Raza.  Did you watch this first episode? What are your views about it? Please share your opinions.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • fatima shoaib is not fahad mustafa..infact sikander is fahad mustafa,,,,,plz make correction in your review…..

    • Tanveer thank you for letting me know, that definitely makes more sense!

        great review..ive read the story..it may seem familiar too Mirat ul Uroos in the start but the story is totally different,,the main story revolves around kiran and the main theme is domestic abuse unlike MUU which revolves around sisters..

        • Tanveer, the play is based on one of Umera Ahmed's short stories right? It is good to know that the theme will be different from Mirat-ul-Uroos but I do think that MUU is not just about sibling rivalry but has to do more with what relation people have with money and material things – some think it is all that matters and others have a completely different opinion.

          • I felt like the story is loosely based on the Umera's short story 'Wo dil k thehr jaane ka mausam'. It dealt with spousal abuse and about how women need respect as much as they need love . I think they've taken the main idea from that story. The promos did reveal that sanam's character would be a victim of physical/emotional abuse. Can anybody confirm this?
            Hmm..I wasn't really reeled in by yesterday's episode. Might start liking it as the story progresses.

          • Yes Fatima, i read somewhere as well that the serial is based on the short story that you mentioned, in fact I read it on Umera Ahmed's official FB page.

  • good review.well class difference issues are highlited very much now a days in every drama.is dramay ke jo director hain abis raza un ka previous drama zard mausam mujhe kafi pasand aya tha lakin us mein unhon ne scenes kafi long banaye howe thai i hope he improves his direction in this drama.well fahad is my favourite actor and sanam as well but i heard that mohib mirza is also in this drama but woh na to is dramay ke picture display mein hain aur na hi promos aur ost mein hain mujhe to hassan nayazi nazar aaye hain.anyways your review was excellent and umera ahmad's dramas and her dialogues are always excellent and i hope that this drama will be equally as good as zgh.

    • Yes Fahad he directed Zard Mausam and also Mujhe Roothne na Dena and Maseeha. He is also the one who has directed the upcoming play Kadoorat. It seems like Hum TV is giving Aabis Raza bigger projects now, I hope he delivers. The first episode was directed well so I am hoping that the rest of the serial will be the same too. Good direction makes a big difference. Thank you so much for reading the review and for liking them, i will look forward to your feedback in the future too.

  • good job fatima as always !!
    i think it will be a good play cause it stares sanam baloch , my all time favorite :)
    this is all i can say for now !!

    • fatimajamil Sanam Baloch is my favorite too and she was the best thing about this first episode.

      • One thing I don't understand in most of the dramas showing middle class or lower class but dresses will be expensive with matching jewelry and everyday new dress. House will also nice. Last episode in rehaai house rent was 12k and they don't have money to eat because three month rent was 36k. In ZGH samina have no money to buy the new chappel but as a dresses almost everyone is wearing new dress in every scene. This drama is showing middle class but that doesn't look like. What the directer is giving the message to our lower class because this is the only entertainment they have to watch TV. Please show if they are middle class then show house and their dressing also like that.

        same boring story and same theme plus story is little better but when they direct they ruin the story

        • i do hope they show different dresses i like seeing variety and am sure people get the gist of it. Although i do agree same typical plot and story line.

  • i am not very much happy after watching the 1st episode, although i was looking forward to it. the major reason for disappointment is its similarity with. i find it similar to daam in many ways, same class difference issue, same 3sisters one brother family, same 2nd sister that is sanam bloch, same practical, straightforward yet polite and caring sanam bloch, same elder sister not being able to marry his cousin. the scene where she argues with her teacher reminded me of the speech which won 1st prize in daam. when she reads book late at night it reminded me of many scenes of daam. when she goes to her sister who is mourning over rishta thing…. daam back again. daam daam daam everywhere at least for me. i hope when the story unfolds it turns out to be quite different.

    • Aish I agree with you there are similarities but honestly speaking I watched daam when it went on air and don't remember much. I do see a connection though between MUU and Kankar because MUU is more recent. As long as you will be following it please do give your feedback – it will be great to hear from you.

  • So far i could not get anything new in the first episode as you can recall some old dramas. This episode gives you some clues about the story but still i would like to follow it because of its writer. I hope in the next few episodes we would be able to find something novel and impressive.

    • Ms. Khan i agree with you same old but I like the leading lady, she has a good personality.

  • arzoo is nt engaged to sikander…the elders tend to tie the relation n arzoo has a likenesss towards sikander as irim had for shoaib…the promo of nxt epsd too clrd tht sikander is nt ready for the proposal though the mother's seems to do so…………as shown in da epsd

    • yes it did sound like an informal engagement, that is what I gauged from the conversation. I haven't read the novel/short story the play is based on so will be going by what I hear and see on-screen:)

  • Assalam-o-aleikum Fatima Awan and all other reviewers and readers,I just watched first episode of Kankar,although it showed too many characters in the first episode but I think this may be quite interesting play and I am watching it cos Umera Ahmed is the writer and Fatima Awan is the main reviewer here cos both of them are a great talent,moreover it is replacing Zindagi Gulzar Hai on Friday so I thought this could be another great play anyways I hope this drama turns out to be another mega hit.I really liked Sanam Baloch's confidant character and her acting is awesome,good to see Behroz Sabzwari is playing her father role cos he is another good actor.

    • Dr. Janjua good to know that you will be watching this one. Yes, we all hope it turns out well and most importantly is short and sweet.

    • yes Bia not the sort that really makes you look forward to more but it is great to see Sanam Baloch on screen after a long gap.

  • Hi Fatima, just here to say Hello. Won't be watching Kanker. I have had enough of UA's stereotypical repetitive stories from Khawateen Digest of 70s. If I watch one more of her stories, I'll be sick and perhaps need a psychologist.
    Instead I'll watch Aunn Zara.
    However I appreciate your dedication and steadfastness.

    • Hi Anwar Sohail, thank you so much, so nice of you to drop by, it is always great to hear from you. Do you have a particular favorite writer or you just watch what you like in the first few episodes?

      • No I have no favourite writer at least for Pakistani drama. It's the feel and overall production of the drama that entices you to watch a serial. However, over the years, I have developed dislike for certain themes and certain writers. Repetition kills me and we certainly need some fresh faces, new writers and innovative and stylish direction. Currently I'm following Fatima Gul and surely watch few episodes of Aunn Zara.

        • That is definitely better than pinning your hopes on a particular writer, director etc. I am not watching Fatima Gul but really liked the first episode of Aunn Zara.

    • Anwer Sahab if I read one more comment coming from you perhaps I will be the one needing a psychologist. Come on sir, if you want to continue bashing every drama then at least be a bit more innovative so that the comments are enjoyable rather than the same old "UA this UA that". Come on mate show some criticizing skill. I hope you will not take it negatively. Cheers.

      • Dear Ehsan,
        Thoroughly enjoyed your comment and surely I won't take it negatively. I know I sound like a broken record, but so does the writer in question.
        However I shall refrain from criticising her. We both don't want our hard earned money going into Psychologist's pocket.
        What happened to episode 2 of Aunn Zara yesterday???

        • Anwar Sohail a friend told me that they are planning a relaunch – whatever that means! I was looking forward to it too.

        • Yes we certainly do not want the psychologists to take benefit from us because of UA. It is my pleasure that you enjoyed the comment and what's more interesting is that you took the comment lightly. Anyways I did not watch ep 2 of Aunn Zara, but I am looking forward to it.

        • here is Aunn Zara's status update , "UPDATE: We know everyone has been disappointed at A-Plus not airing the second episode of Aunn Zara, but rest assured, the drama is going to come back with a bang! The channel has decided to relaunch Aunn Zara after heavier promotion and publicity because of their belief in the serial.. we will be updating the revamped timings very soon, so please stay tuned!
          In the meantime, get the word out there! We'll be uploading some more pictures and the official OST of Aunn Zara while we wait for the final countdown to the relaunch!"

      • Lolzz!! u jst cracked me up!! I mean seriously Anwar sahab main jis review site per jao chahe jis drama ka review parho u r constantly crying and weeping ''UA this, UA tht, UA and her Khawatin digest stories'' u r nt even watching Kankar bt still in every blog u mark ur present with this 'copy-paste' comment of urs and then u say UA is ''repetative''

    • Well dnt mind me asking a ques..hv u ever read even a single novle of UA?? (if yes can i knw thr names?? So tht i cn have a little better understanding tht y u r so critical on UA's KHAWATIN DIGEST STORIES.)or ur criticism is jst based on last 2,3 dramas of UA? And if it is based on 2,3 dramas of her then sorry dont mind but do tell me how much respect should i hv for u who is constantly like a broken record criticising a Great Writer (yes indeed she is) and a Big Name jst on the basis of 2,3 dramas of her..hv u ever heard names of Peer e Kamil? Amar Bail? Lahasil? Darbar e dil? Etc

    • Ctrl C+Ctrl V khappay??And then you say UA is repetitive…U won't be following her dramas but will be posting your patent comment on every Drama reviewing site and then you will say UA is repetitive and writes shallow..
      U need to learn to criticize in a manly manner first then come for any sort of criticism…I hardly comment on any of the blogging website(as most of the bloggers and reviewers think I get prejudiced) but whenever I read any review of UA's play I seriously get sick and tired of your similar comment..
      U disliked Shehrezaat,ZGH,Durre Shahwaar but followed them till the last…
      I think I would need to visit some psychiatrist soon as long as I read your name on any drama reviewing website(Specially in any play written by UA.As a matter of fact I haven't read your regular comments in any other play's reviews just in UA's plays)
      Aap plz jakar thanday paani ka glass pijiye aur remote control say Fatima Gul ya Ishq-e-Mamnoo type k dramas per switch karlijiye that will serve you better.

      • Thanks Hasan Umar, I appreciate your viewpoint. I believe in debate, andregard the difference of opinion a healthy activity. Cheers

  • Thanks for that excellent review Fatima . I think I am with you on every point . I felt my teeth grate when I saw the faiqa character but I think the characterization is pretty accurate. I too am latching on to Kiran she seems so reasonable and yet has a little spirit too …a great heroine. Thank goodness there is a positive father character who actually tells his wife off for making his daughters out to be a burden . I am tired of the evil fathers we see in popular dramas .If the direction stays like this , I will stick with it .

    • Thank you so much Sadaf for the appreciation, yes the heroine is a breath of fresh air, no more pessimist Kashaf baji on Friday nights;) Behroze Sabzwari and Sanam Baloch I think will give us a father-daughter relationship we will remember for long – I have serious Durr-e-Shehwar hangover and I need to get over aba lol. I am so glad that you will be watching this one, it is always great to hear your take on an episode:)

  • Haven't watched the play yet but from ost and your review looks very similar to daam. I am too sick and tired of UA's 70s khawateen digest romances and women who are strong headed yet very perfect and like able. After miratuluroos I vowed not to watch any nonsense frm her. I hope sanam Baluch shows up in other serials as I am missing her so much

    • Ano MUU has been stretched too much and I agree with you I find it difficult to sit through it now. Lets hope they keep kankar short and sweet.

  • i think we have had enough of marital abuse in doraha and uraan and in-laws probs in durr-e-shehwar and doraha and rich-poor class differences in daam and zindagi gulzar.it's about time we move forward and explore new themes like shehr-e-zaat which was definitely a masterpiece.kankar is just same old stuff

    • hello Haseeb, great to have you back:) You are right it seems like the story has nothing new to offer but if the acting is good and they keep it short and sweet it may not be so bad after all. I am all for exploring new things and coming up with new ideas but until then we will have to do with this:) I absolutely love Sanam Baloch , it is so good to see her on screen again.

      • u r welcome :) do agree with u abt sanam,it's finally a proj where she seems to be fitting in and actors in the play are great,i just wish they had something new to play with

    • With all due respect, I don't think one can call Shehr-e-zaat a masterpiece. That is stretching it a bit too far! And please, it is no match for Daam…..Daam was in a league of its own!

  • I am a new follower of your reviews…and must admit they are extremely engaging-and to me it seems that they're just my thoughts penned down by some one else..!
    the episode was good to watch, although the story seems to be old but as long as sanam and behroze sabzwari are acting, it will surely be worth watching! not to forget that author is Umera Ahmed, one of my all time favourites…
    looking forward to read your review each week!

    • Hi Esha, it is always great to have someone new on board:) I am glad that you like the reviews and can relate to them. I will be looking forward to hearing from you as well. Don't be a stranger now.

  • nice story….. keep it up…… sanam the best … i am a great fan of sanam … may god bless u.

  • Hello Fatima, I am a new reader of your reviews and Kankar is the first of your reviews that I have come across. Please do let me know which other plays have you reviewed. About Kankar, as always, every other drama is now based on the same basic subject, Class difference and sibling rivalry. The direction was really good in the first episode. I loved Sanam's acting as she is among those few who really know how to act! Don't really care for Laila Zuberi..I have been following her acting career since when she was in Quetta. Her acting level is way way low, and there is a fake kind of vibes that come from her…Overall the play looks good except for a couple of things. First the Theme song. Although the lyrics are beautiful, but the singer has ruined it. Especially the version when kiran's sister is tearing up the pictures. The singer seems to fall flat on her face and sounded artificial trying to bring sadness in her voice. I wish someone else had sung it. But hey beggars cant be choosers, can they? Thank you for your dedication and the time for writing these reviews for people like us. A good review/critique goes a long way to build up the viewership, be it a play, a book or a show.

  • Not very impressed as one moment it's reminding me of Man o Salwa, the next, Daam, the next Doraha, the next, ZGH, …. Mix plate of UA special with extra tadka of Sanam Baloch, I can't stand the flat expression of Hasan something ,( Phuppo ka baita) what ever role he is playing, same expressions. I agree with Anwer , too much of UA is not good for health , over doze ho Raha hai ….want a looong break for UA,s serial ( I like her very much but her work is repetitive now) …..Maza nahi aya ….
    Good to see your review …keep it up , I will catch with your reviews to see what,s happening..:)

    • Sheema I agree with you about Hassan Niazi but he was good in Talkhiyaan, i think he is one of those actors jin ki performance depends on how the director guides them. lol yes agree with you about the overdose, i like sanam Baloch a lot and hopefully her character will keep my interest intact, yes extra thadka lol
      It is good to hear from you too, always. Thank you so much for taking time out to read the reviews and for commenting:)

      • you are the best fatima. A role model most of the time for me. The way you portray the episodes is just brilliant. I sometimes just wish i could be as good with words and put my feelings in words the way you do. Its extraordinary your articles are so addictive.

        I have never posted but you deserve this. You are appreciated all the way through.
        May Allah keep showing his blessings on you and all of us Ameen

  • great review Fatima, but the theme is domestic violence in fact. while I read the story I didnt like it a lot, story seems quite typical, and then it resembles other plays too, Fahad Mustafa is going to play almost same role as in Aik Tamanna Lahasil Si. I dont have much hopes from this play. acting and direction wise the play was good enough though and as a matter of fact I cant totally dislike Umera's plays :)

    • Mrs. Asim that really does not sound good – I did not watch ITLHS but heard enough about it. Fahad Mustafa really needs to work on himself as an actor – how far can a morning show take him. If you think the story is typical phir tu there is no hope:( yes acting and direction was good no doubt but the production values were quite disappointing. MD productions is so much better.

  • I will withold my opinion of the show since it is just the start. But I am delighted that Sanam Baloch is back on our screens. Such a fine actress and not just a pretty face. Plenty of talent to go with it!

  • Thanks for the wonderful review, i am looking forward to the 2nd episode.
    I just wanted to ask one thing from the admin here. Why aren't the other reviews posted on the frnt page?
    I recently discovered reviewit.pk and i was surprised to know that there are many good reviews of other shows posted there but like me, most of the people just think the only reviews present are those posted on the front page.
    Please if possible post them on the front page too. It is easier to gain access to them that way.

  • Now Humtv is airing Turkish dramas too. I don't understand why they all are doing this. First hum started airing horrible shows like Tanhai, Ullu barra e furkht nahi, jiya nay jaye, and humnasheen, mera bhi koi ghar hota, ek pagal larki. Just to name the most recent. Now they want to start playing Turkish shows. What's next?? What happened to all those celebrities who were against it?? Honestly I expected better from Sultana Appa. All I know is that I will never watch Turkish dramas.

  • Hello Fatima,
    Once again I am on your page. I was really disappointed not to see any response from you to my previous comment. Maybe it was overlooked?

    • Hello Saleem, I am sorry for not replying to your comment earlier, yes I think it was overlooked. Please share your views about the latest episode of Kankar – it is always great to have someone new on board.

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