Adhoori Aurat Episode 9 – Sultan’s Apology…

This week’s episode depicted a very common problem in our society. Why are the girl’s families always the victim of all the insults from her in laws? The girl’s in laws make the most unreasonable demands and the girl’s family need to fulfill all these demands just because their daughter is a part of that house. I am glad they showed this issue in this show and they did manage to depict the helplessness of the girl’s family perfectly!

Maryam’s mother in law seems to be in no mood to accept Maryam even after Afsha’s problem has been solved and she has gone back to her house. She leaves no chance to insult, humiliate and degrade Maryam in all possible ways. First she complained to Zayaan about her manners as Mehnaz taunted Nusrat that Maryam did not meet her properly which is not true at all. She treated all the guests with respect but was reluctant to socialize with them as she still blames herself for everything they had gone through recently.

Nusrat pointed fingers at Maryam’s upbringing and Zayaan got annoyed and told her to resolve all her issues regarding Maryam by talking to her and this gave Nusrat another chance to taunt Maryam and that is exactly what she did. She insulted Maryam badly and even pointed fingers at her family and her background and this is when Sultan came and heard Nusrat verbally abusing Maryam and in anger he answered back to Nusrat and Nusrat got highly offended. She then created a huge drama just to humiliate Maryam further and she kept the childish demand that Sultan should apologize to her in the presence of his parents. The shocking part is that Zayaan agreed and he even kept this demand in front of Maryam and when she tried to reason with him, Zayaan was not ready to listen to anything! Is this the same Zayaan who was dying to marry Maryam once upon a time?

My heart went out for Maryam when she had to beg Nusrat to take her demand back but Nusrat showed no pity and Maryam finally had to call Sultan and ask him to come and apologize and bring their parents along. Maryam’s parents were unaware of everything that had happened and were happy to visit Maryam’s house for the first time but they were in for a shock when Nusrat started behaving rudely with them and questioned their upbringing. The way Sultan apologized with his hands joined and head bowed was unbearable to watch! If this was not enough, his father made him go on his knees and apologize! I cannot imagine what Maryam would have felt seeing her parents and brother’s humiliation. Ayeza Khan has done a commendable job in this episode as she beautifully portrayed the inner turmoil Maryam was going through.

While Maryam was facing all this humiliation alone, Zayaan was enjoying lunch with Faiza. Zayaan, this is the same Faiza you hated and refused to marry, don’t you remember? I have no idea what happened to Zayaan all of a sudden! I cannot believe someone can change so much in such a short time. We got to see a new male chauvinistic side of Zayaan as according to him it is not necessary to tell wives everything, really Zayaan? Apparently his views about Faiza has also changed after she helped Afsha and convinced Khurram to take her back into the house. He has started taking Maryam for granted and I cannot believe he refused to come when Maryam asked him to come to give her moral support! He did not even tell her that he was with Faiza and just told her to deal with everything herself. Faiza was seen gloating when she saw Zayaan talking rudely to Maryam. So far she has been succeeding in her plan as Zayaan has started to treat her properly but how long will she able to keep up the façade that she has accepted Zayaan and Maryam’s relationship? Not for long I am sure!

The preview for the next episode looks promising as Nusrat’s attitude is going to change after she hears the news of the baby.

Please do share your views about the episode!

Mariam Shafiq


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  • good review.yes that was very disturbing for me to see the scene where maryam's brother apologised to her mother in law and i am very much angry on zayaan that he is the only responsible person behind all this and now he is treating maryam like this how disgusting this is.tahira imam and bilal qureishi both were superb in this episode.i think the next thing that will happen is that maryam will give birth to a girl and nusrat will ask zayaan to marry faiza for the baby boy.story is the same old story but acting and direction is brilliant.furqan khan's direction is excellent and maheen rizvi is portraying the character of faiza very well.when i saw her in drama zard mausam i saw potential in her acting and i thought she has talent and she should get leading roles.any ways excellent review.

    • Thankyou Fahad for the wonderful comment.
      Bilal Qureshi has surprised me with his brilliant acting. He does not act like a new comer but an experienced actor. I am looking forward to see more of his dramas now and yes even Tahira Imam has gone a good job.
      Maheen is a fab actor! I really did not know she could act so well. Fuqan Khan breathed life into this drama! A drama is nothing without its director.
      Oh i have no idea what would happen next but i do know that Zayaan will get married to Faiza eventually.

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