Aunn Zara Episode 04 – Getting To Know Eachother.

Ohkay so those were a few minutes compiled as a complete package full of laughter & some really amusingly awkward moments. But before I proceed I must admit that I couldn’t do justice to the play by completely forgetting about the protagonists. It’s a norm that you usually tend to ignore the obvious & this is what I did by not talking at all about Osman Khalid Butt & Maya Ali. That’s only because they have done such a great job & without them Aunn Zara wouldn’t have been possible, I mean in literal sense NOT POSSIBLE, with which I put forward my confession of ignoring their characters or acting because I was like ‘c’mon we all know what they mean to us as Aunn Zara’ so I just focused on the characters other than the main ones. I hope I ain’t too late in admitting what I just realized. :D

I must say the whole episode kept me wanting for more because I can not get enough of the goofiness that too by the end of the day where you just have to relax & watch something that makes you laugh out loud actually. To me this drama is more than just that because I have always liked my entertainment a bit more on a lighter side & now when all we see is a heavy baggage of emotional roller coaster rides, this one seems really off the hook.

At first, where both the families looked really flexible & awe-inspiring in terms of their marriage & everything related to it, now look really rigid because they have moved onto the phase of ‘ghar ki murghi daal barabar‘. Zara is now their daughter-in-law & daughter who can be just ignored because no matter who she is, nothing can replace Aunn for them all, because by the end of the day Zara is a female & they have a bunch of them already but Aunn still remains the ‘iklota larka’. ¬†During all the chaos, it’s only Husna who reads between the lines & understands the intricacies of all these new found relationships. After all, the Urdu Speaking Background & the ‘rakh rakhao’ does the trick because she has carried that all as her values, where as all the Punjabis are a bit too laid-back in this matter because they just can not pretend & can’t keep up with the courtesy Zara’s father in particular expects. I kind of find it really funny where they are so laid-back in extending any gratitude or courtesy to Jamshed Sahab, yet they are equally in fact a bit more cautious & attentive towards Aunn.

I must say it’s only OKB who makes Aunn so soo sooo cute. His expressions while resting his head on Daadi’s shoulder & telling ‘mai bathroom mai gir gaya thaw’, his ‘Ammi mujhe nahi janawwww’ is something that I just can not imagine anyone else doing it on-screen for us all. He just makes it all so real, may be because I have seen him in his candid mode & I am like so glad he kept that face on while performing Aunn for us because it just looks like he actually is Aunn & is so effortless in playing the character. There were so many moments where I just couldn’t stop laughing at how ‘nazuk’ a guy can be.

Like we all know, it’s a win win situation where the two opposites meet & here’s another story which proves it right. Zara’s all tom-boyish & is just blunt where as Aunn, no doubt being such an innocent guy, who doesn’t know how to act or react in certain (actually, most of the) matters expects Zara to treat him like a husband & his typicality makes him absolutely adorable. I believe it’s Zara’s care-free attitude which will bring Aunn out of his shell or make him grow out of getting pampered all the time. With her for sure he will understand the true meanings of independence whereas for now he believes he has fallen into another trap. Maya Ali has outdone herself as Zara because once again like others, she is effortless in portraying Zara to us too. For sure she has reached that level of comfort because you can just see-through that & it is doing the magic.

Like they say ‘a marriage doesn’t only bind two people in a relationship, it’s a relation of two clans’. Similarly, Aun Zara did get married but seems like they have taken a back-seat even when they are just ‘naye nawele dulha dulhan’ who share just a 1 day old marriage, who’re still getting to know each other but seems like it’s their families who have to settle things up way before the bride & groom because they just can not tolerate anything happening against their will.

Zara’s father is disgusted at how in-disciplined his son-in-law is whereas Daadi seems to get agitated every time Jamshed tries to swoop in trying to take Aun away from them. The whole motorbike scene & where Zara asks ‘Pupho akhir hua kya hai’ was spot on because she is still trying to understand how things related to Aunn roll in her in-laws. & one thing for sure made my head high was when Aunn enjoyed watching Tom & Jerry, another thing which I found common apart from ‘Chawwal’. I mean we all still love our Tom & Jerry & now we have gotten another reason to love it. ;) Haha!

Of all the people today, I must say it was Husna who caught my eye. She is just keeping herself busy or as we can say trying to fulfill her duties but is so welcoming to the change where she can understand the situation & takes a firm hand where needed. I kind of missed Daadi’s presence in the last episode but I am glad she was back in action. I just keep on learning that Punjabi from her & Husna’s Urdu puts me to shame. :/ That stance, that accent, that ‘thehrao’ in her dialogue delivery is just amazing.

Who actually missed Manzar this time? I must say, I did! At such a time where Aunn is completely surrounded by all these mishaps, he definitely needs Manzar to back him up & make him take a stand against his father-in-law who just wants to change everything about him. I must say I just can not wait for the next Thursday because I want to see what happens ahead. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I feel every time I see them – Nighat & Jamshed will end up together. I know it’s too early to jump up & make such predictions but it could be just a silly guess or something spot on. Once again, it goes without saying, the direction, the screenplay, the story, the acting & all those bits & bobs that make Aunn Zara such a incredible piece deserve an applause.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • All I can say is that AunnZara is sweet, refreshing and cute. Thoroughly enjoyable.
    Characters are lovely, dialogues funny pace is breezy…..just like breeze of fresh air.
    Like every one but particularly appreciate Hina Bayat as Aunn's mother.

    • Thank you for your feedback Anwar Suhail. I know everything about this play is just awesome. :)

  • Excellent review Zahra, you covered everything perfectly. Just like you and everyone else here I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment. Aunn is too cute and not to mention, one of his kind lol!! Phupo and dadi's reaction when Zara told them Aunn was drinking orange juice was hilarious. I come from a Punjabi background so I am really enjoying everything that daddi has to say, i especially enjoyed it when she used the term "shaitani charkha", haven't heard that in ages haha

    • Thanks a lot for appreciation Fatima. LOL! I swear I haven't enjoyed Punjabi as much as I do now, it reminds me of those days when Ammi all of a sudden started speaking to us in Pubjabi & we knew something was for sure WRONG. That's why I've always believed that 'Daant ka maza Punjabi mai hi hai'. Haha!

      Uf he was actually enjoying Tom & Jerry. What could be cuter than that? Loved to hear from you. Keep Enjoying!

      • OKB’s expresssions are so perfect in every single scene. He is perfect for this role, whoever chose the cast isa genius. The scene in which he was leaving for Zara’s house was hilarious too. He is like a ten year old! AZ is one of those plays which everyone likes – now that is something that doesn’t happen very often. Btw last episode of Silvatein next week , I wonder how they will clean up all the mess in one episode!

        • Yeah, I enjoyed that a lot too & even when after every single doing of Zara's he is left speechless & he's looking at her in an awe. Really cute.

          Well, don't get me started on Silvatein, I mean where has it gone too? I tried really hard watching the latest episode but after Aunn Zara, I didn't sight the mood. Too heavy & too crappy, Thank God it's finally ending.

  • Lovely review Zahra. You've covered a very exciting episode really well. It was so much fun to watch.
    Loved the scene in which Phupho Nighat is stuffing Aunn's face with food.
    Also loved how dadi said to Aunn " these old father in laws keep young son in laws in their home so they can fetch Dahi for them from the market", OMG, this is exactly what my dadi, RIP, used to say, LOL

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice how gorgeous Aunn looked in his Valima suit? *swoon*

    • Oh I forgot to mention, I missed Manzar alot in this episode. I secretly kept wishing that Aunn dumps Zara for a few minutes, so he could meet up with Manzar.

      • OMG! That was so funny that dahi dialogue. hahaha & I am sure it must've cracked you up so bad because someone real in your life used to say that. It's actually a funny but innocent thought at the same time. LOL!

        Yeah he did look great, I had my eyes rolling too haha but I enjoy his acting more than his looks. :D & don't worry even I missed Manzar but I am sure he'll get back after all he has to rescue Aunn from Jamshed Sahab! Isn't it? :D

  • Whole episode was just awesome :) Ahh, that scene of Lakri or Larki ka Kangha :P Hahah :) It was amazing. And yeah he loves Tom and Jerry :P I'd love to see Aunn doing exercise, jogging and reducing his hunger :P

  • Very good episode…loved it….it's funny but it is not like our sitcoms that have no story…this one has an actual story & no one over acting…infact all are acting great.

    • Yes, I agree, they've outdone themselves without over-doing or going over-board with any single detail. :)

  • Nice review. Wonderful fun filled episode. Loved o
    Aunn on Valina day, looked so cute. Loved both urdu and punjabi dialogues.
    Enjoyed the drama thoroughly.

  • Nice Review Zahra!
    I haven't been able to watch the last 2 episodes but i am looking forward to watch them as soon as I get time…
    This show is my absolute favorite nowadays! :)
    We need more shows like these.

    • Thank you so much Mariam. I insist you must watch the remaining episodes because you're missing a lottt of fun out there. It's worth it for sure. :D hehehe!

  • loved the review….covered up everything…Aun is so cute and OKB's expressions are spot on I also loved his expressions in those small moments that you have mentioned and I am so glad that you mentioned them….the casting is so apt as if the roles were made for these people…..amazing work by everyone and can' wait for Thursday to come.
    and no its not only you I also Had a feeling that Jamshed and Nighat will end up together…now lets see what happens…can't wait for the next episode.

    • Thank you so much for your detailed feedback & for appreciating. It means a lot. I know his expressions are so minute & just perrrrfect. I hope Nighat & Jamshed do get together, it'll be another blast. Haha!

  • I have to agree with you Zahra, I've had that feeling to were i believe Nighat and Jamshed are probably going to get it together in the end!!