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Aunn Zara Episode 05 – CUTE!

What a fulfilling episode hit our screens last night. It is just getting better & better as the episodes are progressing. The story seems to get more stronger & I am loving the fact that every single time they have something new to reveal. Everything about this drama is nothing less than just awesome.

Apart from the humor, revelations to both Aunn & Zara about their pre-wedding feelings for one-another was superbly done. Those conversations were written so well that just in a flow it was expressed which gave them a new dimension as well as to the feelings they have for one another. I loved that at that very moment they were touched & ecstatic by the idea but whenever they came across each other they just had zero tolerance level. It was really cute to see them bickering continuously because that’s how they are going to understand each other well. It’s actually really enjoyable to see them taking each other so lightly & innocently that they are actually not understanding the needs they have to fulfill of each other, because they are too busy in their own agendas & this definitely makes it better.

I actually find it commendable that during the course of the comedy, the drama doesn’t miss a chance to give you those moments where you can say ‘aweeeeeeeeeeee’. The drama sheds a light on those never-ending emotions one feels normally as well. Zara’s father, who looks so stiff is actually finding it hard to accept the fact that she has left his home for good. Aun, who dreads his FIL’s presence could actually yearn for his hug seeing the emotional moment. It was sweet but what made it better was Aunn’s childish expression & his self-uttered thought that his FIL would actually ‘koochi koo’ him. LOL! That scene had me laugh so hard.

Another thing I love about this drama is that all the characters get to share the screen time as well. Even though the main focus is on Aunn & Zara but all the characters are not left out. They all share their moments & never fail to leave an impact. I must say I sympathized with Nighat &  how sad her divorce story was. :( lol. Chachi’s imagination rolled really quick in regards to Zara’s health & her ice-cream havoc was way too funny. But the best one in this episode for me was ‘Lanat Joga’, ‘Manhoos Mara’ & obviously the ‘2 Kilo Doodh’. I just can’t imagine how do they make things appear so funny to us which we actually experience in our personal lives too. Trust me if you’re a true Urdu/Punjabi lover, you have used these words a hundred times too. 

Seeing Manzar back was great. He did try to help Aunn once again as usual but this time his idea was a hit in stead of a miss. Aunn has actually started working on the new project Manzar has assigned to him & Zara on her own is working unknowingly in that direction too, whereas Manzar has set a new goal for himself & she is Zara’s friend. ;) Aunn wants to get away with all the attention & Zara, being the only girl in her family without a mother-figure just can’t tolerate how her husband gets pampered all the time. She is being innocently selfish but is for sure spreading lots of smiles there. Husna seems to enjoy the relation Aunn & Zara share because Zara has no stopping & she is ready to take things in her hands.

The cockroach thing was the funniest because I can relate to Aunn in that matter too. The moment a cockroach walks in, I am sure me & so many out there try to reach to the highest point in their rooms because it’s just so creepy. The ‘bewa cockroachni’ was something which I never thought of but from now on I sure am going to give it some consideration too before I become a cockroach ‘kaatil’ like Zara. Haha.

This episode seemed more calm & quiet because now that Aunn has returned everyone is at peace & they are done with Zaras’ father’s deal too. Daadi can see the ‘apple of her eye’ all day long & the added bonus for the whole family is proving to be Zara now. Nighat Pupho & Chachi are scheming something because they just can’t tolerate a few seconds of Aunn not being in the limelight. I am sure they are going to give Zara a tough time in getting smitten by her tactics. It for sure is such an experience which you just don’t want to enjoy alone. I always tag my family along & we watch it together because it’s just something I don’t want anyone to miss. I must say the star of today’s episode undoubtedly for me was Osman Khalid Butt as Aunn. I must admit he is really cute & has done a marvelous job in giving out those millions expressions each in micro-seconds. His eye popping, his gulp, his awe, his disgust, his anxiety, his frustration – every thing is just praise-worthy. WELL DONE OKB, YOU ROCK!

Applause once again to the whole team for giving us another brilliant episode. I must say I love the quick scenes hence the editor has his job well done & every time it ends I just feel it wasn’t enough. I just can’t wait for more. Bring it on ASAP please. :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.