Aunn Zara Episode 11 – Assumptions In The Air.

So that was another exciting episode with so much happenings. So much has transpired & no one knows how wrong they have been in their assumptions.

Aunn Zara, finally have broken the ice & have fallen completely for each other. Zara has left her rigidness & has given Aunn the edge to shower her with his love. She doesn’t mind it finally & Aunn is over the moon. I must say the bond is shown beautifully, not only between Aunn & Zara but also among all the other family members.

Jamshed Sahab has melted a bit too much in regards to ‘mohtarmma’. Flowers, chocolates & a personal visit. I loved how easily he opened up a little bit in front of Nighat & shared how he wanted only to be Zara’s father all these years. It’s a right time now when Zara is happily married & way too well-settled in her life & family, Jamshed has gotten an empty space & a void in his heart which he must fill. Nighat is the right choice for sure because they are opposites hence, the attraction.

Through out the drama, no doubt they have not left even a single relation to brag about it’s positivity but here they have taken a friendship to another level as well. Even though Manzar lacks intelligence but what’s commendable is how readily he is always there for Aunn & similarly, I like Jamshed’s friend too. He is always poking him about Nighat & telling him to do the right thing. I think Jamshed needs that push from someone on whom he relies emotionally. Like when Dada Jaan spoke to him about ‘mohtarmma’, he easily denied & backed out so to ease him at this matter specifically, his friend is the right person.

Ohkay, Aunn frustration got exposed a bit too loudly in front of every single lady of the family. Daadi is always in jitters whenever he yells. Husna was disgusted & disturbed at what she saw & Nighat has her solid reasons to be all antsy at Aunn. By the way before talking about anything else, I loved how Zara’s hair looked after they both were in a fist fight & the moment Husna came, I for sure laughed out loud at that moment. The whole scene was epic & has become the threshold point for everyone to notice/hate/detest/negate/discuss Aunn & his behavior.

Where Zara is fluttering like a butterfly & Aunn is putting forward his feelings with ease, where they both are enjoying each other & their relation as a bliss, they both are unaware of what has instigated behind their backs. There’s this thing called ‘Communication Gap’ & the whole scenario is depicting it like anything. I loved the scene where Aunn had to listen to each & every one’s frustration & had to go through rounds of ‘beizzati’. Loved the dialogues & how intelligently the confusion has been put together. It’s too good.

I absolutely enjoyed the whole episode like always but the best scene for me was that at a table where all the ladies were united & stood against Aunn & degraded him just because he hates ‘allu’. Mentioning that don’t hold yourself too high as you are one of Zara’s choices was such a cute notion discussed by Nighat. I loved the originality & the leg-pulling plus showing how everyone has easily forgotten what Aunn meant for them. For a change, it’s brilliant to see the female dominance in the house & especially how positive any female can be, how considerate a ‘saas‘ can be for her ‘bahu’. It was just so touching seeing Husna actually cry by the thought of what abuse Zara was going through. Zara has sur-passed Aunn in all the matters. So where Aunn has shared his years of glory, finally it’s Zara’s time now. Loved how bluntly Daadi & Ammi showed him his place…a big fat AWWW for him but never-mind. hehe!

Nighat should’ve been the last person to speak to Zara about ‘aurat’ ‘uske huqooq’ ‘mard ko qabu’ & ‘pyaar badal jata hai’. All those things fitted perfectly on Nighat herself but I just loved how they both were victims of strong assumptions along with communication gap & yet they both thought that they could benefit each-other by some sort of advises.

I loved this episode as it was the most happening one of all, after quite a few episodes. Story has progressed a bit but loved how nicely everything was put in it’s place. I enjoyed the dialogues & all those conversations, that ‘muh pairhaa hoye te gall changi karya kar’ & ‘Zara sungarh gai aye’. What a treat. Like always a huge round of applause to the whole team. They’re the best.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • less of daadi in this episode hence it wasnt that funny… It was mostly
    about Aaun Zaara & Aaun’s phuphu & Zaara’s daddy…the last bit
    was the best part for me.. when Daadi & Ammi behave rudely with
    Aaun & that Daadi’s laughter in the end was hilarous..

      • I’m not so fond of romantic stuff may be thats why it wasnt a wow episode for me.. but yeah i wont call it a bad epi.. my favorite character is of daadi.. 2nd comes Husna.. she has some depth in her character..

        • I agree, even I don’t like the skin-ship that has been shown so candidly between the couple. But I better not comment on that because people tend to get agitated by my old-school notions. ;)

          • lol.. you can comment freely on that because not everyone can have same views on everything.. :)

  • I really liked ur approach of narrating Aun Zara’s Story in ur own style. Great review and perfect choice of words.

    For me,today’s episode was completely well packaged and I liked every bit of it. We also cam across hard side of Daadi and Husna in today’s episode.I really adored how Jamshed is falling for Mohtarma and how is she over reacting to every situation.

    Aun zara’s bond is one of its own kind.On one side,they are like best couple ever and on other,they fight like kids.. Honestly,everything is so cute about them and I cant afford to miss single of episode of this drama serial.

    • Thanks a lot Rabia. Yes, every character is so strong which makes the drama worth a watch & even the direction is just perfect because how they have tackled every situation lightheartedly is really amazing!!!