Aunn Zara Episode 12 – The Best One!

Not because of those tummy tickling humorous moments but because of some over whelming, heart to heart conversations between Husna & Zara, which broke the ice and showed how bitter a reality can be behind a smiling face, those fears which no one can relate to, this episode for me was the best one so far.

Didn’t know the episode that started at such a comical note would end leaving us absolutely gutted about the sufferings of Aun’s mother. Aun Zara just couldn’t imagine a little we-time of theirs would lead them to such a deep pit. The leader of the ‘Anti-Aun Gang’ Nighat showed up at exactly the right time when apparently Aun & Zara were in a fist fight. No one actually noticed Aunn lying on the ground too but all they could see was Zara’s frowning face. Where Daadi thought she had to be all ‘waari jawan’ on ‘peeli patak’  Zara, Zara just couldn’t relate how & exactly why the things were being blown out of proportion. During the course of the drama, Daadi always had some issues in bonding with Nighat but this time Daadi actually took a leap of faith blindly by depending on wherever would Daadi’s ‘Nigho’ lead her to. I actually loved how Daadi strengthen her bond with her partner-in-crime by calling her daughter Nigho. It was just so interesting how Nighat spoke about Jamshed’s feelings towards Zara, actually showing she knows & thinks a bit more about him & she actually is considerate towards his feelings.

Aunn who thought it was a high time for returning a favor to Manzar by getting him hooked with Zara’s friend, came up with a brilliant plan of a dual-date. Nighat has to be appreciated for always swooping in at the right time and taking the eavesdropping to another level. Husna who at first was hesitant later actually didn’t hold back & let Daadi & Nighat on the loose knowing whatever they intended & were upto meant saving the relation of Zara. Daadi had to insult the ‘talangri & mashoomri’  Shehna because of her she knew Aunn & her whole family was in ‘ishq da sayappa’

From restaurant to their home, from the clarification of the misunderstandings to Zara’s laughter fit, I felt the whole series of events were absolutely perfect not only in terms of acting but also in terms of timing, in terms of direction & everything else. No one could ever imagine the emotional & abusive drone attack Daadi & Nighat would open at their ‘iklota laadla, ankhon ka taara’ Aun. I must admit that I appreciate Daadi for her spontaneity & honesty because during all such chaos, she didn’t forget teaching Husna as to how she should slap Aunn, as Daadi actually outdone herself in all those ‘chands’ (slaps) she awarded Aunn with. I actually feel bad for what Shehna had to go through just because the poor thing fell into the trap set by Aunn for her marriage. I think this would be the last thing on anyone’s mind in regards to the marriage proposal. The funniest thing to me was that Manzar still had guts to propose her up front for the first time knowing but simply ignoring the humility she went through. The way Aunn was dragged to the home & how Zara took responsibility in telling what actually happened was spot on because I think a further delay about this confusion would make things a bit dragged.

I absolutely loved the intelligent choices of word which lead to some delicately well-knit confusions where Zara’s unspecific ‘unhain’  forced Husna to lead her think-tank to the wrong path. Zara who actually came to terms with Jamshed & Nighat’s love flick didn’t know on what lines Husna was taking her permission as. Jamshed handing over THE RING to Nighat & Zara arriving at the ‘moqa-e-wardaat’ made it just perfect. Loved that uncomfortable grin on Jamshed’s face because he knew what he was thinking but actually spoke the opposite. How Nighat’s daughters have become Zara’s look-alike to Jamshed speaks volume as to how much he wants ‘mohtarma & her rehmat’s’ to be a part of him now.

Last but not the least the way Husna yearned and convinced Zara in making a promise about never shattering & staying strong actually showed her fears & those years which she spent in negativity herself. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to see Husna relating to Zara & admitting why she became so possessive about Aunn because she didn’t want to fail in her upbringing as Aunn was her only asset. She just couldn’t tolerate Aunn failing her values which she taught him as a mother. For this very reason Husna apologized to Zara out of no where because she thought she just couldn’t make Aunn the man she wanted him to be & she hated seeing his father’s reflection in him. Zara has for sure earned the respect & love everyone extends towards her because she has given everything she had to her family & for this Husna has opened up those deep secrets which she carried with her all these years. During the first conversation I thought Husna was a victim of domestic violence but thank god Daadi made it clear in her spat with Aunn that at least his father never hit Husna. Phew!

Aunn’s deep thoughts gave a negative vibe for a moment. I think he will get into that state of mind where he will dislike everyone’s shift of attitude towards him because of Zara. I hope she doesn’t pay the price because every now & then it did occur to Aunn how everyone treated him differently than before, I think even though he wanted things to change & the attention of everyone towards him getting a notch lower, he still won’t be able to keep up with it as he is used to being the center of attention.

& finally a little in fact a louder shout out for the best acting of the best cast brought out by the best director for the sake of best writing piece from the best writer. I loved every single expression, every single ‘haye’ every single detail of this episode, hence, it was THE BEST EPISODE. PERIOD! :)

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Wonderful episode, though I think restraunt scene was a bit over the top.
    Undoubtedly the best drama on air currently.
    Thanks for nice review. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.

    • Thanks a lot for your appreciation. I guess that’s the heart of the Punjabi-ness, no boundaries, just plain in-your-face attitude & clean hearts. :) Being a Punjabi, I can relate to it a lottt! haha!

  • The restaurant scene to Zara having a laughing fit was awesome………I had a laughing fit along with Zara! I Thought she would console Aunn but she did the opposite!!!

    • Heheheh see that’s Zara for us, she always does the opposite of what Aunn expect her to do. :D

      Me & my mother laughed like anything at the Punjabi & then all the funny scenes. :D

  • You’re right, BEST episode. Loved every bit of it. Wonderful review to a yet another wonderful episode.
    Your use of punjabi words in your review have made it as hilarious as the play itself. The highlight of this episode has to be Aunn getting a beating from his adoring family. My God! & they looked real as well. I hope for OKB’s sake they weren’t.
    Loved the scene on the resturant & then at home when Husna joins in on the beating as well.

      • Aww thank you so much Mona. LOL! I am glad I actually watched the show on the TV & because I loved the episode so much I wanted to get done with the review right away. :D

        Everything about the episode was amazing & yeah the series of chaos in the Punjabi family was just amazing. I think I did mention how much of a fan I am of Nasreen Qureshi’s Punjabi, hence, following her league. hehe!

        I am not sure why it isn’t uploaded yet, just wait for a little while & it’ll be up ASAP. :D

  • Nice review to a thoroughly enjoyable episode, just right mix of laughter and tears.
    I just love the openness of this drama.

  • Aunn is learning facts of life. He never really had the time to think about others. He is oblivion to sadness and mis hap of family members around him.
    Both Aunn and Manzar are too self centred, and this was rude awakening for Aunn.
    Just love Dadi and her persona.

    • Thank you so much for appreciating and yes I agree to your point. Aunn is conceited & for this reason he even hated when he got all the attention & now when things went opposite he couldn’t accept why they all changed attitude towards him. I hope he gets heed & doesn’t do something stupid.

  • Its a very fine effort by Faiza Iftikhar and Haissam Hussain, but rating of this drama is low as the top rating drama Man Ke Moti by Geo is also telecasted on thursday in same timings, which is no match to Aunn Zara. But my own family also follow Man Ke Moti, but my vote is for Aunn Zara.

  • This episode was surely a treat to watch. That dadi part was hilarious.. specially when husna slapped aun and immediately after it dadi slapped him..That was the moment to laugh out loud.. :D

    Great review and very nice analysis :)

    • LOL! Their spat was soooo well directed, it was just perfect like the whole episode. I am glad even when we’re half way through the interest just keeps on growing & getting stronger. Never felt that it is lacking something ever!

      & thanks for appreciating. :)

  • Dear Zahra,
    As always you’ve shared with us such a beautiful review of this best in class episode of Aunn Zara. I’m such a die-hard fan of this play that I watch it every week during the prime time airing (if I’ve reached home by that time), then the repeat telecast the same night and yet again on whatever of this play A-Plus offers to us on Sundays.
    Normally in comedy plays, nobody really cares about the storyline and scene sequencing making any sense. The writer and director have simply been error-free at managing that for this specific comedy serial.
    Given the confusion caused due to the communication between Zara and Husna, I just hope Husna seeks clarification from Zara in the next episode in order for the Nighat-Jamshed track to progress forward.
    I guess we all have been watching this play with such devotion that by now all the characters in this play feel like real life characters.
    Before watching the 12th episode, keeping Aunn and Zara’s characters in view I conceived a scene while I was sitting idle one day.
    For fun sake, I would like to share it with you all. I will dedicate this amateur piece of writing to the writer and director of this fabulous play and I know it is nothing to what Faiza Iftikhar what have written.
    This scene was conceived keeping in consideration that Aunn and Zara are at the usual speaking terms with each other.
    Aunn and Zara are in their room. Zara breaks the news to Aunn that Nighat Phupho and her dad are planning to get married.
    Aunn: Kia! Phupho aur tumhare daddy. Phupho ka to pehle hi mere saath bohat zalimana bartao hai. Socho ab kia hoga jab wo meri Saas bun jaengi, wo bhi sauteli.
    Zara: Aunn! Tumhen to bas hamesha apni hi fikar lagi rehti hai. Main to yeh sooch kar preshan hoon ke ab tak to Phupho ka bartao mere saath kitna acha hai. Kia meri sauteli maan bane ke baad who mere ooper use tarha zulm karna shoroo kar daingi, jaisa ke Cinderella ki sauteli maan nai us ke saath kia tha.
    Aunn: Tum apne aap ko Cinderella ke saath kia mila rahe ho. Us ki to duo badsoorat sauteli behnain thee.
    Zara: Duo sauteli behnain!
    Aunn: Tumhari hone wali sautelo behnain to duo shauti bachian hain. Wo kia bura karengi tumhare saath. Cinderella ki to badsoorat behnain ye naheen chahtee theen ke prince charming use mil jae. Tumhara Prime Charming to pehle hee tumhare paas hai.
    Zara makes a bad faces at Aunn, then says: Kia wo donon bhee mujh se ab nafrat karne lagai geen.
    Aunn: Tumhare saath kuch bura naheen hone wala jo Cinderella ke sath howa tha. Tumse to wese bhi sab bohot payaar karte hain. Sub burai to bus mere ooper he aati hai. Aur haan sub se bari (big) baat, Cinderella ke to daddy bhee nahi the. Tumhare to itne lambe chaurey daddy maujood hain.
    Zara sweeps towards Aunn and while looking at him angrily says: Mere daddy ke bare main kuch mat kehna. Unse ziada lambe chaurey to tum khud hoo.
    Aunn (rather sheepishly): Mera to mutlab thaa ke tumhare daddy bohot lambe chaurey martabe wale hain.
    Zara: Mujhe bohot achi tarah pata hai tumhara kia mutlab thaa.
    Angrily, she rushes out of the room.
    Aunn: Ye pata naheen kuyun pareshan he. Is se to sabhe payaar karte hain. Phupho to pehle hee itni takleef de bani hueen hain mere liye, ab mere sautela saas bun ker to pata naheen kia hasher kareengi mera.
    The scene ends.

    • Thank you so much Iftikhar Memon for your support & appreciation. :)
      Well if you expect to see some clarification dialogue between Husna & Zara about it, I doubt it lol because this is Aunn Zara we’re talking about & things are never so systematic or sequential there. Everything happens quite haphazardly while raising other clarification or in the other case more confusions. :) But for your sake, I hope it happens but I feel their relation will progress on it’s own…I hope Jamshed confesses or proposes her ASAP so that we get to see some of their married bliss as well, not that it happens at the end & we’re just left wondering how things went between them. :)

      & about the little scene that you wrote, hehehe it was really funny especially how you linked Nighat as a step-mother & luckily her two daughters as step-sisters where not only Zara dreads it, Aunn does too as she will become the step-saas of him. See just so many thoughts running through the mind just on one scene which is so nicely written, similarly any great piece of writing makes our imaginations roll in our own very orbits. :)

      Thanks for your special addition to the Aunn-Zara experience & hope to hear more from you soon. :)))

      • Loved the part where Aunn says “tumhay to tumhara prince charming mil gaya na!”.. Aunn will never grow up.. even in our heads lol!

      • Thank you so much for your detailed feedback on my post. I wrote the scene in a real hurry and that too writing Urdu in Roman script was prone to errors. When I read the scene now, I’ve found many faults with it. However, it is truly very kind of you to have appreciated it.
        The one thing I wanted to really highlight here is that the way you have provided your review of this very small scene is just so thought provoking. The things you have highlighted about the scene were never considered consciously when it was being conceived.
        Similarly, when we read reviews from your good self and your colleagues, there are so many aspects of the play that are highlighted, which I don’t think the writer would have even considered while writing the script.
        Your reviews are now an integral part of each installment of these plays. Once we’re through with watching the episode, we are anxiously waiting for the review, which clearly means that the process is not complete, until we have experienced the review.
        Thumbs up to you and all the good review writers for providing us with some good post telecasting material to enjoy and relate to.
        I’m sure like me, you would be looking forward to the next episode. Would be anxiously waiting to read your review.
        By the way, there was a reason for wanting the Husna and Zara clarification dialogue to happen. I’ll share the reason with you later.
        Till then, take care!

        • Thanks a lot Iftikhar Memon for your continuous appreciation. Yes, I am looking forward to the episode & it just begins in a few minutes. :)

          Yes, I feel this is what a review should be like where you think about the tiny details too & yes, I know there might’ve been some reason for why you asked for that conversation…:) Like I said everyone has their positive imaginations rolling.

          I actually never heard from you previously but it’s great to have you on board. I love to hear from you on more reviews in the future. :)

          • Thanks a lot for your swift response. There happens to be some technical issue with commenting on your review of the 13th episode. I am, therefore, writing here instead.
            As you just mentioned, we have our positive imaginations rolling and I would have seen it rather as a loop hole in the storyline if Husna hadn’t seek clarification from Zahra on their conversation that resulted in a major confusion in the last episode. Husna is by far the most sensible character in the play, so a bit of logic coming from her character makes sense to some extent.
            Although I was expecting the family to confront Nighat about their assumed relationship of her with Jamshed, but it’s great that this did not happen in this episode. We’ll get some more time to enjoy this hilarious misunderstanding.
            I was anticipating Daada Jaan to be the one to bring his son’s proposal to Aunn’s Daadi. Let’s see if that really happens in the next episode. If this does, it would be really great to see how the writer has handled it. Wouldn’t it be fun if this conversation resulted in some new misunderstandings?
            As always, your review of the 13th episode was real fun to read. :)

          • Thank you so much for specially finding your way to leave your feedback & appreciation.

            Yes, I agree that Husna is the most calm & analytic character in the whole family but somehow she just left that thing behind & focused on some new things in stead & because of that I feel that the story progressed & just didn’t keep moving around in circles. What happened is water under the bridge & now the main focus has shifted to Nighat & Jamshed.

            Yes, Daada Jaan would be the one who’d be coming especially for this matter without Nighat & even Jamshed knowing but I am sure there won’t be any such misunderstandings because the whole family is aware of the situation & they must be anticipating it to happen in the near future. Yes, I am sure Nighat will stir a mayhem but who’d really care? :)

            Can’t wait for next Thursday already & I am hoping by then the comment forum will be working Insha Allah. Thanks a lot for liking the review, I enjoyed writing it as well!

          • Thank you so much once again for your ultra swift response. I’m also anxiously waiting for the next episode and of course, for reading your review of the episode as well. Take care! :)

  • Loved the episode.. and your review as well.. (as always.. do we have to remind it always ? :P)

    One thing though. I do feel for Husna.. But i can’t understand the fact that when she “thought” that Zara was meeting the same fate as hers, why didn’t she once talk with Aunn about it. I mean all the time, she was hinting to Zara to be strong, but shouldn’t she try to go to the root?

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