Aunn Zara Episode 12 – The Best One!

Not because of those tummy tickling humorous moments but because of some over whelming, heart to heart conversations between Husna & Zara, which broke the ice and showed how bitter a reality can be behind a smiling face, those fears which no one can relate to, this episode for me was the best one so far.

Didn’t know the episode that started at such a comical note would end leaving us absolutely gutted about the sufferings of Aun’s mother. Aun Zara just couldn’t imagine a little we-time of theirs would lead them to such a deep pit. The leader of the ‘Anti-Aun Gang’ Nighat showed up at exactly the right time when apparently Aun & Zara were in a fist fight. No one actually noticed Aunn lying on the ground too but all they could see was Zara’s frowning face. Where Daadi thought she had to be all ‘waari jawan’ on ‘peeli patak’  Zara, Zara just couldn’t relate how & exactly why the things were being blown out of proportion. During the course of the drama, Daadi always had some issues in bonding with Nighat but this time Daadi actually took a leap of faith blindly by depending on wherever would Daadi’s ‘Nigho’ lead her to. I actually loved how Daadi strengthen her bond with her partner-in-crime by calling her daughter Nigho. It was just so interesting how Nighat spoke about Jamshed’s feelings towards Zara, actually showing she knows & thinks a bit more about him & she actually is considerate towards his feelings.

Aunn who thought it was a high time for returning a favor to Manzar by getting him hooked with Zara’s friend, came up with a brilliant plan of a dual-date. Nighat has to be appreciated for always swooping in at the right time and taking the eavesdropping to another level. Husna who at first was hesitant later actually didn’t hold back & let Daadi & Nighat on the loose knowing whatever they intended & were upto meant saving the relation of Zara. Daadi had to insult the ‘talangri & mashoomri’  Shehna because of her she knew Aunn & her whole family was in ‘ishq da sayappa’

From restaurant to their home, from the clarification of the misunderstandings to Zara’s laughter fit, I felt the whole series of events were absolutely perfect not only in terms of acting but also in terms of timing, in terms of direction & everything else. No one could ever imagine the emotional & abusive drone attack Daadi & Nighat would open at their ‘iklota laadla, ankhon ka taara’ Aun. I must admit that I appreciate Daadi for her spontaneity & honesty because during all such chaos, she didn’t forget teaching Husna as to how she should slap Aunn, as Daadi actually outdone herself in all those ‘chands’ (slaps) she awarded Aunn with. I actually feel bad for what Shehna had to go through just because the poor thing fell into the trap set by Aunn for her marriage. I think this would be the last thing on anyone’s mind in regards to the marriage proposal. The funniest thing to me was that Manzar still had guts to propose her up front for the first time knowing but simply ignoring the humility she went through. The way Aunn was dragged to the home & how Zara took responsibility in telling what actually happened was spot on because I think a further delay about this confusion would make things a bit dragged.

I absolutely loved the intelligent choices of word which lead to some delicately well-knit confusions where Zara’s unspecific ‘unhain’  forced Husna to lead her think-tank to the wrong path. Zara who actually came to terms with Jamshed & Nighat’s love flick didn’t know on what lines Husna was taking her permission as. Jamshed handing over THE RING to Nighat & Zara arriving at the ‘moqa-e-wardaat’ made it just perfect. Loved that uncomfortable grin on Jamshed’s face because he knew what he was thinking but actually spoke the opposite. How Nighat’s daughters have become Zara’s look-alike to Jamshed speaks volume as to how much he wants ‘mohtarma & her rehmat’s’ to be a part of him now.

Last but not the least the way Husna yearned and convinced Zara in making a promise about never shattering & staying strong actually showed her fears & those years which she spent in negativity herself. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to see Husna relating to Zara & admitting why she became so possessive about Aunn because she didn’t want to fail in her upbringing as Aunn was her only asset. She just couldn’t tolerate Aunn failing her values which she taught him as a mother. For this very reason Husna apologized to Zara out of no where because she thought she just couldn’t make Aunn the man she wanted him to be & she hated seeing his father’s reflection in him. Zara has for sure earned the respect & love everyone extends towards her because she has given everything she had to her family & for this Husna has opened up those deep secrets which she carried with her all these years. During the first conversation I thought Husna was a victim of domestic violence but thank god Daadi made it clear in her spat with Aunn that at least his father never hit Husna. Phew!

Aunn’s deep thoughts gave a negative vibe for a moment. I think he will get into that state of mind where he will dislike everyone’s shift of attitude towards him because of Zara. I hope she doesn’t pay the price because every now & then it did occur to Aunn how everyone treated him differently than before, I think even though he wanted things to change & the attention of everyone towards him getting a notch lower, he still won’t be able to keep up with it as he is used to being the center of attention.

& finally a little in fact a louder shout out for the best acting of the best cast brought out by the best director for the sake of best writing piece from the best writer. I loved every single expression, every single ‘haye’ every single detail of this episode, hence, it was THE BEST EPISODE. PERIOD! :)

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